Heavenly Angels Among Us Undercover Part Four the Fake Parent Trap.

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Statan is real and a first class loser! His fake parent trap backfired right in his face! The indentical twins ended up being thirteen months old before they were hospitalized! They were in the hospital for two month so they were fifteen months old when they went back home again!

During their churches two full summer months vacations time at the co-owned and co-operated all Christian families camps. Both Bobby LeRoy Rodgers and Bryan Kent Rodgers were christianed. While they were still newborn infants after the names of their so-called maternal and paternal grandfathers.

They were placed with the older infants six months and older. Also with other toddlers two years old and younger. Those male and female young children had all been raised in conservative Christian homes since the date of their births.

Yet the undercover angels were the only ones who had no Satanic sin natures! The children, who could talk, knew about Jesus and even said His name out loud! Yet still their favorite words were, "It's mine!" And the bullies among-st them would delight in hearing the other infants and toddlers loudly howl when their precious toys were abruptly yanked away from them!

While they were still heavenly angels, they never once had to wrestle against any demonic spirits or fallen angels! Those bullies had Satan indwelling them very actively! He even gave both extra strength but also their increased hostile aggressive sinful natures!

What else could Bobby and Bryan do but to tackled those bullies! Some of them were bigger, stronger and older than both Bobby and Bryan were! But both Bobby and Bryan had hidden angelic strength inside of them! Even though they were still deemed to be much too young to discover their hidden angelic pasts.

As a result they were able to quickly subdue the bullies and retrieve the confiscated toys! That was the last time their parents allowed their infants and toddlers to play with the bullies! Until they stopped being bullies. The bullies were strictly punished and issued age appropriate penalties.

However afterwards their parents told them just much Jesus loves them! And just how much that their parents loved them too. Caring and compassionate hands were laid upon them and spiritual prayers plus petitions were said over them! The bullies started crying tears of repentance!

It would appear Satan would have to either look elsewhere or do with he did best. Wait for a more opportune date and time. Anyway the devil was in no hurry, he could even pretend that he was patient! Which was not really against at least part of his fallen nature!

Did he know the true secretiveness identities of the two thirteen month old undercover angels? Of course he did and since he knew that the angels were instructed to keep it secret! Why couldn't he find a very effective way "to blow their cover!" He smiled when the so-called identical twin brothers tackled older and stronger toddlers than they were themselves in their human bodies.

Satan started smiling he was developing a plan! The two so-called parents of the two under cover angels were a mystery! After all of this time they never came foreword and claimed them!

Why couldn't he supply one or even both parents! Should he produce them both together or at one a time? It would help if they both had rap sheets and long prison sentences as career criminals!

Those Christian communities he had been trying to penetrate for quiet some time and get his foot inside the door figuratively thinking! They were so narrow minded and would surrender the twins in a flash rather than risk scandalous sensations and publicists! Satan was a schemer and a deceiver and not to mention a first class heal and a trouble maker!

The heavenly angels discovered Satan's devious and diabolical scheme! Of course the twins must be protected at all costs! Satan must not be allowed to produce fake non-existent parents! They knew that he would be looking for certain types of low lives! But they had to get to them first!

Meanwhile Satan was busily licking his chomps! He would keep those heavenly nuisances running around in circles and getting nowhere pretty dog gone fast! The angels decided they would let the devil do his own leg work! And wait for him to start producing suitable candidates for his nefarious maleficent schemes!

Satan found for himself a modern Bonnie and Claude! They both were on the FBI's Most Wanted lists for the longest time they both held the numero ono spot! No one even came close enough to remove them from their number one spot.

Satan decided to use the power of the press corps and the people's natural and insatiable curiosities indexes! Satan decided to start out with small potatoes! He ran an advertisements in small town USA's newspapers about the twins. He mentioned that they were both abandoned in the middle of the night right outside a youth pastor's perish house.

He laughed he would use their angelic plots against all of them especially the twins! Since they had the unmitigated gull to masquerade as human beings! Talk about angelic beings not keeping their first estate!

Suddenly just like he planned the mysterious origins of the twins gripped the attention of the small towns USA! The Christian communities were over run with curiosity seekers! Because they were receiving such unwanted and unwarranted attention the thirteen month old toddlers started loudly howling! Especially when the photographers started taking their pictures with their flash bulbs flashing in their faces!

The Christian communities started fighting back! Their parents abandoned them in the middle of the night! They had their chances thirteen months ago and they blew it! They could have come forth during their adaption ceremonial process but they failed to do so! It was a lot of nonsense about their so-called parents had long extensive criminal records!

The twins were usually perfect "little angels!" They never howled like a couple of banshees under normal circumstances! The poor twins howled themselves sick and had to be hospitalized! The concerned Christians prayed for their twins rapid recovery! Because they felt as they were really part of their communities!

All of those trouble makers and cursorily were evicted and given their walking papers. After all it was all their fault that the twins were in the closet children's hospital! Because the poor innocent wee lambs howled themselves very sick indeed! If anything bad were to happen to their beloved twins! Those guilty perpetrators would face the full penalty of the law not to mention the full wrath of All Mighty God!

Satan decided he would not make the mistake of taking their human lives! He would wait for a more opportune time and place to launch further attacks against the twins and their Christian body guards! The angels shot back with the facts that they would be watching and waiting 24/7!

Once all of the hoopla's died down, the twins had a remarkable full and complete recovery! But they were still howling because they were cutting teeth! There was a soothing oral ointment placed on their sore gums where they were cutting more teeth! And they were giving natural remedies to help ease the intense pain they were both in! Coupled with their prayers and angelic interventions, their howling ceased! And they became everybody's perfect little angels once more!

All of my love in Christ Jesus!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea/ October Country

May 17, 2022

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