How Than Can It Actually Be Classified as Artwork?

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


The results of living in a sick society that worshippes the human body and calls art pornograhy!

How than can it actually be classified as artwork? There was very holy reasons why God buried both ancient civilizations and their art work "in the sands of time." Among their numerous other Gods, the ancient Greeks and the ancient Romans "worshiped" the naked statues of both gods and their goddess! They were also craved and created by deprived human minds in "compromising sexual perverse situations."

When God created the human bodies of both male and female! He blessed them "and told them to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth." Which is the one and the only commandment that mankind has ever even adhered to and thus followed!

Sinful mankind may label unholy pornographic art forms as, "freedom of expressions and works of creative genius and works of self expression by the artists!" No matter how you may decide to sugar coat the pill, it is still classified as medication!

Satan is a liar and a deceiver and the father of it! Hence Satan is also the father of pornography and the source of it! Modern society has rated it, classified it, allowed it in print and social media outlets. Famous male and/or female celebrities love to poss either in the nude or semi-nude! And those are by far the most popular websites on the world wide web in free and in censored societies!

Those who are afflicted of: mental illness, sexual abuse, sexual assault, and child abuse are offered mental and even spiritual counseling! Like wise victims of rape/and or incense need guidance and help not abortions! The churches and the synagogues are over whelmed!

The Seattle Police department can no longer help victims of sexual abuse cases! Not because they are hardened and uncaring it is because they do not have enough people on staff! To be able to handle those cases because of staff store-ages due to "defending the Seattle police department." The same radical left wing radicals that wanted to defund our police wanted to eliminate our police and replace them with social workers!

Both men and women can become seduced and turned on by sexually explicit television aids and shows! Some of them become the victims others become victim/perpetrators! On-line sexual predators target lonely and friendless young boys and young girls! And set them up to become their latest targets and their latest victims! "The buck needs to stop here!" Harry S. Truman

All of this because we live in a sick society that would even shock Sodom and Gomorrah! We need to stop worshiping the naked human body and calling it art work! That does not mean we should not take care of our bodies and provide for their careful upkeep! If we are either Messianic Jews or Christians! "Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and we are not to defile our bodies with unclean flesh!" Unclean flesh mean same sex mind and body pollution's!

The Biden Administration's open Southern boarders have members of South American drug cartels threatening even members of our very own National Guards! The left wing media is lying about the situations on our southern boarders! Women and girls are being rapped and sexually assaulted! Drug dealers and other terrorists are entering into our country and the democrats do not care! Every thing is not calm at our southern boarders just ask the very people who live in those states!

How can pornography in any way shape or form be classified as artwork? It can not because it is a lie perpetrated by the father of lies, deception and murders-Satan! Only God alone can provide the necessary answers and the pertinent solutions for our sick societies! "Men's (and women's) hearts must change before government can."

When the the righteous are in power and reign, the people rejoice! When the unrighteous rule and reign the people tremble because they live in fear, darkness and oppression! We can only change the world one life at a single time by ourselves alone! Adding God into the equation and multitudes can become transformed! And joint heirs of salvation in the body and in the bride of Jesus Christ!

We are only pilgrims passing through and this earth is not our home! Glory Hallelujah! We are heaven bound. Our true citizenship and our true address is in the kingdom of heaven and not the cease pool or dung heap of the sinful world we currently reside it! We have been set free! Our job is to warn people of the wrath to come if they fail to submit to Jesus Christ. We are to warn them to repentant of their sins and thereby enter into the kingdom of heaven not hell below!

Grace and Peace be unto all of you!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea/ October Country

June 04, 2022

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