Heavenly Angels Adventures Becoming Earth Angels Part Six Uncle Sam

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


The former heavenly angels, now earth bound angels, have gone from a private residence to a California miltary base and are in route to Washington DC aboard Airforce one!

"General Ralph Floyd Patterson!" Have you heard about the two former heavenly angelic beings! Who were both tossed out of heaven by lightening! And have become earth bound angelic creatures instead!" His personal aid Colonial Randolph Herman Scott told his superior officer.

"What planet do you think that I live on Mars, Colonial!? Of course i have heard all about them? I just wonder why they did not tell those two California beach boy surfer bums! "Take us to your leader!" The two star General roars his famous "lion's roars!"

"Begging the General's pardon but doesn't that apply to Martians and not angels! I mean it's not like those 'diamond angels' are part of the Arch Angel's Michael's military angelic warrior angel's legions!" Colonial Randolph Herman Scott replied to his beloved and his deeply admired General Ralph Floyd Patterson.

"If Mohammad won't come to the mountain than take Mohammad to the mountain." Quoted the general while speaking out loud.

"Dispatch Lieutenant Donna Marian Mervin and Sargent Denise Denny Miller! Women are always reminding me that the United States Army "is an equal opportunity employer." Both of them are specially trained observers and chopper pilots Tell them not to bother returning without those two diamond angels with them." The general spoke to his personal administrative assistant Major Robert Lane Holmes

"Yes Sir General Patterson right away Sir," His administrative secretary replied.

Meanwhile back on the home-front, the two diamond angels prepare breakfast for the people who offered them both sanctuary. There were: big and fluffy blue berry muffins and chocolate chip muffins. Lighter than air backing powered biscuits, with condiments, fluffy scrambled eggs, Canadian bacon, Johnsonville link sausages and/or patty sausages, pancakes, french toast and breakfast salads. For breakfast deserts they had: Fluffy croissants, and puddings, pineapple cottage cheese and bowels of flavored ice-cream.

They woke every one up with the smell of their delicious baking and their breakfast preparations. Both of them started playing their heavenly harps and singing beautiful harmonic angelic praise music. Once everyone had arrived, everyone held hands around the table. All of them said their meal time gratitude prayers and their good morning greeting songs.

Suddenly they heard the loud sound of a military helicopter outside! Lieutenant Donna Marian Mervin landed the helicopter and along with Sargent Denise Denny Miller. They both both rapidly walked to the nice spacious house and the beautifully cared for garden. Even though the front door was opened, their sturdy screen door was locked.

Lieutenant Mervin and Sargent Miller both knocked on the screen door and boldly announced themselves. While asking permission to enter inside their domicile. Naturally they were both allowed to enter and were invited for breakfast Since they were both hungry, they both readily accepted. Her two surfer grandsons pulled out the chair for the two military young ladies, and helped them to get seated.

When they saw the starry eyes of the two angelic beings, their own eyes became as large as saucers. Their carefully rehearsed speeches went flying out the window. The two angels placed their hands on their arms and smiled at them.

"Fear not ladies, we will not harm you!" They spoke very calmly

and very soft spoken to the Lieutenant and the Sargent. They warmly smiled at them very softly and very gently and started to glow. They both smiled back at them, kissed them on their cheeks and gently stroked their feathery, silvery, angelic wings. The two angels sighed contently. After more meal time prayers were said the two ladies helped themselves to the delicious drinks and delicious food and delicious desert.

"We are under strict orders not to return without both of you diamond angels! Though we cannot image why! It is very obvious to us that you are not heavenly warrior angels! And by no means is the, Arch Angel Michael, your immediate superior heavenly angel!" They both gushed out at the same time!

"Fear not for we both will gladly leave with you two charming young ladies." They reassured them.

After their goodbyes were said, the four of them left together. The angels allowing the two military ladies to leave first. Neither one of them had ever flown in a military helicopter before! However, they did not have enough gasoline in their tanks to return back to their Army military base.

All because two demons punched large hole in their gasoline tanks. The unclean spirits were no match for the two angelic beings because they repaired the gasoline tanks and put flue into their chopper. Next, the two demons caused a bad thunder and lightening storm!

The angels cried, "The Lord rebuke you Staten, get thee behind us!

The two demons were forced to leave them alone until a more appropriate time arrived! Because there were no more incidents, they flew to their destination safely. After the Lieutenant and her Sargent companion and aid dismounted from the helicopter. The angels likewise also dismounted.

With quick and efficient military precision, the two star general Patterson and Colonial Scott greeted them both after they left the chopper. They welcomed them with warm hand shakes.

Air force one's private jet plane had already arrived earlier. None other than the president of the United States of America, his first lady, their aids, their white house press and their private presidential security forces were all present and accounted for. The Joint Chief of Staff belonging to the army was also there.

"This is to be a very private and confidential meeting between the two diamond angels and myself," Our president stated. "All of you including my wife, will have to leave the plane."

He looked very closely into the starry eyes of the two former heavenly human beings.

"Amazing, completely amazing! Those starry eyes of yours, diamond angels. When I first heard of your existence! I did not believe that it was true. The both of you are coming back to Washington DC with all of us and I am going to call an impromptu press conference! The vice president and his wife will of course be there. The Speaker of the House and the Majority Whip of the Senate plus their wives will be there. All of the members of the international press corps will be there!


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Roxy Lea/ October Country

June 01, 2022

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