The Rapture and the Left Behind Version One

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


I changed this to the Rapture and the Left Behind version one

One there was a girl named Ruth and a boy named Noah! And they were walking together hand in hand! Busily talking about all of their future plans! Ruth was a born again believer in Jesus Christ;whereas,Noah believed only in himself alone. "I am the captain of my ship, the author of my soul and the captain of my own destiny!" Adequately described his very own life's philosophy. In essence he wanted to live his own life, "I did it my way!" Whenever Ruth tried to talk to him about her love for Jesus Christ, he would always answer her. "Hey princess who do yeah love Jesus Christ or me? You are gonna have to choose between us! All because I want to have you all to myself and I don't want to share you with anyone else! And that includes Jesus Christ!" Noah thus declared his undying love for his princess!

He put his arms around her. But all of a sudden his arms were only holding empty air! He saw her clothes on the ground including a Gideon's pocket new Testament Bible that she always carried around. He was startled to find his name in the inscription! Ruth was planning to give this little green Bible to him today! When she quoted John 3:16 she put his name there instead! He fell to his face on the ground and loudly wept-ed, "My God! My God why have you forsaken me! What kind of a God are You anyway! When you took the only person I ever loved in my entire life away from me! And now I will never see her ever again! O God what am I going to do now!" He got on his bike and rode it home again to his place in the sun.

There was dinner all prepared on the table, but there was no one even there to eat it with him. He ate his delicious solitary meal. When he searched his house from top to bottom there was nobody there. His family were born again Christians but he was the only one of his family that wasn't one. His world around him was crumbling and tumbling to the ground and there was no one around who even cared! He started to read the book of John and paid close attention to John 3:16. Following Ruth's advice he substituted his name in place of the 'whosoever's!" He put his brand new little green guide posts for living away and fell fast asleep! When he woke up his family was praying for him. His very own father but his tender loving arms around him! "I had the strangest dream last night!" Noah started loudly sobbing! "I dreamed that Ruth vanished right in front of me and I came home and all of you were gone! I was left behind and I didn't know what on earth to do about it all!

"I am right here, Noah! I am right here!" sobbed Ruth! She held him close to her. "You vanished right in front of me! And my family was all gone and I was the only one that was left behind!" sobbed Noah, "I became a Christian last night before I went to bed. "All of us were right here at home but we were in hiding! They are starting to make house to house searches! They are searching for Christians and they are searching for our Bibles!

They want to build gigantic bonfires, burn all bibles and all of the American flags! Next they might want to burn all of the Christians! We were hiding instead of turning ourselves into the authorities! We were waiting for you to become one of us, Noah! It is not safe for me to return back to work. It is not safe for your mother to go back to her hospital job as an emergency ward nurse. It is not safe for either Ruth or you Noah to go back to school!" His parents explain to the two young people.

Ruth typed her version of Noah's story and Noah typed his own story! They handed it into their first period English compesition's class. Their teacher's high school assistant put their two typed class room creative writing into a separate pile and placed two crosses on the both of them. Two crosses equals two Christians. The power's that be instructed them to turn in all of their Christian students, Christian teachers or anyone else!

Both Ruth and Noah were to turn themselves in for detention. The detention monitor wanted to know if that was their neatly typed creative writing assignments for their first period English composition class? They both replied, "That's why they call it creative writing!" But they did not deny Jesus Christ! "All right the both of you are free to go for now! Watch your step because Big Brother will be carefully watching the two of you! Please consider this your one and only warning! Enjoy the rest of your lunch break. And try and have a nice day! A little sunshine and a little smile really makes this life worth living and well worth the while!"Their monitor burned their homework assignments with a cigarette lighter.

"You better turn a better suited English composition's theme tomorrow!" Ruth's older brother, Austin Taylor, was an all around All American boy! And a high-school letter-men! He was a jock that participated in several school sponsored sporting activities. All of the high school cheer leaders had a king sized crush on a "handsome jock."Austin Taylor was not a bully and did not throw his weight. He was tied with a much poorer boy, who badly needed an athletic scholarship! Working behind the scenes he had his own name withdrawn and poor boy's name to replace his own. He did not believe that he would have to worry about attending the local university anyhow! His family was in no hurry for him to submit his scholarship applications to other universities and four year colleges!

The Rapture of the Church, the bride and the body of Christ was very imminent anyway! He never wanted the poorer boy to know what he just did or anybody else for that matter. Meanwhile at the middle school that both Ruth and Noah attended, the detention monitor mentioned Ruth and Noah's idea of having a house to house search for both Christians and their Bibles! Therefore killing several birds with much fewer stones.

Angels appeared in their dreams, "Let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains! We know you are Christians and not Jewish! But it is your time to flee now! Don't take too many of your possessions with you. Because they will know that you have fled the up and coming persecution of all believers in Jesus Christ! Whom we all faithfully serve! Get up and get going and by all means never return to your own homes ever again! If you all want to know what's good for all of you!"

The Christians all heeded the angelic's warning and packed some camping, hunting and fishing gear. All of their local Christians all had large RV's aka recreational vehicles. All of them were fully equipped: they attached their cars, trucks, trucks with fifth wheels attached to them, scooters, skate boards, roller skates, roller blades, their bikes, motor cycles, motor scooters, dirt bikes and all terrain vehicles camping equipment etc. All the world would see is that their neighbors were planning to take some badly needed extended vacations and/or sabbatical leaves of absence.

Those who were into hand gliding had already built their very own motorized hand gliders! If absolutely necessary they would use them. Some of them had small craft airplanes, others had small charter plans, float planes that could land in water and even their own helicopters. And some of them had parachutes also! Because necessity is not only the mother of invention! It is also the mother of birds of a feather flocking together. All bikes, scooters, skate boards and even roller skates and roller blades were motorized.

Boys and girls had brought their remote control airplanes and remote control choppers. Some people brought life vests and life rafts and had their own boats. Boats were used, and rafts to help them find some isolated places. As well as transport seveal of their families. As a result they found several abandoned log cabins. They left the outsides delapted and did not really fix up the cabin's interiors.

Love and Peace,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry 209

Roxy Lea/ October Country

June 02, 2022 & June 18, 2022

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