Heavenly Angels Among Us Undercover Part Two the Legal Adaption Process

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Both of the now approximately two month old indentical twin male infants! Were offically adapted by the youth pastor, Pastor Bryant Leon Rodgers, and his young wife, Mrs Mary Leah Rodgers! And their undercover heavenly angelic indenties still remained one heavenly mystery!

When time came for Senior Pastor Walter Larken Morris to give his personal testimony before their local Christian communities' Adaption Board for infants and toddlers! He claimed that their entire Christian communities would be able to share in the upkeep of the two newborn infants, Bobby LeRoy Rodgers and his identical twin brother, Bryan Kent Rodgers. When Mrs. Sammy Stilwalters asked if either one of their birth parents were present?

"Mrs Stilwalters, You know Madam, that this is going to be very hard for you to believe," replied Pastor Larken Morris.

"Pastor Morris what is going to be very hard for me to believe? And why is neither one of the birth parents present? And don't say its a miracle from God! I neither believe in your God, much even less in His so-called miracles!" She very rudely interrupted pastor Morris.

"Mrs Stilwalters, the birth parents abandoned both identical twin newborn baby boys! On the front porch of our perish house of our youth Pastor Bryant Leon Rodgers' and Mrs Mary Leah Rodgers front porch doorsteps exactly two months ago!

They abandoned both babies in the middle of the night when it was pitch black outside! And they have made no attempts to contact either one of them ever since! If you take a close look at both these approximately two months old male infants! You can see for yourself what happy and well adjusted babies they both are!" Pastor Walter Larken Morris expounded on his original explanations.

"It states on your submitted required reports: That both babies were howling at the top of their lungs because they were abandoned! They were tired, cold and very hungry newborn identical male infants! And that your youth pastor and his wife blah! blah! blah! took both of them inside and began taking excellent care of them. There has been no report of any babies missing and unaccounted for the past six months. And that it is mote because it was two sixteen year old girls! Who ended up missing but were not abducted but were runaways from their homes. Six months ago today!"Stated Mrs Sammy Stilwalters.

"I see no reason why the adaption processes can not commence and it will be finalized in about six or seven months from now. There will be women attached to this office who will be making scheduled pre-arranged visits to Pastor Rodgers' household!

And if everything turns out to be alright and the birth parents still fail to contest this adaption! Every thing should work out just exactly like clockwork! Case dismissed you are all free to leave after all of you sign and co-sign and initial all of this mandatory paper work required by law. Congratulations Pastor and Mrs Rodgers, the babies that you rescued are all yours!" She smiled at all of them very warmly.

Afterwards, all of the involved parties were smiling and patting each other on their backs! They left the building and headed for their church basements. Where a combined picnic, pot luck and barbecue was about to finally get underway! And of course all of the 'natives' were getting reckless because all of them were hungry! And all of the food smelled delicious! This feast was opened up wide and it was yet another come one and come on church function.

Love in Christ Jesus!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea/ October Country

May 12, 2022

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