The Heavenly Angels Adventures Introduction Becoming Humans

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Two very curious heavenly angels fall to earth and become teen aged males!

There were once upon a time two heavenly angels who were also both very curious in nature. Many times that had wondered what it would be like to become human beings? They were blessed: with beautiful shoulder length golden hair, the darkest of blue violet eyes, perfect oval faces, very lovely smiles, pure white linen floor length robes, golden sashes around their middle sections and bare feet. Their voices were very musical and their wings were silvery and emitted multi-colored diamonds, as well as other precious jewels and gem stones. Their laughter was also musical and from the beginning they were created! The two of them only flew among heaven's lofty heights and never visited the earth below! They flew among-st their fellow angels plus the heavenly saints! Singing beautiful melodies and playing their golden harps.

When suddenly they both heard a loud thunderous voice emitting from the very throne room of God! "The both of you want to know what it is like to become humans! Thus humans you shall become!"

Like Lightening both of them fell from heaven, but upon the earth below and not underneath the earth below! They were still wearing their angelic robs and silvery wings plus they were still playing their golden harps. The young and beautiful people on the hot golden sandy beaches suddenly gasped for their breaths! Could it be that they were all eye witnesses of beholding two heavenly angels free falling down into the Pacific Ocean's blue deep waters!

It was two young, handsome and muscular young teen aged males who rescued them both from the ocean! Putting them both on their surf boards. They saw their golden harps vanish into golden dusts! They saw their beautiful feathery wings fall off! They saw their golden sashes also vanish into golden dusts. But finally they saw their white pure white linen robes fall off! Instead they were wearing dark blue swimming trunks! They could feel the blazing hot summer's sun beating mercilessly upon them!

"Angels! Whatever just happened to the both of you!" Both of the surfer boys asked them completely flabbergasted!

"We both got what we asked for! We both became human beings instead of angels! We should have known better that sooner of later we would both get what we asked for!" The two former angels answered them truthfully.

"Why in blue blazes did the two of you do something bone headed like that for! How could two angels be two very stupid idiots!" Their rescuers hastily and foolishly replied! "What are the two of you gonna be do-in' now?"

" We don't know what we are gonna do now! We were sorta left stranded down here on earth! They answered them. "We rescued you both from the ocean while you both were still angels! I guess that makes us sorta responsible for the two of you! Ifen that's okay with you?" They suggested.

"Thank you and it's alright with us! We have a lot to learn about being humans! We don't have a clue on what's it really like to become just like one of you! We can't even remember what it's like in heaven where we both just came from!" The two former angels replied honestly.

"Okay! We are both gonna introduce yeah both to our friends! You both might as well come on and follow us!"

The four of them starting running on the beach and dodging obstacles in their ways. There was a group of young people smoking marijuana and drinking beer! Their two self appointed body guards believed in physical fitness and did not smoke weed nor drink booze!

When their friends casually offered the two former angels both weed and booze! Their rescuers shouted," No! You can't do that not to them! They are both allergic to them okay!"

"We saw the whole thing that just happened to a couple of former angelic beings! Did the two of yeah both lose your angel powers when you became humans?"Their so-called new friends asked them.

"As a matter of fact we lost everything we used to have when we were both angels! And we were sent to earth because of our curiosity!" They factually stated. "So don't ask us to perform any miracles in front of you okay!

" Some of the mini bikini clad young girls started fluttering with the two former angels! "Leave them alone you tramps they both used to be angels!" Their so-called newly found friends defended their former angelic honors. "That makes them both off limits to the likes of you!"

The former angels kept on staring at the girls in mini-bikinis and started turning beet red in their faces. Because they were both embarrassed! How could young girls run around almost naked! The girls looked at the former angels and covered themselves up with towels and started running away from them. They did not want to be turned into pillars of salt just like Lot's wife!

"Look we're really sorry! You just gotta believe us! We didn't come down here on earth to cause anybody any trouble!" The two former angels yelled at the covered up young girls! "It's not like we have the power to turn all of you into pillars of salt just like Lot's wife! We don't have any of our former angelic powers! We lost all of that by coming down here in the first place! But we really appreciate your covering yourselves up for us!"

Suddenly there was a loud ova-room of motor cycle engines! There were teen aged boys and girls wearing black leather motorcycle jackets calling themselves "Satan's Mystery Riders " They put jackets on both of the befuddled former angels! And put them on the back of two of their motor cycles! They both wondered what in God's good earth was going to happen to them next!

"Hey angel boys! Yeah both are comin' along with us and we don't care if yeah like or not! Can you dig it babies!"They yelled at the two white faced and scared former angels!

Mean while heavenly angels and earth bound angels desperately wanted to interfere with what was taking place! However, they were told just to keep an eye on them, but not to interfere or to intervene on their behalf's. The two former angels started shaking like leaves even though it was blazing hot outside! Large goose bumps formed on their arms! And they started breaking out in cold sweats and also they started to feel very faint! They clung to the back of their abucters! Holding on to them for their dear lives.

The bikers could hear their heavy and their labored breathing but they did not show either one of them any mercy at all! All because neither the love of God nor the fear of the Lord was inside anyone of them! Finally they reached their destination of a combination bar, pool hall and video games! When they told the two former angels to dismount both of them fell off of the bikes and onto the ground. Both of them fainted! Because they were gripped with fear! They thought that because they both became humans that God no longer cared about what happened to either one of them! As a result they both fainted because of their lack of faith in their Lord and their master!

