The Heavenly Guardian Angels Among Us Part Two

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


A young woman Sunny has a bad dream about her older sister in parts two and three of this current mini-series!

Sunny Lane Sunflower was riding her bicycle to the Ice-cream Shoppe in her small community. Sunny or Sunshine as she was sometimes called was looking for a summer time's vacation job. Because she was a frequent customer of theirs, maybe they would hire her? She walked over to Lance Davis, a friend of hers from high-school.

Lance graduated from their Lake City High school just last year! "Hello Lance, she smiled broadly at him. "Does the Ice-cream Shoppe have any openings this summer?" "Hello Sunny yes it does Betty Baxter just quiet because she is going to Lake City's Community College as a full time student! She wants to be a secretary of all things! Sunny can you just image that!" Lance beamed at his old high school crush!

He told her to change her clothes in the girls restroom. Once she was in her brand new uniform, Lance showed her how to work all of their equipment and their antique cash register. Sunny quickly caught on and smiled to herself. This job not only paid more but was a lot more fun than just babysitting a bunch of ungrateful brats and their ungrateful parents!

She was saving up enough money to take the eight week available course for brand new bank tellers! Working in a bank was not her ultimate goal. It was just another stepping stone. On her scheduled route to prosperity! Back in Lake City High school during her junior year, Sunny took a combined book keeping course with business machines and calculators. Her second elective was shorthand. Why should she take anymore typing classes? When in junior high school and her sophomore year in high school. She had taken all of her necessary typing classes. Required for an non-secretarial student. Besides she took the class because it came in handy for all of her note taking! And who knows, it might even come in handy? Anyway it would look good on her resume.

Her high school's two remaining years went by just like a flash in a frying pan. Upon graduating, she paid in full, all of the required fees required for her bank teller's position. Eight weeks later she began her first real job as a bonified bank teller! Sunny always had a flare for numbers! Thus her first real job was a nice sized piece of cake.

Sunny had left both her parent's roof and her church far behind as well. Because didn't everybody know that Christians never could have any real fun! She moved into a boarding house and was perfectly satisfied with her brand new life! Sunny was a saver and a dreamer. Her shorthand class during her junior year of high school went rather well. Why not enroll in a machine shorthand course?

But first she should enroll in both a legal and a medical terminology courses. Just for starters! She signed up for just one evening course offered at Lake City Community College. During her two days off weekends. she spent her time studying for her community college legal terminology class. Instead of hanging around her new found co-workers.

During her second quarter she took another course in medical terminology. Once again it meant studying during her weekends. She took a course in Criminal law which she enjoyed very much. She took her summer vacation off and spent some time with her friends and her family. She also started attending church with her family. She became a summer time church volunteer in their church library and in their church office. All of this time she stayed in her boarding house instead of living under her parents roof.

Once fall arrived, she took a course in Business law, all while still keeping her bank tellers job. During Winter quarter she took a course in Record Keeping. And during the spring she took a course in filing. She took the summer off from school but not from her job. Unless it was her scheduled summer vacation off from her job. What did she do during her summer vacation from her bank teller's job at her big city's bank?

She became a summer's vacation Bible school's volunteer and she had an enjoyable time! Sunny had a bad dream involving her older sister Jenny Lynn! She worked as a Sheriff's deputy in her local home town community! Sunny dreamed that Jenny Lynn died during a bank hold up of their local hometown bank!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry 209

Roxy Lea/ October Country

March 05, 2022

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