Heavenly Angels Adventures Becoming Earth Angels Part Five Their Hospital Stay and Afterwards.

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


The two angels faint at the police precinct and end up in the emergency ward of their local hospital. When they are releashed, the surfer's grandmother, Eleanor May Evans and her two grandsons! Take the two angels back home to live with them.

"Angels!" the young female office worker police officer tapped them on their backs gently. She did not want to alarm the two angelic beings. "It is time for you both to wake up now!" She screamed when both of their bodies fell to the floor!

Although she did not realize it they both were under heavy demonic attack! Her screams alarm other police officers, they all rush in to see the two angles on the floor! They try to revive the two young teen aged angels, and call the paramedics to treat them!

"These are angels and not teen aged human males! We are not equipped to handle this at our hospital facilities!" the paramedics exclaim as they put oxygen masks on the two former heavenly angels. They decide to transport them to the nearest hospital! The media is right there waiting for them but the paramedics brush them all aside!

Rushing them into the hospital's emergency ward. Where they both are carefully examined. Suddenly they both open up their starry eyes! Two heavenly angels wrestled against the demons and pulled them off their fellow angels. They all gave loud gasps of breath!

For they had heard about the starry eyed angelic creatures that fell down from heaven and landed in the Pacific Ocean! And how grateful all the people were for their presence here on planet earth far far far below heaven's lofty heights!

When both of the angels tried to rise up very gently and also firmly! They were laid back down on the emergency ward's beds.

"Angels! for some strange reason you both fainted! Like it or not we are going to have to admit you to the hospital for the usual twenty four hour's observation period!" The emergency wards resident doctor informed them.

"Can we please have some water to drink and something to eat?"They both asked her.

"What unusual requests coming from two angelic beings like yourselves." The young resident doctor answered them. "Would some water and a sand which satisfy both of you? It is almost time for breakfast in a few hours." She replied to them.

"Do you have any ideas why you both fainted?" She waited patiently while they drank their water and ate their sandwiches. "Demons from the pits of hell caused us to faint the way we did! It took two heavenly angels to rescue us!" They replied to her question.

She gave them a mild sleeping sedative and she hoped she did the right thing! She saw their bodies relax and fall to sleep! It worked! And they put the two angels in the observational ward. The admitting doctor could not believe his own eyes! Two of their newest patients were the two angels who fell down to earth and landed in the Pacific Ocean of all places for them both to land!

All of the other doctors and nurses could not believe their own eyes! Neither could the visitors nor the patients! The next morning the angels were allowed to choose their three meals for the day!

Soon after making their selections, they were served breakfast in bed! Both angels turned on their television sets. All the while carefully keeping the volumes down so as to not disturb other patients.

After they finished breakfast, a couple of reporters wanted to interview them. And they entered their shared room while they were all alone. "Why did both of you two angelic beings faint and why are you in the hospital? Didn't you both know that hospitals were for human patients only and not for the likes of you!" They began their blunt to the point interrogations.

Their nurse heard the media hounding her patients and chased them out of their hospital room and told them to not bother her patients again if they all knew what was good for them! The two angels thanked her for her timely interventions!

"Would you like to tell me why you both fainted when you are angels and not human beings?" She asked them plainly. "It says on your charts that demonic beings were responsible! Is that the truth? Did it take two heavenly angels, just like the two of you used to be, to rescue you?"

"Yes nurse Ryans it is all too true but we don't want to talk about it okay! They smiled at her and she stroked their silvery feathery shining wings! "Sorry but I just had to do that! It was a once in a life time opportunity for me." She gently stroked their wings again and they smiled at her. "Before I knew about you, I never believed in the existence of angels before!"

"Don't worry nurse Ryans we never saw normal human beings before we landed here on earth! We only saw promoted human beings, who became heavenly saints after they died from their earthly deaths!"

Meanwhile the hospital grape vine notified the press about the reasons the two angels were in the hospital. And that flashed across the media outlets far and way! Radio and television talk show hosts were having a field! Whereas the comedians and the stand up comics were also having a field day. And they owed the fact that their ships had all come in because of two very curious former heavenly angels who were now earth's angels!

The authors of books and short stories! The poets and the public inspirational speakers. Even multi-church pastors were having and enjoying their time under the sun. Instead of releasing them after their breakfast or after their lunch! They waited until after their dinner time! And they did not release them until it was pitch black outside.

With the angels' permission they made them wear darkened glasses in order to conceal their starry eyes. They had them fold their wings and also concealed them. Plus put dark blue bedroom slippers on their bare feet.

Their grand mother of the two former surfer boys signed the release forms for them. Both angels were asked to all sign it because they had no earthly names! And signing themselves out as angels was out of the question! The three of them told the two surprised angels that they were taking them back home with them right where the both of them belonged!

Once inside the grandmother's station wagon. One of her grandsons sat up front, and acted as her front seat navigator. The other one sat in the backseat with the family's pet dog! And the two angels laid down in the back section, closed their eyes and fell fast asleep.

When they finally arrived at the grandmother's spacious nice house! The two angels woke up and were told that this was to be their home from now on! The angels took off their darkened glasses, unfolding their wings, and took off the dark blue bedroom slippers from their golden feet! And they both of them felt as if they finally belonged some place on earth! All because three very special humans wanted to take good care of them and felt responsible for their well beings!

Every one helped prepare the drinks and the late night bedtime snacks and said their prayers. Afterwards the grandmother went to bed in the master bedroom down stairs. The same room that she shared with her husband. During the time period he was still alive and right before he went home to be heaven. The two grandsons shared a bedroom and the two angels shared a bedroom. All of the bedrooms were comfortable and very homelike! The four of them said their bed time prayers and went fast asleep!

When her two grandsons and the two angels awoke they could smell something delicious was being thoughtfully prepared for them. The grandmother had people who came in and helped her. They were all from their church and not from public nor private home-care agencies. When their pastor's wife looked up, she saw the two angelic beings smiling very broadly at her.

"Eleanor May Evans! I do declare whatever are you doing by having two angelic beings live inside your house! Why in all of my born days I have never heard of such things going on..." She declared.

"Anna Mae Evans! You just behave your self do you read me loud and clear!" laughed Her husband Pastor Michael Davis Evans. All of them bowed their heads and their pastor said their breakfast prayer of thanks giving. The breakfast beverages tasted delicious to the two angels and the food was the greatest earth food that they had ever tasted during their time on planet earth.


Roxanne Lea Dubarry 209

Roxy Lea/ October Country

May 29, 2022

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