The Heavenly Angels Adventures Becoming Humans Part Two

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


The two former humanized angel boys get their angelic powers back again. Plus Officer Jack Jackson gains a female partner in the CHIP and a new girl friend. Both of whom share his spare bedroom, in his apartment. In order to stop Gloria Swanson from getting her revenage upon her ex-boy friend that she dumped!

"Sargent O' Haran! The two of us were left stranded here on earth with no place at all to lay down our heads. We never even thought that our angelic powers would be even slightly and momentarily restored at all! We guess they were so we could make a believer out of you!" They smiled at him.

"Besides, Satan's Mystery Motorcycle gang members will not rest until we become their captives again!"

"Sargent O'Haran, these two stranded angelic beings, are speaking the truth!

Their two self appointed surfer boys body guards backed them up. Sargent O'Haran called one of his cruiser officers and placed the two grateful humanized angelic beings in his custody! He had a two bedroom apartment that he and his former girl friend rented together. Because he would not leave his job in the CHIP! She left him for greener and more profitable pastures.

"Officer Jack Jackson!" His Sargent smiled at him broadly! "How would you like a couple of house guests to stay with you for awhile! "After all you have that extra bedroom available and your former girl friend is talking about moving back in with you! Apparently her millionaire sugar daddy owed millions of dollars instead of having them. All because he is a compulsive gambler and he likes to chase the skirts! That is until he catches them and then he dumps them for their replacements.

"Sarge under the circumstances you have got yourself a real deal!" Officer Jack Jackson readily agreed. "Since I am off duty they can come back to my pad with me right now!" He turned around and shook the hands of the two former angelic beings!

"Is it true what they all say that they two of you used to be angels! Why in blue blazes did yeah both get yourselves stranded on earth in the first place! I always thought that you angels were suppose to be a lot smarter than us human beings! He started laughing.

"It's alright Officer Jackson we both had that coming to us!" They shook his hands back.

"Did you two surfer boys really fish these two angels out of the Pacific Ocean while you both were surfing!" He laughed some more.

"Yes its true just exactly like you said that if was officer! And you better treat the two of them right because they are very special to us! "Cause ifen yeah don't yeah gonna have to answer to us about it!" They also started laughing.

"Correction! You will have to answer to me before you have to answer to the two of you surfer boys!" Sargent Mike O'Haran put his two cents in. "It looks like the two of us angel boys don't have a single thing to worry about!" They also started laughing.

Officer Jack Jackson put the two angel boys in the back seat of his cruiser. On the way back to his apartment he ran into a couple automobile accident young female victims. Both of the former angels touched them and restored them back to life.

The para medics drove the both young teen girls to Valley General Hospital in Los Angeles. Officer Jackson and the two former angels got back into his cruiser and arrived back at his apartment. Fortunately his former so-called girl friend was stranded in Hawaii! She called her former boy friend on a phone and asked him to buy her a one way ticket back to LA!

"Sorry about that babe but I haven't any spare room available! I'm sharing my pad with a couple of house guests of my own! You'll have to find some place to get another free ride! Besides I'm still a cop and you hate my job remember that Gloria!

His frig was empty so he ordered some pizza from a local pizzeria, plus soft drinks and tipped their local delivery boy. After he left he asked the former angels what their names were! But all they could do was to shake their heads no!

"Sorry about that Officer Jackson but we don't have any earthly names." They responded and thanked him for the pizza and soda pop. Suddenly a couple of female earth angels also appeared inside Officer Jackson's apartment. And helped themselves to some of his pizzas and his sodas. It was a good thing that he ordered extra ones plus extra soda pops!

"Let me guess the two of you must be lady earth angels." he smiled at the two young women."

"And both of us are going to be assigned to you, Officer Jack Jackson! "Your former girl friend Gloria Swanson is breathing fire and threatening to get her revenge on you for dumping her! One of us is going to become your female partner in the CHIP! The other one of us is going to become your brand new girl friend. We both are going to be sharing your spare bedroom instead of them!

But first we have a very special assignment to perform for those two former angel boys! They sprinkled silvery multi colored diamond dust on the two of them. Thereby restoring their angelic powers back to them. But instead of being assigned back into the kingdom of heaven. They both were still assigned to the kingdom of earth.

"So that's what the two of you sorta looked like when you were heavenly angels!" The two undercover female earth angels and Officer Jack Jackson whistled and exclaimed!

Their faces and their bodies were softly instead of brightly glowing! Their golden shoulder length hair was shining. And their eyes looked just like the active stars in heaven. Their robs were glistening pure white floor lengthened linen. Their feet were golden colored and there were two golden girdles around their mid-sections. Their white feathery silvery wings were glistening with multi colored diamonds, jewels and precious stones.

"Please don't worship us not now and not ever! We are your fellow servants in Christ Jesus!" The transformed male angels proclaimed.

First they appeared in their full angel garbs to CHIP Sargent Mike O'Haran, next to the two surfer boys and thirdly to the motor cycle members of Satan's Mystery Riders.

"Wow man you both are real honest ta goodness real live angels!" They loudly yelled out loud. " Hey angels yeah both gotta forgive the likes of us for abucting yeah both in the first place! Would yeah both just do us a little itsey bitsey favor?"


Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea/ October Country

May 25-26, 2022

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