The Heavenly Guardian Angels Among Us! Part One

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


It is about people having encounters with their guardian angels.

There was a young very handsome man, who was madly in love! He was madly in love with himself, instead of being madly in love with his creator Jesus Christ! What was his favorite color? Why hot and cool dark red colors. Hence he purchased, on his internationally accepted Visa credit card. The newest and the hottest dark metal red European sports car.

He was driving extremely fast over the legal speed limit. It was very easy to do because his sports car was created for speed. He was speeding on a narrow mountain's road that had no guard rails! The mountain road was over looking a steep ravine! Suddenly his car rapidly flew high in the air and when it landed on the ground! It burst into a fiery flame and its smoke ascended high up in the sky!

Although the handsome vain and self-centered young man was by no means a born again believer in Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ dispatched two guardian angels, who were strictly assigned to earth. Because it would be far better, for the both of them to appear in the likeness of men, they were disguised as two mortal men!

Rapidly, because there was no time to lose, they took the trapped young man out of the burnt wreckage and into a safe distance. Far away from the burning wreckage of his former pride and joy. In short is prized possession! Both of the guardian angels, who always worked together as a team. Carefully they put the uninjured youthful man into a deep sleep.

Similar to the one that the three good fairies put Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty under. With one major except, a kiss from a beautiful young lady. Was not necessary in order to wake him up from his angelic endued deep slumber.

Fortunately, there was a helicopter flying over head. The helicopter was dispatched by the two guardian angels to take over. Because their assignment had just been completed. And they were dispatched on yet another angelic adventure!

It was the helicopter's pilot's young woman passenger that dispatched both the fire department and a fire department's medical aid unit. It was not a medical helicopter, instead it was a private charter service one!

Once the proper helicopters and fire department arrived on the scene. The other non medical helicopter took off! And flew its young female turiost's passenger back to its own private charter helicopter air port.

Other helicopters arrived dispatching their television media teams. The Sheriff's department also dispatched one of its helicopters also. It was broadcast-ed all over the media and the social media's internet platforms!

The young man woke up and found himself completely surrounded by a large group of interested and involved strangers. He completely surprised all of interested parties and private curiosity seekers!

By standing up in front of them and boldly declaring: "Two heavenly guardian angels just saved my life! And sent all of you here as eye witnesses to a real genuine heavenly miracle!"

And than there was a moment of complete silence surrounding the entire area. After it was over, they asked him no questions! Due to the fact he claimed he was saved by an angelic miracle. They had heard of previous accounts before, and reported those incidents! Without ever coming to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as their very own Lord and the very own Savior of their sinful lives!

Did being miraculously delivered from a fiery inferno grave change Jeffrey Justin Journey? Unfortunately It did not change this international wealthy jet set vain and proud young man! He drove to a posh hotel and went up to his private suite. Once he was there he phoned a telephone number dispatching beautiful call girls.

The two of them enjoyed their fornication's relationships for a prolonged period of time! Jeffrey Justin Journey constantly and continually enjoyed! All of these female adulteries and his female fortification On a daily bases several times by day and also by night! Those were the only the only ways he would enjoy his female relationships!

Because he was a world-wide jet setting, infamous black sheep: He pressured, he slandered and he libeled, he bribed, he black mailed, he threatened and he seduced! Even much younger and beautiful causal females acquaintances! Into committing either adulty or fornication with him. If they valued his friendship? He was a well renowned man of the world! And a blatantly unreformed womanizer and a seducer of young extremely attractive females! And that was his proud international world wide reputation! And he rejoiced and he was very proud of his international black sheep reputation!

Nebuchadnezzar had two dreams and yet the Babylon autocratic ruler, most likely did not repent of his sins himself!

God sent Jeffrey Justin Journey a nightmare vision. He saw himself, in his birthday suit, perishing in the fiery inferno of hell itself! That scared the hell fire out of this sinful and lustful young stallion!

Henceforth he was stricken with severe incurable painful transmitted sexual disease! It was one that would very shortly take his life and his sinful immortal soul! And his masculinity was permanently taken away from him! Fortunately, no young woman was laying with him. After he had paid her exorbitant fees and he sent her on her way.

He wanted to spend the rest of the remaining night alone for a change! He never dreamed that he would be alone with an angry encounter with God Almighty!

