"Remember to Never Hold Your Peace," Erick Stakelbeck Part One

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


"Remember to never hold your peace! Our southern boarders are a powered keg that sooner or later will explode right in our faces unless we are willing to do something about it." Erick Stackelbeck

As a subscriber to Erick Stakelbeck's YouTube internet site, I intend on eventually visiting the site I pay only $4.99 per/month! Which is a very good bargain to help support the YouTube site of a younger man I consider to be one of my mentors!

Russia has been asking Red China to help them out in Ukraine! And Red China has given them a green light! Their conventional forces have been thus far failing miserably there. Putin underestimated the NATO nations of the west but most of all he underrated the high costs that Ukrainian's plus their world wide supporters place upon their recently won freedoms.

But Russia has been flexing its nuclear muscles with threats! Red China currently has taken the lead over Russia as far as being in charge is concerned. Putin wants to recreate the Soviet glory days of the USSR but make no mistakes! He is holding both Eastern and Western European nations in his cross hairs! And he is keeping an eagle eye upon the USA as well!

Red China is gaining valuable information on how well Taiwan will resist their unification with them! They do not recognize its basic rights to be a free and independent nation. The axis of evil does not want to recognize any free Indo China or Western nations basic rights to remain free!

At what high cost freedom? "We solomonly pledge our lives, our properties our fortunes and our sacred honors in order to remain free!" That is actually how much we value our freedoms! Read our lips Russia, Red China, Iran, Turkey, Syria, Lebannon etc!

There is one divine player in the deck of cards! Those axis of evil nations fail to acknowledge His very existence! Iran and Turkey as Muslim nations know Him as Allah! But they do not know the Judo/Christian God by his holy name of Jehovah! He is letting those bully nations know who really is in charge!

And He is letting the Western nations know that He is God and not some mythical man made creation! Read my lips and mark my words! The bully nations of the world have a field day when any weak Democratic Party is in power in the USA! As a nation we have to acknowledge God as our supreme commander in chief!

We need strong conservative Christians leaders, not only in the USA, but world wide as well! We need the Republican Party in control of Washington DC, regionally our fifty states, plus our local governments!

Canadians need to rise up and throw that Socialist bum of their Prime Minister out of holding any public office even dog catcher! Canadians, throw Prime Minister Justin Threadau out on his ear! The sooner the better as far as God Almighty is concerned! We need to vote responsibly, in the USA and world wide, and act accordingly!

For example the American Library Association has elected as its newest head! A female, Lesbian and Marxist woman over it. She is having drag queens read stories to our young American children during story reading times! What an evil and ill effect her unrighteous influence will have over our young and impressionable children plus their young parents! She is trying to have her mind contamination poison the minds of our children and our young people!

How much does Russia and Red China fear Biden? While he was in Japan visiting Tokyo! Russia and Red China flew over Japanese air space with its nuclear armed mobile weapons close to where Biden was standing!

They want to weaken our Indo China free nations alliances through threats! Red China is trying to threaten and black male the island nation of Australia! And Australia intends to fight back! With every thing and all of the force that they have! Now that Russia has joined their proposed invasion fleet and force! Will the nation of North Korea be very far behind!

They are claiming we will trade with you if you stand by and let us invade Taiwan! If not they plan to unleash nuclear warfare upon them! They are putting too much faith in the United States Naval fleet and our military! Our powers are not endless! Red China's forces are more than ours plus Australia's together. They are developing low level accurate nuclear weapons in Red China, North Korea and Iran!

Should Israel and the west trust the nation of Turkey? "Can a leopard change its spots or an Ethiopian his (or her) skin?" Of course they can't and neither can Turkey! The United States has several air bases in Turkey because they are a NATO nation in name only! No doubt he has promised Putin that he will divide and weaken NATO! He is blocking the admission of both Finland and Sweden into NATO! Because they backed his enemies the Kurds several years back!

Their nations boarder Russia and they are scared stiff! They want military help if Russia decides to try and invade them! Putin wanted nations to leave NATO and wanted troops pulled out of Eastern Europe! Make no mistake, Eastern Europe and Western Europe know why Putin wants that to happen! He is not going to get his way! But Turkey has the power to keep more nations from joining NATO! All of the NATO nations must agree on new members! In times of crisis allied nations stick together for survival!

Our trade problems with the European Union have been put temporarily on hold! Right about now they can clearly see their clear and present danger in the Russian bear!

Not just South American drug cartels but Iranian Hamas terrorists are crossing our southern Mexican boarders! "Our southern boarder is a powerful power keg that soon or later will explode right in our faces sooner or later unless we are willing to do something about it, Erick Stakelbeck!

Hamas would have succeeded in their assignation attempt carried about by a Hamas terrorist to assassinate former President George W Bush. Because he had one of their members assassinated in 2003 when he was president! Thanks to our fearless and dedicated boarder patrol agents, former President George W. Bush is still alive today! Biden wants to weaken them and our southern boarder even more!

The Boarder states of: Arizona, Texas and Florida intend to ship any illegal aliens to Washington DC and them take care of that problem! He is fostering on them and the rest of our nation! Iran is targeting former cabinet members of President Trump also for assignations! Including his former Secretary of State. In fact they are also targeting him for assignation! For his wise decision in backing out of the Obama's administration's failed Iran nuclear deal!

Which Iran has no intention of honoring! And Biden is a complete fool if he tries to go any where further with it! And the European nations are also foolish! If the Iran nuclear deal goes through Iran and Russia will profit and come out smelling like roses! The USA and Europe will be the fool hardy losers!

And finally a young Latino territories infiltrated a Texas Latino Community! He was only eighteen years old last month and he was executed by United States law enforcement officers. He even posted on Facebook thirty minutes before it happened! He was going to shoot his grand mother and shoot up a Texas elementary school! First he shot his own grand mother in her face and she called the police and notified them of his intentions! Next he killed 19 elementary school children and two adult teachers before he himself was shot!

Read my lips and mark my words the United States of America needs secure Southern boarders! America and the world needs to "Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand! John the Baptist and Jesus Christ! "And remember to never hold your peace," Erick Stakelbeck! "Our southern boarder is a powered keg that sooner or later will explode right in our faces sooner or later unless we do something about it."


Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea/ October Country

May 25, 2022

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