Heavenly Angles Among Us Undercover Part Five the Christian Communities Become More Modernized.

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Their Christian Communities start to becoming more modernized but still remained private and self-governing communites.

Each church involved in the privately owned and operated small towns Christian communities. Recently were able to obtain even more property. It was the property that their Lord and their Savior, Jesus Christ meant for them to have. He really knew just how important they were to help further the good news of the gospel message.

They had outside churches and volunteers donate Bibles, Sunday School and church materials. Some of the sponsoring churches had their own outside publishing houses. If any of their community members wanted to leave them or visit the outside world! They had sponsors to help them accomplish their goals. At first all of them were free from situations and locations of safely free from any government interference. Some of their older saints, who had gone on to be with Lord! And thus were given their heavenly promotions. Left their properties and all of their financial resources to their loved ones.

All of their churches operated with letting the same rooms assigned for Sunday School classes to be utilized for weekday schools. Private homes were used for daycare, night-care, weekend and vacation care. Plus bed and breakfast houses that also served teas, lunches, brunches, snacks and dinners. They were also equipped to handle catering assignments. Their churches handled all of the christening, pre-martial, martial counseling, and religious counseling. All private mental health care was handled by well trained Christian and Christ based counseling.

There were no hotels nor motels. However there were boarding houses for males, for females and for families and friends. They had no jails and no typical police forces. They did have animal control officers and emergency care officers. Latter on they had to have jails and trained police officers. And rapid horse drawn ambulances! Not only for infants and younger children, but also for the elderly and the handicapped people. Latter on they built privately owned motels and even hotels.

All of their houses were built with large fenced in yards. Each and every house had its own water pumps, water well and inside bathrooms. Each house had its own skeptic tank for household wastes. Of course they were not connected to any cities' sewer systems. All of their houses were quipped with built in fire places in their main rooms and their bedrooms. Their houses were lite with home made candlestick chandeliers. Plus any donated high power flash lights, kerosene lamps plus solar powered batteries.

Some of their yards were equipped with weather proof handmade play ground equipment, while others were used for community gardens. There were plenty of fruit trees and berry patches. Safe and careful canning, preserving and pickling of various: fruits, berries, fish, poultry, meats and vegetables.

Others were used to harbor: urban eatable birds chickens, ducks, geese and even turkeys. Of course all birds and all of their communities poultry were confined and had their wings clipped.

There were several hunters and fisher people; who helped supply their communities with fresh fish and fresh wild game. While others were engaged in the preservation of their bountiful natural food sources.

Some of the property was used to purchase rabbits, cattle, dairy cattle, sheep and pigs! There were homemade and hand built smoke houses and barbecue pits. As well as men and women skilled in the art of butchering animals. Their children were taught the rabbits were to be considered valuable food sources and were not meant for pets.

People were taught how to milk and take good care of the dairy cattle. They were all taught about the difference between mush rooms and poisonous toad stools. The types of edible herbs, berries, plants and other sources. Home made remedies were considered invaluable. Both for food and medical purposes.

Since they had no hospitals, they had midwife clinics. They also had hospital clinics. Some of them used to be surgeons and doctors in the outside world. Also Natureopaths, dentists, and chiropractors etc.

Females were taught how to: cook, bake, churn butter, make cottage cheese and ice cream. Also weaving quilting, knitting, sewing, crocheting, tailoring, and designing clothing. Shoes were made by donated equipment and leather.

  At first they used manual treadle sewing machines and manual typewriters but only donated carbon paper. They had no copy machines and thus used cameras to make copies. They had metal filing cabinets. They had no computers nor did they have any cell phones. In fact they did not even have any regular telephone service.

Thus they all used battery operated two way walkies talkies for outside communications. All children were taught how Morse code plus flag codes. Including the art of using mirrors and smoke signals. Plus using flash lights for lighting and Morse codes.

People would donate kerosene and kerosene lamps. But they were only used sparingly. They had coal and wood-fire kitchen ranges. Manually built washing machines and dryers. They had no built in dish-washing machines! They had laundry facilities equipped with sturdy all weather protected clothes lines, old fashioned manual wringer washing machines, and old fashioned dryers that they equipped with specialized batteries. Later on they had self charging battery operated washers plus dishwashers.

At first all dishes were done manually and the entire household helped out. They made their own dishes and cups by pottery wheels and furnaces. All of their eating utensils were wood craved. All of their pots and pans were donated cast iron made. They asked for manual homemade hand crafted ice cream machines, and bread making machines.

