Heavenly Angels Among Us Undercover Part Three Their Very First Birthday Party

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


The two angels, who were created to be newborn male infants! Were now both one years old. And they were able to both talk and walk. Their human names are: Bobby LeRoy Rodgers and Bryan Kent Rodgers! They were created to be indentical twin brothers. Their very first birthdays followed by their very first family church camps happened close together.

It was their first year of their being created newborn male baby infants. Not only their very own church community but also all of the Christian small towns' surrounding communities! There was a lot of talk of creating sanctuary cities harboring ill legal aliens and pro-choice abortion activists! But what about creating sanctuary independent communities that harbored Christians! And that were safe havens from the outside non-Christian world!

Every thing in all of these connecting communities had every thing privately owned and family operated! What was good enough for the Ford Motors company was good enough for them. Because that large corporation was only family owned and operated! Part of being independent meant that they did not rely upon federal, state or local funding!

But they did accept donations from the Christian members of people living outside their townships. They operated on-line and had for example Twitter accounts that all of them subscribed too. The money raised benefited those pr- ivate communities plus Christian interests out side of their communities.

It was therefore, decided that contributors could become honory members of these self same exclusive communities. Thus making them fully entitled to all the benefits and the liabilities also entailed! Their internet accounts were private and not public.

Unless you could provide enough evidence to convict yourself of being a practicing born again Christian, you were considered undesirable! As a result they were considered and were accused of being narrow minded bigots!

But back to their first birthday party! Bobby LeRoy Rodgers and his identical twin brother, Bryan Kent Rodgers! Had all of the help they needed in blowing out their two candles! There were two large dark blue candles on their chocolate birthday cake with brown sugary coconut frosting's. Their legally adaptive parents were the youth pastor, Pastor Bryant Leon Rodgers and his young wife, Mary Leah Rodgers!

It was their senior pastors thirty years of service in their communities. Pastor Walter Larken Morris. He was their keynote speaker and their master of ceremonies! Their were contests and soft ball games! There was basketball hoop shooting, pie and cake eating contests! There were baking contests that were open to both men and to women also! Boys and girls could also partner with one person of the same or opposite gender!Three leg-ed races, balancing races, and baton passing races just for a small example of all of the many festivities!

What about the twins? After eating some of their traditional birthday's cake and ice cream! They needed changing and freshening up! Afterwards they both fell fast asleep and were carefully placed inside their church's nursery.

"While visions of sugar plums danced in their heads!" However, after the sugar plums danced, heavenly angels appeared and kept diligent guards over their fellow undercover angels. Who had freely chosen to dwell in human tabernacles in order to satisfy their famous curiosities! Chasing away any Satanic demonic spirits far far far away from the two sound asleep one year old angelic infants!

Once they were inside their very own church's perish house, Pastor Walter Larken Morris, and his charming wife of over thirty years, Betty Louise Morris. They were just as much in love with one another as they were when the first day they met over three decades ago! They were joined with their youth pastor, his wife and their two male babies. Mrs. Walter Morris held Bobby LeRoy Rodgers on her lap. And his adapted mother, Mrs. Bryant Rodgers held Bryan Kent Rodgers on her lap as well! The men of the two small closely knit families provided all of the necessary refreshments. Gladly waiting upon the two women that they loved more than life itself!

Both babies were starting to talk and their two human parents never talked baby talk to them. Both of them starting walking at one years old and really became toddlers more than infants. Those two babies were very careful observers and never missed any thing at all around them! They cooed and aahed watching the home videos of their first birthday party! They were allowed to watch as much of the festivities as possible before falling back to sleep!

Their other heavenly angels also enjoyed watching the festivities themselves one more of the many more times to come! They laughed and they also loudly cheered out loud! All because they were privileged enough to watch those two infant identical twin male angels grow up as human beings!

It was the morning after and since it was another beautiful day, both babies were allowed to go outside and play. Their adaptive mother engaged in play time with them, while their adaptive father tending to church business. Along with his senior pastor and his mentor also.

Mrs. Betty Louise Morris was in charge of providing all of the necessary refreshments. First she served the two men in one of their pastoral studies rooms! Next she served Mrs. Mary Leah Rodgers and her two babies.

Who was taking care of their congregation? That was the responsibility of the Elders of their congregation and their wives! While the deacons and their wives attended to the church business! Plus the upkeep and maintenance of their church.

They also heavily relied upon volunteers of all ages and all abilities. Their church had an organ player plus a piano player, who both were also volunteers! They had a small youth to adult bands plus they had a youth to adult choirs! The wife of the organ player was the bands' leader. Whereas, the wife of the piano player was the choirs director! It was families affairs because their entire families were involved in their church's music department.

It became time for their churches family camps! It was a come one and a come all! Entire church congregations attended! On line and zoom attendance was also possible for all people who could not attend.

Their churches remained open to serve the needs of people, who were also unable to attend, because of their advanced ages and/or their infirmities. They enjoyed Vacation Bible School inside the churches. The camp last for two months! Some people attended for the entire two months while others either attended for only one month or even less! The minimum time to attend was five days! Unless it was in the case of an emergency!

They operated on a first come and first served bases! Everyone who participated in all of their camps activities were also volunteers! The upkeep of the camps was on a donation basis! Each and every family able to financially contribute did so. Contributions could also be of a non monetary basis. Which both kinds of contributions came in handy on a regular basis.

What about the twins? There were swimming lessons available for all age groups! Both Bobby LeRoy Rodgers and Bryan Kent Rodgers proved to be excellent swimmers for their young and tender earth's ages. The senor pastor and his wife also attended the entire two months of Christian family camps. It was their major unpaid vacation time for their entire year. Neither pastor was working on a salaried basis. Just the same as everyone else, they worked and played on a purely volunteer basis.

Since both Bobby and Bryan were well behaved and well adjusted twelve month old infants, nobody minded taking care of either one of them! They had human bodies of flesh and blood but they were not created in sin. Therefore neither one of them had any sin nature!

But the demons still delighted in tormenting them and making them loudly howl as often as it was possible for them to be able to do so! However it never succeeded in lasting for any prolonged period of time! All because of their very own guardian angles watched over them 24/7! And the all seeing eyes of their master, Jesus Christ! Were always focused upon both of them as well! Did the twins know of their own real identities at one year old? Was their angelic nature still hidden from them? Wait and see for yourselves!

All of my love in Christ Jesus!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea/ October Country

May 14, 2022

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