Heavenly Angels Among Us Undercover Part One

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


The two newborn angelic babies that were newly created! Were still undercover angels! Not even their adaptive parents knew who they really were!

When it came time for the christening of the two newly born and newly created undercover angels! Their senior pastor, Walter Larken Morris, asked what names the parents would give the two newly born male infants?

The Rodgers both replied, "The one on the right side dressed in dark blue shall be given the name of Bobby LeRoy Rogers. "The one one on the left side also dressed in dark blue shall be given the name of Bryan Kent Rogers."

Their senior pastor, Walter Larken Morris, anointed their heads with precious infant anointing oil and pronounced the names of the boy babies out loud! And then he gave Bobby LeRoy Rodgers to his father, Bryant Leon Rodgers. And Bryan Kent Rodgers to his mother, Mary Leah Rodgers.

During their christening ceremony, their fellow angels observed it, and loudly cheered! Both young newborn babies did not cry during their entire christening ceremonies. However afterwards, they required both bathroom diaper changes and bottles of warm milk.

During their official naming ceremonies, while their senior pastor was anointing their heads with oil and blessing them! Both the youth pastor, Bryant Leon Rodgers, and his young wife Mary Leah Rodgers dedicated both of their babies to their Lord's service!

Both babies had a long day. After they went back home to their perish house, their two newly created babies were laid down inside of their secure cribs for their well deserved afternoon naps! Their exhausted adaptive parents willing joined them and slept in their own bed for several hours!

They had been given certain heavenly angels. They were told to keep a 24/7 watch, on the male newborn infant angelic babies! What else did the two undercover angelic babies dream about but the heavenly angels assigned to them for their very specially unique earthly assignments.

It was decided, in heavenly courts angelic counsels. That their earthly assigned youth pastoral parents, as well as their church, should be kept in the dark. Concerning the hidden and concealed angelic secretive identities of their two angelic babies they were given for their human protective services. However, it was not deemed inappropriate that both the man and his wife, should be also given angelic dreams. Perhaps even angelic visions and visitations would become appropriate later on in the earthly lives of the two newly born undercover angelic male babies latter on!

What was the most important thing of all was to keep their earthly pastoral parents also safe! The demonic forces of hell were circling the wagons! Starting by given the male infant angels something they could never give the other two-thirds loyal heavenly angels!

It is is called both day and night mares! They also gave the same ones to their tired earthly guardians! Causing both of the babies to loudly howl and the man and his wife to wake up screaming! The heavenly angels chased the demonic spirits back into their own domain! And thus prevented the outside world from hearing the ear splitting screams!

The new adaptive parents rushed into the adjacent bedroom/nursery and picked up two howling angelic infants with very powerful lungs power! Singing to them very softly and very calmly! They cleaned and bathed them! And they gave them both bottles of warm milk. And gently rocked them back to sleep. They fixed themselves their afternoon meals and went back to bed themselves!

The man and his wife both had the old his and hers rocking chairs that the Morris used to have. Their congregation gave the senior pastor and his wife brand new handmade and hand crafted his and hers rocking chairs! As part of their 30th anniversary season they had spent serving their church and their small surrounding communities!

All of them knew that the junior youth pastor and his wife could not afford to have any children of their own. They also knew this was their one and only opportunity for them to raise a family! Mary Leah Rodgers was unable to conceive any natural born children of her very own! But thanks to two little bundles of joy!

The broken hearts of both man and his wife were mended! Those two newly born infants could not have been placed upon their front porch doorsteps! At any more opportunity time! The faithful believed it to be an answer to their prayers; whereas, the non-believers called it chance and or fat! Because they refused to even acknowledge the existence of God in the first place!

They decided to surprise the Rodgers! They would help bare the necessary financial burdens for them! All of them would even appear before the adaptation agency on their behalf's! Their local communities were small but families mattered. Even among the skeptics and the other nonbelievers in Jesus Christ! Even the non-believers dearly loved the young youth pastor and his wife! As for the identical twins angelic baby boys! They were both welcomed into all of the surrounding small communities with wide open and generous arms!

Love in Christ Jesus!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea/ October Country

May 10-11, 2022

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