They asked for modern charcoal and wood burning grills and pizza ovens that were non-electrical. And they asked for more barbecue pits. They asked for: popcorn, cheese popcorn caramel popcorn and hamburgers plus hot-dogs machines that became battery operated.

They asked for manual egg beaters of all shapes and all sizes. Latter on they asked for self charging battery operated ones. They were equipped with manual non electric printing presses. They had their newsprint donated to them and all of their supplies. Books and and magazines were donated as well as school supplies. The Christian communities started writing their own books and their own magazines as well.

They knew that their children would be ill equipped to live in the modern world. They also asked for old fashioned cameras and movie projectors. Plus all of the necessary equipment. They needed to design old fashioned dark rooms.

They used manual handmade four-wave radios that picked up air waves frequencies from near by and distant other four wave radios. They asked for large movie screens plus movie projectors that were sound equipped, plus battery operated. They asked for powerful battered operated radios, casset recorders and record players. Plus the eight track tapes players, casset tapes, records and batteries.

They asked for televisions that were converted to being battery operated. The televisions they asked for needed to include both blank and pre-recorded video tapes. The televisions had to also come equipped with combination built in audio CD's and DVD's. The CD's and the DVD's some had to be blank and the others pre-recorded. Except for the larger televisions sets that became battery operated.

Also they asked for battery operated record playing and also CD music players. Some of their back yards were used to house carrier pigeons and look out sentry observational tree houses. While others were for both private and public usages.

The pigeons were used to carry messages for private and for public purposes. Since they were an exclusive private Christian communities. They had no United States post offices. Carefully groomed canine units were used to carry messages. Also messages were delivered by bicycles, roller blades and roller skates, skate boards and one wheels. They were confined to their own large board walks.

Later on they used their own pony express systems to deliver the mail plus packages. Horse drawn carriages were also used to deliver the mail. While domesticated horses, donkeys and mules were allowed on the small town yellow brick streets and clean up crews were provided. People used horse driven wagons, covered wagons, bicycle and horse drawn taxi cabs.

They built their own handmade updated stage coaches driven by four horses. No motorized vehicles were allowed. They did allow converted self charging battery operated: golf carts, bikes, hover boards skateboards, and shooters. They also allowed one wheels and their children were taught how to use them.

But when fully operated electric cars were made, they converted them into using self charging batteries. They were instructed to only drive at the lowest possible speeds on their home made yellow brick roads. Motor cycles were still banned due to the loud noises their engines made.

Since they had no department of motor vehicles. At first no drivers' licenses nor insurance was required. But they did have driving schools for everyone fifteen and a half years old and older.

Latter on they were required to register their cars with the nearest outside department of motor vehicles plus carry automobile insurance. Life insurance or burial insurance policies plus wills also became mandatory.

Their homes, schools, churches credit unions and home based business used manual adding machines. Later on they used self charging battery operated calculators and also converted type writers plus word processors. They learned to use pre-internet operated computers that were self charging battery operated plus their punch cards systems.

At first their cash registers were old fashioned manual ones. Later on they used self charging battery operated cash registers. Many people were complaining that they were becoming too much like the outside world to suit them.

However, they knew that there were certain things that the outside world had to offer. They had to register their mom and pop operated business and stores for their own protections. Plus forming private co-operatives and strictly private non public corporations. It meant that they had to start paying their local, state and federal taxes. Thus fully blocking any outside or hostile interests from taking any control.

When they decided to have a phone company, they made it private. Plus they used switch boards, telephone operators. They did not have any 911 operators and all emergency calls had to be made by dialing O and placing them with the operator. They also decided to have a privately Christian communities owned electric company. All houses plus business plus schools were also required to have outside emergency generators. They were converted from gas to electrical power.

They had several small private post offices, that came equipped with stamps plus other postal supplies and post office boxes. People in the Christian communities were responsible for picking up their own mail. With note-able exceptions, they also hired their own private mail carriers.

They purchased small yellow school buses and converted them into self charging electrical batteries. Also they did the same with several para-transit buses. They built a private airstrip complete with covering for the choppers and the planes. It was used for helicopters, and small aircraft, plus engine driven self charging electrical hand gliders. No commercial or charter plan services were available. They also had other hand gliders plus hot air balloons. Only the people inside of the communities plus their invited outside guests were able to use any of their facilities.

All of them were converted from gasoline engines. They now had several batteries charging stations for: small, medium, and large batteries. They also had their very own internet providers and cell phone companies. Thus enabling their entire communities to becoming more modernized than they were before.

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea/ October Country

May 20, 2022

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