Heavenly Angels Among Us Undercover Angels! Introduction

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Religous Fantasy Fiction

There were two heavenly angels and both of them had the purest golden shoulder length hair. Their eyes were a combination of the darkest shade of blue plus the darkest shade of violet. They wore the purest white linen robs with golden sash's around their middle section of their bodies. They had silvery feathered wings to fly among heaven and emitting from their wings were sparkling multi-colored diamonds!

Whenever they were released from both of their wings, burst of multi-colored rays of light! Shone down on heaven below! Both of the angels were content with their assigned lots but they both were very curious. They both were very curious about human beings!

Of course not about the heavenly saints who dwelt among them. However, they were very interested in the human beings who dwelt on planet earth. "What would it be like to be human and live on planet earth as one of them?" They both constantly pondered to themselves. "And yet still be angles at the exact same time? Would it be possible and would it even be allowable? What if they could become undercover angels?

And what about Satan? Wouldn't they become vulnerable and play right into his crafty hands? How could it ever be accomplished?" They knew they could not enter into the womb of a young virgin! Their beloved master did that himself to rescue condemned humanity about two thousand years ago!

Why couldn't they both be created as babies that were already born? Maybe if they were left on the doorstep of a pastor's perish house? We would become very vulnerable indeed but not left alone!..." Suddenly the two curious angels heard a loud booming voice echoing in their ears! "Your curiosity is just about ready to be satisfied just exactly as you both have repeated many times before! You both shall come down to earth as young newborn infants!

You will become identical twin brothers who will become abandoned foundlings! Your non-existent parents shall remain a mystery that no human shall be able to discover. Because you will not become immaculately conceived! And yes there is a young pastor's wife unable to conceive children of her own! She will become your adapted mother and her young pastor's husband shall become your earthly father.

Your angelic identities must remain concealed at all costs from humans but not from your fellow angels. It will be two of your closet angelic friends that will leave you on their front porch doorstep! So as you both have constantly said so shall it also be done unto the pair of you!" Echoed the voice of their master, Jesus Christ!

The memory of this conversation shall be forgotten by both of you! Your angelic identities shall be concealed inside your human flesh! You will think you are exactly human! Nonetheless, you must never marry, nor father any children of your own! Because you are two undercover angelic beings!"

There was a rush of a mighty wind resounding in their ears! The two angels had been transformed into newly born human infants! All of the inhabitants of heaven from the throne of God to the heavenly angels and heavenly saints! Wondered at their wonderful transformations. What had just happened to two of their angelic friends would forever become sufficient enough to satisfy all of them!

The two infant undercover angels began loudly crying on the the doorstep of Mrs. Mary Leah Rodgers the youth pastor's wife! They were tired, cold, hungry and badly frightened! Yes for their own protection, their angelic identities remained hidden from them. Newly married Mrs. Mary Leah Rodgers was knitting young infants' blue clothing for the male babies that were in their church nursery during church services. She could crochet as well as knit equally and was very rapidly proficient.

It is was pitch black outside when she heard their badly frightened crying much louder than it was the first time! She put her pink crocheted sweater on herself on and opened wide their front porch door. Much to her surprise she saw two baskets with two howling male infants inside of them! Her husband Bryant Leon Rodgers also stopped working on his up-coming Sunday's sermon and also ran outside!

After putting on his homemade dark blue sweater, that was hand knitted, by his adoring young wife! Each one of them picked up the wicker baskets the two male infants were in. Each one of them was wrapped in a light blue warm blanket! What was so very strange that there was no note attached to either wicker basket! How very strange not even any notice about the two of their names was left! Mary Leah Rodgers and Bryant Leon Rodgers each picked up a baby! Both infants stopped crying the exact same minute as their human adapted parents picked up their baskets.

His wife named her infant Bobby LeRoy Rodgers and her husband named his infant Bryan Kent Rogers after their own grandfathers. "Honey these babies look just like identical twin brothers! How in God's heaven will we ever be able to tell the two of them apart?" Asked her flabbergasted youth pastor's husband.

"Our beloved Heavenly Father, who gave us these two adorable male infants! Will help us tell them both apart."Explained his practical young wife Mary Leah Rogers. Her husband youth pastor Bryant Leon Rodgers smiled at his charming and adorable young wife!

First they bathed their newborn identical twin infant sons, than they diapered and dressed them in blue crotchet baby clothes. Both of them gave both babies fresh bottles of milk to drink. Afterwards they held and cradled the two babies fast asleep. Singing softly lullaby and goodnight songs to them. Once they were fast asleep they laid them down each one in his own crib.

It was only then that Mary Leah Rodgers prepared her and her husband a simple and humble meal. After they had both asked to bless their evening meal, they talked about their divine blessings just bestowed upon them. What would the senor pastor Walter Larken Morris think? What would their church deacons think? What would the youth of their church think? What would their church congregation think about them using the very same male infant supplies? That they were collected for distribution among-st the poor and the needy!

Could they afford on his meager salary to adapt these recent infant additions into their household! Would they even be deemed eligible parents to be able to adapt them? Surely their beloved Lord and Savior Jesus Christ would not mysteriously give them two adorable baby boys! Only to have them both yanked away from them! While his wife cried herself to sleep, her husband also cried. His tears drenched his Sunday's sermon only causing him to re-type it all over again! Both of them after crying aloud their bed time prayers fell fast asleep! Suddenly there was a large angelic being in their bedroom smiling at the two of them! He had shoulder lengthen golden hair and the darkest blue violet eyes! That they had ever seen before!

His master, Jesus Christ had given His angel His permission to appear before the new parents! "Pastor Bryant Leon Rodgers and Mary Leah Rodgers! Do not be afraid to take this two newborn male infants into your home! Your Lord and my Lord! Your God and my God whom we both faithfully serve! They are both a very special gift given unto the both of you! Have faith and hope thou in God, He will provide all of their needs! He will continue providing all of your needs!" The angel said and than he vanished from their sights!

Sunday morning each one of them carried a newborn male infant in his or her arms! At their simple breakfast table, they discussed his revised sermon. And read their allotted Bible chapters for that Sunday. They quickly discovered that all of their worries and all of their cares were fruitless and a waste of their valuable time! The same angel that had visited them had visited their entire congregation!

"Pastor and Mrs Rodgers may we please see the newborn two male infants! That two heavenly angels laid on your front porch last night! As a direct answers to your prayers and answers to ours as well!"The congregation greeted them inside their small and simple church!

Love in Christ Jesus!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea/ October Country

May 07 & 08, 2022

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