Just like Judas Iscariot he wept bitterly but did not repent. Justin did not repent of his adulty and his fornication! Just like Judas he suffered remorse because his evil treacherous deeds drove him to hang himself on a tree!

He was than given one last final chance for repentance! And his last chance was tonight at twelve midnight and it was already eleven fifty-nine! He had exactly one last minute to repent.

Just like Peter, who cursed and denied Jesus Christ three times! Right afterwards the cock did crow and Peter repented of his sins and wept bitterly!

The only thing that was absent in Jeffrey Justin Journey's life was the cock! However, he now wept bitter tears of repentance! Crying out loud ad-mist all of his anguish and his pain, "OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! PLEASE BE MERCIFUL TO ME A SINNER!"

And the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to him and healed his sexually transmitted diseases! But because of his former sinful life style! His masculinity was never again restore to him!

Jesus Christ saith unto him, "Young man where are your accusers?" And the young man cried out loud," There are none OH My LORD God!"

"Neither do I condemn you go and sin no more!" Jesus Christ saith unto him. "OH MY LORD! What must I do to become saved!" He young cried out to him. "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved!" Jesus Christ cried out to him.

"Who is this Jesus Christ that I might believe in Him and be forgiven and cleansed from all of my many sins!" The young man wept bitter tears of repentance!

"Behold I am He who thou seeks after. Leave your current abominable life style and go forth and sin no-more! Because of thou's immoral frequent unclean behaviors! It is in deed that your masculinity will never again be restored to thee! It is as I have spoken let it be done unto thee!

The first time the Lord talked directly to him, he did not repent! But instead he repented the second time right just before his time ran out forever! And Jeffrey Justin Journey wept bitterly because of the final loss of his masculinity! But than again a hug weight was lifted off of his heart and his shoulders! He also laughed and he cried both at the exact same time! He was a new creation in Christ Jesus!

Behold old things have passed and behold the LORD has made all things new! Jesus sent him to the house, of his maternally redeemed grand parents! All by the blood of the Lamb's grandparents! They resided in a private Christian community.

That this was one privately instead of being publicly own community! A small bunch of born again Christians! Were extremely dissatisfied by all of the immoral and sinful world surrounding them! Therefore, they became united as one family, in the body of Christ Jesus!

The Lambert's were a God fearing man and his God fearing wife! It was because of it that their very own prodigal daughter ran far far far away from home never to return again. And they knew inside their righteous hearts! That their prodigal daughter Jennifer, died alone in her sins?

Until they received her numerous letters! Were they ever surprised to receive a telegram from their grandson, Jeffrey Justin Journey! Who just happened to be the only son of their wayward daughter!

It was afterwards that Jennifer aborted her numerous unborn children! All done because of her drunken and abusive husband. She was very afraid that he would only abuse them also! And she dd not want to give him a chance to do so!

She was present when her husband perished right before her very eyes! It was the very hand of God: whom her husband blasphemed and cursed! That made him fall down dead before her very eyes! God also told her to go and sin no more. She repented of her sins and became a nun in a covenant! God also comer-ted

And she was sterilized by GOD and not by the hands of mere mortal sinful men and sinful women! Jennifer Janice Lambert married Jeffrey's father Justin Jeffrey Journey! They had only one son, and because of that he divorced her! He was an ex-termly violent man who was dead drunk as a sunk wife abuser!

Which is why she sent Jeffrey as far away from his own father as he could get! His father died in a drunken rage and was sent straight to hell! But his mother joined a convent and became a nun! Therefore dedicating the rest of her life to her Lord and her Savior, Jesus Christ! God assured His brand her daughter! That He would endeavor to save her only son, Jeffrey as well! And that the two of them would become reunited once more!

After his grandparent nursed him back to health, they showed him letters written by his mother in her nunnery! Jeffrey's life was saved and spared by Jesus Christ! If his very own mother could repent of her sins by becoming a nun and a teacher of young children! Why couldn't he join a monastery by becoming a monk! His friends from his former life style would never think of finding him there. He became a monk in a monastery adjacent to where her nunnery was located! And they were both given permission to be reunited as mother and as son: both engaged in their master's and Lords's holy service!

All of my love in Christ Jesus!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry 209

Roxy Lea/ October Country

March 04, 2022

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