Elegy for Susan T Diener

by Ruth Z Deming


We both graduated from Shaker Heights High School

class of 64

Her father was deep voiced Stanley, mom was Blanche

Tragedy had struck before her birth

a son was killed by kidney failure.

Susan tried hard to replace the son. A relative Joan Diener

sang in Man of La Mancha. She and I batted tennis balls

at Byron Junior High, gorgeous back then with a swimming pool

The obit says she worked at odd jobs, a nanny, dog walker,

and attended various colleges but always dropped out

WHO WERE YOU, Susan Diener, the last time I saw you was at

Dad's funeral at Uncle Marv's house. Confusion stalked you

and I could not make out who you were.

Not all stories end unhappily.

This one did. Except for the ones

who loved her, and I certainly did.

Susan T Diener.

I spoke to your nephew who finally called.

You ended your days with painful

rheumatoid arthritis

Hope they gave you morphine so you could

succeed, finally finally,

in your many failures.

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