The Heavenly Angels Adventures Part Seven Close Encounters of the Military Kind Part One.

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Instead of a military mission, the two diamond angles, were involved in a personal military's family. The family of a major's were kidnapped and held for ransom. By a couple of AWOL soliders who wante to sell our American's military secrets to our enemy nations. Their also were two chopper pilots. Who were first and second lieuntants involved in the rescue operation.

Their tranquil and their peaceful morning was interrupted by the sound of a militarily helicopter landing on their beautiful spacious front lawn. The two diamond angels told Mrs. Eleanor May Evans and her two grandsons, Michael and John Paul to remain inside their house. Their senior pastor and his wife had returned to their perish house and their ministerial duties. The two diamond angels, walked through the walls, and approached the two military men; who were just leaving their chopper. "Officers, we are the two Diamond Angels! How may we be of service to the both of you?" They asked politely and gave them warm handshakes. Along with their welcoming smiles.

They knew instinctively they had nothing to fear from either one of them. "Would you both like some warm coffee to drink and/or something suitable to eat?" They both asked them very politely. The two military men did not deem it very wise or considerate to refuse their generous offer. Besides the two of them just happened to be very hungry. Thus they allowed themselves to be escorted by two former heavenly angelic beings! That were acting very much at home on planet earth. What the rumors said about them both were true, neither one of them meant human beings any harm at all.

The military men smelt the delicious aroma of home made breakfast treats. All of them allowed Mrs Eleanor May Evans to lead all of them in their good morning breakfast prayers. Afterwards, the two officers approached the angels. "We are under direct orders, to escort you two diamond angels to our military base. Would you both please follow us!" They issued their orders. "We will go with you but the arch angel Michael is not our immediate superior angel. We are not warrior angels, we are diamond angels instead." They smiled at them.

"We have been informed of your diamond angelic identities! Would you both please follow us. We come in peace and do not mean you any harm." The two military officers pointed at their helicopter. "We are not allowed to return back to our base unless the two of you come with us immediately!" They both firmly insisted upon following through with their express orders. It was not every day they had the chance to issue orders to former heavenly angelic beings! "Relax officers we have every intention of coming back to your base with you. You don't have a single solitary thing to worry about!"

The two diamond angels climbed into the back of the chopper and buckled their seat belts. The military's first and second Lieutenants climbed into the front of the chopper. And with a loud noise, they took off! Suddenly the chopper's engine quit working and the chopper was losing altitude and free falling to the ground. The two lower level demonic spirits already knew they were powerless to destroy or even harm in any way the two diamond angels. But that did not apply to their two human and non Christian companions!

The two angels cried out, "The Lord rebuke you Satan get thee behind us!" The demonic spirits were forced to flee and the two diamond angels fixed the helicopter's engine! Knowing the two diamond angels were on their watchful guard, they gave them no more interference for the time being. They wanted to make their sojourn on earth as miserable as possible. "Thanks diamond angels! We needed that it's a good thing you are our passengers!" The two lowest levels of military officers cried out in gratitude. "Until the two of you came down to earth, we didn't even believe in the existence of either angels or demons!"

The two diamond angels smiled at them. "And we thank our Master Jesus Christ for our safe arrivals." They landed their chopper safely on their military base. And the three passengers and the pilot were met by their superior officers. "The two of you must be the two diamond angels we have all heard so very much about! And yes we are already aware that neither one of you is a warrior angel! But the fact of the matter is this, you both are quit obviously angelic beings! And believe it or not we require your immediate services."

"How are we then able to serve you?" They very calmly smiled and responded. "My son and his family were kidnapped and are being held for ransom! But not for money but instead for military secrets that they want to place in the hands of our nation's enemies. When the both of you fell to earth, of all places in the Pacific Ocean! You both fell inside United States sovereign territory and have remained in it every since of your own free wills!" The man in charge explained. "Do you know where they are being held?" The diamond angels asked him. "No I don't but that's where the two of you come in handy. Being angels you should have no problem finding my son's family in the neck of time!

There are only two hours remaining you both do not have much time!" "Would you mind if we borrowed the two chopper pilots and their chopper?" The diamond angels asked him. "Fine anyone or anyone you both need you've automatically got!" He shook their hands and shook his head. Why would two angelic beings need a military helicopter for? The two pilots and their diamond angelic passengers took off.

The demons that came back where not the same low level demons but their immediate superiors! Since damaging the chopper's engine failed! Why not wipe up "one hell of a thunder and lightening storm instead and hamper the chopper that a way!" That very instance, however, the two diamond angels rebuked the demons they fled away and the thunder and lightening storm vanished.

The two angels then used their angelic instincts and heard the cries and the pleas of the young family for mercy from their kidnappers who knew no mercy! Thus they were also able to both see, and hear them. Thereby making it possible for them both to locate them and give their directions to the pilot and his pilot/observer. Once they reached their destination the two angels flew out of the helicopter and smiled and waved at them. As it was already prearranged for them both to do so. They also made the helicopter invisible from sight but not from sound! The kidnappers cursed the good Lord Jesus Christ! And His two holy diamond angels that He helped to create! When they went to the front door, two angelic beings with blazing wild fires in their eyes! Greeted all of them! And they did not even believe in the existence of heavenly angels in the first place.

The kidnappers found themselves completely immobilize by the two angry angelic hosts. The helicopter landed and became visible once more. The military police arrived and took the kidnappers AWOL soldiers into custody! The family was reunited with their military major parent and grand parent. They hugged the two angels and also the two chopper pilots/trained observers. All of them waved at the two diamond angels as they rapidly flew away out of their human sights.

What location did the two diamond angels fly to? Was it back to heaven or was it still on planet earth? Because of their presence people, were coming to believe in the existence of angelic beings, but also unclean demonic spirits! Both of them arrived just in time for lunch! But Mrs. Eleanor May Evans did not prepare lunch! She was lying on her sick bed in her bedroom with her family physician in attendance. Her two grandsons were loudly weeping and wailing because they thought that she had died!

Rapidly the two diamond angels entered into her bedroom and startled the family doctor who had just pronounced her dead! All of the humans watched as the two diamond angels placed their hands on her body and prayed. Immediately, she was healed and began to serve all of them! Before they started their lunch time meal's preparations! She played her piano and all of them sang together But the doctor who was an agnostic and hence a non-believer in: God, Satan, angels, demons, heaven or hell!

Yet because he was tired, hungry and had a hard long day paying house calls on his patients. He stayed and watched and listened to the two diamond angels sing and play their large pure heavenly golden harps! Michael and John Paul played their guitars and sang along! What song were they playing for the good Dr. Issac Morgan? Amazing Grace! Afterwards, he helped prepare a luncheon fit for royal kings and queens. Even though the cupboard was bare, it was thanks to the two diamond angels! They used their angelic powers to supply all of the needs of their human beings! Before they ate the two diamond angels lead all of them in prayer while holding their hands around the kitchen table while their eyes were all closed. The delicious aroma filled the air for many miles around.

Her doctor kept on looking at the two diamond angels. If heavenly angels were for real? Was everything else he fundamentally disbelieved in also true! He watched the angels looking back him inside the apple of his eyes. And they started softly and gently glowing just for his very own benefit! Grace and peace be unto all of you!

Love in Christ Jesus!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry 209

Roxy Lea/ October Country

June o7-08, 2022

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