Heavenly Angels Adventures Becoming Earth Angels Part Three

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


The two former heavenly angels after they both were changed back into themselves. But of course of the same teen aged group and human instead of their angelic sizes. Decide that they are more needed right here on earth instead of back in heaven where they came from orginally.

"What do yeah want us to do? Get on back of your cycles and take off to God knows where with you?"The two former heavenly angels responded to the Satan's Mystery Riders. "When yeah both are right yeah both are right on! So why not be a couple of nice angels and get on back of two of our cycles!" With about anything much to do about nothing, they rode on the back of the leaders cycles.

They were very surprised when the bikers took them back to the very beach where they first arrived on earth. They saw the two surfer boys bending over a young thirteen year old surfer girl! A great white shark almost bit off one of her arms. The para medics were well on their way along with the beach patrol. Everyone was loudly sobbing. One of the two angels embraced her and his partner touched her arm. And immediately she was given a whole brand new arm! Both of the two former heavenly angels took off and flew over the Pacific Ocean.

Using their angelic powers they drove all of the great white sharks away from the beach. Both angels landed back on the beach by a hot dog stand. The vendor said, " fresh hot dogs get 'em while they're still hot." He gave his customers a choice of either a sausage or a hot dog? He sold soda pop and bottled water. He sold potatoes chips, candy and other snacks. T

he surprised hot dog vendor had witness the miracles that both of these angels just performed! Although the last time that he saw them, they both were wearing dark blue swimming trunks. He could hardly believe it! Those two angels now had active stars in both of their eyes!

"Angels are you both hungry? Can you even still eat human food anymore! Order what ever you both want on the house! Angels can't be expected to be carrying cash or credit cards on them!" He smiled at the two of them. "Order what ever yeah both want! It isn't every day real live angels pay me a call!"

"Thank you very much kind and most generous sir! Yes we are still confined to the earth! And yes we can still eat and enjoy human's food and drinks! We would like two sausages with all of the works, two large sodas, chips and peanuts, and two bottles of water. And thank you very much indeed! The two angels walked away with all of their loot until they saw two hungry children. The words of their Lord and their Master echoed inside their heads," Freely you have received! Freely you give!"

When the hot dog vendor saw the selfless acts of the two young angels, he fixed for them another order, on the house. Some of his customers saw how the two angels gave away all of their food and their drinks to two hungry children! They buttoned their mouths tight and made no caustic comments or rude remarks about the two angels, "getting for themselves a free ride." This time the two angels enjoyed their meal.

They put two blankets plus two big umbrellas on the beach. Laid down, fell fast asleep and closed their eyes. The beach patrol told people to let the two angels sleep they had a long hard day. They did not know that angels could eat people food and their drinks! Much less lie down on the beach and fall fast asleep.

Latter on the two children laid down besides the two angels on the beach. They had problems with bullies always harassing them and giving them a hard time! Those bullies would not pick on them as long as they were close to two real live honest to goodness angelic beings.

Satan's Mystery Riders had a conference on the beach. Since they knew two real live genuine angelic beings! They most likely should drop the word Satan from their club's name. And just call themselves The Mystery Riders instead!

They watched the two angels and the two children, who ate their food. Fast asleep right next to each other. Their brand new angelic friends would want their gang's name changed! And so would their own folks! They could follow the angels fine examples by helping themselves, as well as other people! Why should folks be afraid of them any longer! A new image and a new game plan is what all of them badly needed right now! Come to think about it was what the world desperately needed right now!

The two children's bullies found them fast asleep right next to the the two angelic beings, who feed them! When they were both still hungry and thirsty. The bullies kicked the two angelic beings bare golden feet. Instead of inflicting pain upon the two heavenly angels! Their own bare feet hurt very badly! Next they poured hot buckets of sand on their feathery silvery angels wings! But their wings only repealed the sand and covered them from head to toes at once!

The two angels opened wide their eyes! Causing all of the bullies to see the active stars going on inside their two eyes! They screamed and ran quickly away! "Angels are for real! Angels are for real!

After they left the angels went back to their sleep and slept undisturbed. Their mother found her two young children fast asleep next to of all things two bonified heavenly angels!

"Mom those two male angels are our friends! And they don't have any place to stay! Can they stay with us please!" They pleaded with her and she thought of her drunken bum of a husband! Maybe both of the angels would come in handy? When they woke up she noticed the star's activities going on in their eyes!

These aren't actors or con artists, they are real live angels! "Alright! Alright! They can both come with us!" She pretended to give into their requests but she had her own agenda! She drove them to an ice cream parlor and the angels joined her. The ice cream servers noticed the stars inside the eyes of both of the youthful male angels! They charged the mother and her children. But the angels got their banana splits and sodas free on the house!

An over weight middled aged man had a severe heart attack and would have died. If the two young male angels still not confined to the earth! Did not intervene by using their angelic powers. His wife and his two pre-teen children were also present. The two angels helped him to his feet and he noticed the stars inside both of their eyes! He felt their angelic healing power flow from their bodies into his! Not only did he not die from a heart attack! His heart was completely healed!

"Angels! I am so very glad that you both are right here on earth and not in heaven where you both rightfully belong! The man thanked them. And his family members warmly embraced the two of them!

The mother and her two young children did not go back home! Her drunken beast of a so-called husband threatened her life, the children s' lives and finally his own! Therefore she drove all of the many miles to her parents house. Of course they were glad to see her and their two grandchildren alive and in one piece! She said she was leaving her husband for good! Praise be the good Lord!" Her parents greated all of them plus the two angelic beings.

"All of you will always have a safe place to stay here as long as you all need to! And that includes your two brand new angelic friends too! Her drunken husband did not find his family at home. In a drunken and a blind rage, he got into his car while still drunker than a sid row's bum! He drove his car head first into a tall sturdy palm tree! Causing his car to burst into flames and resulting in his ending up in hell!

His widow had everything transferred into her own name while he was still alive! She sold everything except some cherished mementos. The children's toys were old and battered thus they were all left behind! She transferred all of her money to her parents to keep their own house from being repossessed! The two angels moved on to their next earthly assignments!


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Roxy Lea/ October Country

May 26, 2022

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