Heavenly Angels Adventures Becoming Earth Angels Part Four the Rumbles

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


The two heavenly angels were fast asleep in a private back room of the Los Angels police department's Central divison.

Because the former Satan's Mystery Riders had close encounters of the angelic kind with two bonified former heavenly and now earth bound angels! By a a census of one hundred percent drooped the word Satan from their motor cycle's gang's name. Also they were club members instead of gang members! They would help people out instead of trying "to do them wrong!"

They were laughing and telling jokes when all of a sudden their laughter abruptly stopped! They were hanging out in their usual place that they hung out in! The man and his wife sole proprietors were startled by the sudden positive change in the former teen-aged motorcycle gang members! They had dropped the hated and despised name above all others, Satan, from their black leather jackets. Still calling themselves of all things, "The Mystery Riders!"

When suddenly real live teen-aged gang members decided to drop in and also to hang out there. Those young punks came in both genders--male and female! Also they were in "the protection racket!" Not that they got to keep a lot of the bread for themselves! They handed all of their ill gotten loot to a couple of low leveled and lower classed "hoods!" When they were still "Satan's" Mystery Riders they were also collectors "in the same protection racket!" It was formerly how they made all of their bread, butter and jam!

They had started going to a motorcycle's "bikers church!" They called themselves "Heaven's angels" All of them were born again! And baptized in the name of: The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit!" They were holding one of their Bible club meets inside their hang out.

Neither one of the proprietors minded and were secretly re-leaved! "Praise the good Lord Jesus Christ those young people had seen the light just in the neck of time!" They also said to themselves as well as their own church that they also attended!

"Satan!" is a perfectly good name for a motor cycle gang to use! How cum yeah dropped it yeah bums!" They picked up the Bibles and looked at them just like they were bitten by venomous vipers! Just as if they were handling "hot coals" they dropped all the Bibles!

"Yeah all got religion all of a sudden! Man oh Man can yeah dig it babes!" "Is that why all yeah decided to drop and to stop all of your collection payments and not meet yeah quotas! The boys ain't gonna like it when we spring all of the bad news on them! But hey man we are just gonna be telling 'em just like it is not the way that it was! Unless we can be tellin' them good news instead bad news for all yeah babes! Ifen yeah all know what we mean!" They threatened them!

"We sorta saw the light when two honest to goodness angles fell down from heaven and landed of all places in the Pacific Ocean right on the beach man! We mean they are the real bonified things! We are born again believers in Jesus Christ and no weapons formed against us or those two good people will be able to stand!" They read it to them from the good book.

"Oh yeah where are your two former heavenly angelic earth bound friends now right when you really badly need them ifen yeah all know what we mean! Can yeah dig our messages man or are all of you suddenly dumb or somethin'!" Their threats continued.

Suddenly the two former heavenly angelic creatures who were now confined to the earth entered into the hangout and tapped the gang leaders on their backs.

"What is this some sorta Halloween costumed gag! Man its' a long way to Halloween! What funny farm did the two of yeah escape from! Where are yeah both from cloud nine or something!" They all looked around and started gasping for air to breath!

They looked inside their eyes and beheld the stars being active inside their eyes! Their faces started softly but intensely glowing! They saw them close their fists and open them back up again! When they opened them there were multi-colored diamonds, precious jewels and gem stones! They blew upon them and they burst into multi-colors filling the whole room with their heavenly presences essences and fragrances!

"Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! They ain't gonna like it and they ain't gonna believe us not in ten million light years! Angels are for real! Heavenly angels fell down from heaven to earth and they are real!" They ran out without even bothering to look back! Thus, completely forgetting the dire, and evil purposes they were even there in the first place!

The two proprietors, the man and his wife smiled at the two teen aged angels and warmly hugged them and kissed their right cheeks! "We both don't know what the two of you are doing here! And why you both first fell to the earth and landed of all places in the Pacific Ocean! But we are so very blessed and so very glad that you both are here! And we want you both and we need you both to stay right here on earth! Because it is on earth and not in heaven where you both belong now!"

They looked at the newly born again creations in Christ Jesus! "Can the both of them eat human food and drinks! Today for all of you every thing is on the house!"

Every body nodded and laughed out loud! The two angels sat down and enjoyed their food, drinks, companionship and friendships with their new human friends!

Suddenly there were loud gun shots and two Los Angels police officers were assassinated by gang members! Who also had their very own personal vendettas against all of them! "The only good cop was a dead cop!"

The two angels rushed outside and knelt over the two fallen heroes in blue. They gave them both and revived them with mouth to mouth restorations! With their hands they removed their gun shot wounds from their bodies and thus healed them both completely! They also dried up their blood stained uniforms! The officers opened their eyes and saw the starry eyes of the two teenage angelic beings looking back at them.

They both fainted and were revived by the two earthbound former heavenly angelic beings! The angels cradled the two grateful officers in their arms, spoke very softly to them in their ears and comforted them! Finally they helped them both to their feet again! The very grateful police officers, who both were married with wives and young children, crushed the two angels to them!

The startled angels were tapped on their shoulders by the police officers' surprised Sargent, John Jones! " I really don't know if two angelic beings can be awarded metals of val-ours by the police department! But I am going to give it all I got anyway! You both probably heard us mere mortal grateful human beings say this many times before! But I thank the good Lord for sending the two of you here down on earth to all of us!"

All of the other police officers and crowds started loudly cheering! "You both are going to find out about making statements back at head quarters. He opened up the back of his patrol car and let the two angels inside the back seat. Once they were inside, they closed their eyes and fell fast asleep!

The angels, who were used to offering assistance to humans were very grateful, for the grateful police officers shielding them from the media. Once they all arrived at their central division.

"Why don't you all leave these poor angelic beings alone! And give all of them a break! Heaven only knows they both have earned it!" Sargent John Jones said to them.

"Those two angelic beings, who fell down to the earth and landed in the Pacific Ocean! Are news and why are you interfering with the public's right to know all about them! The press shot back at him with their very own verbal gunfire!

"You never mind you just got your story and what you all came for! Now why don't you take your media three ring circus elsewhere! And for heaven's sake give these two angels a break! God only knows just how badly they both earned it!"

The Sargent and his officers continued shielding the grateful angels from the press. They could tell just how grateful they both were! The rescued officers wives were already inside the police station and crushed the two angels to them and started loudly sobbing! They both were speak-less and both of the angels allowed for them to crush them and to sob just as long as it was necessary for them to do so! Finally they released the two angels and started warmly embracing their own husbands! Both of whom were still alive instead of being dead thanks to angelic interventions.

The Sargent talked to the two angels in his office and took their statements. Grateful police officers treated the two angels to their vending machines. For their very first time they got to drink hot coffee with cream and sugar! Afterwards they took the angels into one of their private backrooms and let them both sleep as long as they wanted to do so. Briefly, the officers watched the two angels sleep. When they told the press that the angels were fast asleep they all rushed out of the police precinct!


Roxanne Lea Dubarry 209

Roxy Lea/ October Country

May 28, 2022

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