Heavenly Angels Among Us Introduction

by Roxy Lea 1954


Two heavenly angels fall down to earth as two teenaged males.

There were two heavenly angels, wearing full length white linen robs, with only their bare feet showing. Their middle section were covered by golden sashes. Both of these curious angels had shoulder length purest golden hair along with a combination of the darkest blue and the darkest violet eyes! They had perfect oval faces along with beautiful captivating smiles.

It had been their single assignment ever since the day they were both created. To fly the width and the length of heaven with multi-colored diamonds emitting from their silvery feathery wings. Falling both upon the heavenly saints and their fellow angels! Even going so far as to have these special diamonds burst open wide upon the very throne room of God Himself!

But they were both filled with curiosity. What would it be like to fly the width and the length of earth instead! Those same multi-colored special diamonds could burst open wide and unleash blessings upon the earth also. Their silvery feathered wings turned the same multi-colors as their diamonds freely emitting from their wings! Bright sparkling colors and bright sparkling mists also emitted from their wings at the exact same time!

At this time they also had just one more request. Why could they not become visible to the creatures on earth below instead of being invisible?

Suddenly they heard a loud voice echoing inside their angelic ears! "Angels! How long have both of you been partitioning me!" Thundered the voice of All Mighty God. "To allow you to fly among-st my creatures on my earth below! Instead of the heavenly assignments that you both were given since the very moment of your creations! Therefore as you have both spoken so let it also be done to you!"

The very mil-second His words were spoken! Both angels felt themselves free falling into the first heaven's skies! And flying among-st their God's created birds in the sky! Were they ever startled and surprised! The birds landed on their heads, their backs, their arms, their bodies and their legs! Covering their entire angelic bodies!

What about their majestic sizes that they both took for gran-ate? When they were flying throughout the entire realm of heaven! Now they were the size not of fully grown adult human males! They were the size of young adolescent males!

They could hear the voice of their master speaking and thundering loudly in their ears! " Pride goth before a fall! You wanted to fly among the humans! But instead you are going live among the humans!"

Suddenly all of the birds left their bodies and the next thing that happened to them! Was their beautiful wings fell off of them. Next they felt their bodies fall into the ocean below!

There were a bunch of surfers who were eye witnesses to what had actually happened to the both of them. Strong young masculine arms rescued them out the ocean's waters. But their purest white linen robes and their golden sashes were also gone! All of their angelic powers were also gone! But their feet were still bare!

And now they were wearing blue swimming trunks! Their hair was still shoulder length and pure golden in its color. They kept their darkest blue and their darkest violet eyes. Their perfect oval faces still belonged to them but in human and not their former angelic forms. The older human quote echoed in their ears, "be careful what you ask for you just might get it!"

Once they were on the hot sandy shores, they felt the hot sun beating upon them! There were human male life guards pushing all of the ocean's waters out of their lungs! Next they started artificial respiration on their bodies! When they opened up their eyes, the young people on the beach started loudly cheering!

Their faces started blushing and turning beet red!"Why did young male and young females think it was alright to run around particularly naked!" They thought to themselves. And they looked at their own human masculine bodies and what they were wearing. Next they fainted!

When they opened their eyes, a beautiful young girl was looking at them. "Hello my name is Wendy!" And they knew she was one of the angels assigned to planet earth. "And this is my sister," Sherrie!" "Great another female earth angel was assigned to them! At least they were not left alone and stranded in their strange new world! They thought to themselves.

"What are your names? Do you have any place to stay?" Wendy and Sherrie both asked them. "Our names are Peter and Paul Newman! And we don't have any place to stay at least not any more we don't!" They smiled at the both of them.

Suddenly all of them were surrounded by curiosity seekers! The life guards and the surfers who rescued them started speaking to them at the same time! It sounded like babble to them and they failed to understand what they were saying to them! All they could do was to shake their heads no! Wendy and Sherrie defended them and told the crowd to give them both room to breath!

"We just don't get it! Weren't the two of you once heavenly angels? Why did you fall from heaven to the earth? Were you given any message to us! Do you still have your angelic powers!" They asked them.

"Yes we fell to the earth and yes we were once heavenly angels! But we have lost all of our angelic powers! So we won't be able to preform any miracles for you! But we did not join the ranks of the angels existing in the dark side!

But now we are fully human and are no longer angelic! But because we once were angels! We can never marry nor can we bear any children of our own! Because it is strictly forbidden to us to do so!"

They both informed a large disappointed crowd who shook their heads and left them alone; with the two female angelic undercover angels. Both Peter and Paul Newman knew it was against rules and regulations to blow the covers of their two female angelic body guards.

"Don't worry about a thing both Wendy and I are assigned to protect the both of you! And believe it or not our Lord and our Master! Whom we all faithfully serve has not forsaken you both either."

They opened up a large wicket picnic basket and introduced the two of them to human food and human non-alcoholic drinks! "We are not allowed to smoke weed, smoke tobacco and drink any alcoholic beverages! And neither are the two of you! Are we making ourselves understood!"They smiled warmly at their male assignments.

"Perfectly clear!" The two teens smiled back at them. "And please don't ask us what heaven is like because we can't remember! Maybe its just as well we don't as least as long as we are here on planet earth!" They smiled back at them.

"We really hate to disappoint you but your assignments are permanent and not temporary!" They put their arms around them and held them close to them. "But do not be afraid, you are not left alone and stranded in your new earth bound world."

The girls got inside their expensive red hot European convertible sports car! Both Peter and Paul Newman got inside the back seat. Wendy and Sherrie fastened their seat belts! They drove them up a long drive way up to a gated large majestic estate! The security guards smiled at the four of them and let them inside. Once inside an older man and a older woman through their arms around both Wendy and Sherrie.

"Let us get this straight! The two of you were once heavenly angels but you became fully human when you fell into the Pacific Ocean!" They stared at the two of them. "We expect the two of you to behave yourselves at all times! Do we make ourselves understood!" The two adults smiled at them.

"Don't worry that's the trouble with angels! Where ever we go trouble follows! We are not allowed to mess around with the fair sex! And that's the ending of our stories!" Peter and Paul looked at them.

"Don't worry about a thing! The two of us are also earth angels! And the two of you are our new assignments. Please sign these legal documents that will give the two of us full custodial rights over you both."

They presented the legal documents to Peter and Paul Newman and they signed plus initialized all of the type written pages.

"You will be going to the same exclusive preparatory school as both Wendy and Sherrie New Castle are currently attending. And you both will attend the same classes, with the exception of physical educational classes! Believe it or not there are boys who attend home economic classes!" All of them loudly laughed out loud!

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea/ October Country

May 09 & May 21, 2022

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