Heavenly Angels Adventures Becoming Earth Angels Part Six the Disturbance.

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Their tranquil day was interrupted by a drunken and rioteous crowd. When the law, who was vastly outnumbered! They were given permission to intervene! They used the forces of nature: sheet lightening, thunder and rain showers, plus sleet (small hail stones)! it proved to be very effective way to dispurse a crowd gathered together in unlawful assembly!

After breakfast their two guests wanted to hold the two angelic beings. Who both were used to humans wanting to hold them, kiss their cheeks and gently stroke their feathery silver glistening wings. Both of them broadly smiled because they knew just how much they were truly loved by their humans who belonged to them! All of the human beings watched in awesome wonder as their entire bodies started lightly glowing golden glows and they only intensified. But did not become blinding to the human's eyes!

They closed their fists and opened them up once again! Allowing all the people present to behold the multi-colored diamonds, precious jewels and valuable gem stones! Very softly they blew on the palms of both of their hands! Thus they both showed and displayed their inner most gratitude for the human kindnesses that was shown them. And the entire kitchen area was filled with the frequencies of very refined and costly perfumes! And their multi-colored and their heavenly music and singing filled the entire room! They allowed themselves to be seen playing their golden harp's beautiful melodious heavenly angelic music!

"We were known in heaven as the jeweled diamond angels! We would fly among-st our fellow angels and heavenly saints! Always doing what you yourselves have just been allowed to witness! It is all part of our earthbound mission and testimony that our Lord and our Master Jesus Christ has freely given to us! We fell down to the earth below and landed in the Pacific Ocean as the result of our very own curiosities! And he told us we were going to be cast down to the earth but not underneath the earth all because of our very curious natures!"

"We thank the good Lord, angels, whom we all serve! That He has seen fit to really bless us by your presence among us! By the way that was a very impressive show you both put on for us!" All of them exclaimed at the same exact time!

"Mrs Evans! Does it really mean we both can live here among the three of you?" They started sobbing tears of gratitude!" It was the very first time they both shed tears and cried.

"Please call me Eleanor, diamond angels and not Mrs Evans! If you want to live here with us!" She started laughing out loud and everyone joined in! " My grandson's names are Michael and John Paul Evans! Just in case you wanted to know! Once more they warmly embraced the two grateful angels, kissed them on both of their cheeks and gently stroked their angelic wings! The two angels were perfectly content and very happy! Also they were aware that this warm and friendly place was their special earthly home and sanctuary!

But suddenly there was a commotion and a disturbance of their tranquil and their harmonious peace outside on their spacious front lawn! There were shot gun and pellet guns being shot off in the air in drunken revelry! There were loud and noisy home made fire crackers being lighted and tossed into the air! And there was loud and riotous harsh laughter filling the once peaceful air!

There were men laughing and women screaming! This time it was the drunken women who screamed at their house! "Mrs Eleanor May Evans! We know that you, your two surfer boys bums of grandsons, plus Pastor Michael Evans and his wife! But we know that you have two very handsome angelic beings been offered sanctuary by all of you inside your house! Bring out the two diamond angels because we want to get to know them! And go all of the way with them!"

All of the people inside the house saw a transformation in the starry eyes of their two angelic house guests! They were blazing like wild fires instead! Their countenances also changed. These humans had offered them a place to stay and call their home. And now they were in double jeopardy and clear and present danger because of the both of them.

"Stay inside all of you! It is us that they want and it is us that they will get! Do not worry you do not need a bunch of pillar of salt statues adorning your cozy and beautiful front lawn! Now go all of you into your basement and bomb shelter! Bloat and lock all of those doors and windows. Stay down, say your prayers for us and for yourselves too!"

All of them quickly left and felt assured that their very own diamond angels would protect them from all harm! The two diamond angels did not use the spacious front door to make their grand entrance. Instead they walked through the walls of their kitchen area! They heard lots of whistling and clapping of hands! Yelling and screaming and hooting and hollering!

Suddenly, the Los Angles County Sheriff and his deputies also decided to join the party! Placing all of participants under arrest! For drunken disorderly behavior, discharging fire arms and fire crackers and disturbing the peace, unlawful assembly, and resisting arrest. They were all there in time to watch two former heavenly angelic creatures walk through walls.

"Sheriff Ronald Milhouse Milliner and deputy sheriffs! We are the two diamond angels..." But they were interrupted by the sheriff. "Diamond angels! Of course I know who the two of you are! The whole wide world knows who you are! And that you tame and domesticated former heavenly angelic beings meaning us ordinary humans no harm!"

He replied. But the sheriff knew that they were vastly outnumbered and that embolden the drunks. Making them even more disorderly and uncontrollable!

"Sheriff! They are here partly because all of their women wanted to have sexual relationships with us! Just to see what the two of us would do about it. We will not turn them into pillars of salt nor stone statues! Although all of them so richly deserve it!" The angels answered him

"We don't mean to interfere with you and your deputies but would you like our assistance!" They suggested.

"Why not what have I got to lose but my pride and my dignity!" He shouted at them, "You have my permission to exercise your angelic powers! But do not harm our prisoners and us as well!"

The two angels created a localized sheet lightening and thunder storm and pouring down rain showers. Confined to the immediate vicinity of her front lawn but no place else! They also created small hail stones aka known as sleet stones upon them! Gladly did their prisoners surrender themselves! When they did and when they were into the safe custody of the law. The angels let the day resume to another beautiful day and caused a powerful, majestic and beautiful rainbow in the sky!

As quickly as they came they also left! The two angels unbolted the basement bomb-shelter and let their people out! All them knelt by their plush and comfortable chairs and said their prayers! The angels joined all of them in their prayers for their safety, protection and deliverance.

Afterwards they all had a Bible study and Mrs Eleanor May Evans played her mini-grand piano! And very soon the harmonious voices and sounds of "Amazing Grace" filled the air. They all said their meal time grace, prepared another festive meal, clean everything up and ran the dishwasher through!

All of them hugged and kissed each other on their cheeks. Than while they were getting ready for bed! All of them sang both verses of "God be with you until we meet again."


Roxanne Lea Dubarry 209

Roxy Lea/ October Country

May 30-31, 2022

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