It was a good thing that they both fainted because invisible earth bound angels were allowed to minister unto them. Letting them both know that neither God nor they abandoned them nor forsaken them. And that they still loved them very much in deed!

Girls inside of Larry's Pad and Pool Hall started hysterically screaming when they saw the two former angels laying motionless on the ground outside! Right by the motorcycles of Satan's Mystery Riders! Larry Foxy Loxy served both weed and booze to minors and never even once asked for their identification cards!

Some one called for an aid car to pick up and carry away the two former angels to the closet hospital. Thus they were temporarily delivered from the Satanic motor cycle gang! Because they did not want any trouble from the heat unless the heat asked for it! They wisely decided not to follow the aid car on it's way to racing to General Memorial Hospital.

Safely inside the aid car, the two paramedics were trying to revive both of them. When they both opened wide their eyes, they could not help but notice the unusual combination dark blue violet eyes both of the young teens had!

"Don't you both two worry about a thing! Those Satanic bikers may not have the brains that they were born with! But at least they know enough to not follow us all of the way to the hospital! Once we get to the hospital, your parents will have to sign consent forms! In order for you to both receive treatment from the hospital.

"Believe it or not we both used to be heavenly angels and thus we have no earthly parents!" They murmured very faintly.

"Of course you both have parents! You are no more than angels than we are ourselves! You both must be in some state of shock to believe such happy non-sense!" They both laughed out loud at the two former angels.

Once they reached the hospital the para medics told the emergency ward workers about their two newest patients claiming to be former angels!

"They just happen to be telling you the truth! We were there and we rescued the both of them out of the Pacific Ocean!"Their surfer self appointed body guards defended the two former angels.

And several of their so-called friends, who were on the beach at the time, backed them both up!

"How can that be possible! When all of their vital signs indicate that they are normal human teen aged boys and not former angels!" Both paramedics shot back at all of them.

"Hey docs who was there at the time you or us!" The surfers answered them back with their blazing eyes flashing!

"You gotta listen to them because they are like tellin' it like it is! We are no longer angels we are just as human as the rest of you are!" Both of them also defended themselves.

They were treated in the emergency ward but they were unable to sign the necessary forms. Therefore the surfers signed their consent to be treated forms for them. Suddenly the loud ova-rooms of souped up motor cycles engines burst into the air. The Statan's Mystery Riders grasped the two former angels and once more abducted them.

"Why do you want us? We are no longer angels but humans like every one else! The former angels cried out to them.

"Yeah two angel boys are comin' with us wither yeah like it or not!" They started laughing at them.

California motor cycle highway patrol officers drove their motorcycles in the hospital parking lot. Along with one of their patrol cars. They rescued the two former angels out of the hands of their motor cycle gang members clutches. The surfers told the police officers that the two of them used to be angels and the officers believed them. All because they were notified by some surfer eye witnesses! The police officer drove them both to a fast food restaurant that served people with roller skating female waitress right inside their cars. Both of the former angels were very hungry and thirsty! Both physical feelings were brand new to the both of them.

"So are the two of you really former angels or not?" she asked them plainly. "Yes we are officer and thank you for rescuing us from those motor cycle gang members!

"What are the both of you doing here down on earth instead of heaven where you both came from?" She smiled at them.

"Believe it or not we both wanted to know what it was like to become humans! All because of our curiosities! And our God gave us what we both wanted at the time!" They both answered her.

She drove them both to Calfornia's Highway Patrol's Central Division. Male officers showed them the men' shower rooms and how to operate the showers. In their lost and found there were some clothing, shoes and socks that had never been claimed by their owners. Both angels did not have to get dressed again in their swimming trunks. They showed them the break room where the vending machines where they drank soda pop and snack foods. Thus both of they knew how to operate vending machines at the CHIP central division. Next they were escorted to their Sargent's office.

"Is it true that they two of you are really former angels as you claim to be? Their Sargent asked them matter of factually. "Yes sir Sargent it just happens to be true!" They answered respectively.

"What are your names?" He questioned them both.

"We were the colorful diamond jeweled angels." They both responded, "But when we fell down to earth from heaven! Neither one of us were given human names!" Suddenly the two surfers asked to also be admitted to the Sargent's office also. They apologized to him and backed up the two former angels. All by once again reiterating their eye witness rescue accounts of what happened to them in the Pacific Ocean!

"So you both beach surfer boys were surfing when you saw the two of them fall down to heaven in their angelic garb! And landing of all places, in the Pacific ocean!" The Sargent yelled at them.

He looked into their eyes and saw that they were clear and not clouded. They had no needle marks on them or no evidence of smoking weed, popping pills or drinking any booze!

Suddenly the two fallen heavenly angels started softly glowing for a brief five minutes. With both of their hands closed! When they opened up their palms, each one held a large multi-colored diamond! they showed both the Sargent and the two flabbergasted surfers! They burst into multi-colors and filled the entire office.

"Sargent now do you believe us! It looks like some of our angelic powers were briefly restored! They brightly smiled at all of them. "Believe me angel boys you just made a believer outta me! Do you have any place to stay while you are here on earth or were you left stranded!" He asked them.


Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea/ October Country

May 24, 2022

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