The Runners

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


When two Christian families publically declare, "We ought to please God rather than people!" Their entire lives are turned upside down! But because they stood firmly behind their belief in God, He stood firmly behind them!

What on earth could Janet Jan Jetson have in common with her BFF (Best Friend Forever?) Her BFF was Elizabeth Marion Morton. They both were runners on their public school's middle school track and field team. And both of them had their dreams focused upon becoming eligible for the summer Olympic junior games. However, their dreams turned into ashes! When they both gave God the glory for their most recent victories over their chief revival middle school! Whatever happened to freedom of speech and freedom religion in the post Christian USA's twenty-first century society? Gone with the wind!

Both Elizabeth and Janet were given a so-called opportunity to save face and recant their recent outrageous and politically incorrect remarks concerning: giving God the glory for their recent victorious! What did the two eight grade students do? Did they both recant or did they stand firm?

The two girls remembered when Peter and John were admonished by the Jewish religious leaders: to no longer talk about Jesus! Their devout historical reply rings very true today! "We ought to please God rather than men!" However, they both knew if they used the word men in their response, they would be in even worse trouble! Therefore they substituted the word men for the generic word people in its place!

As a result they both replied in unison, "We will not recant because we ought to please God rather than people!" They loudly proclaimed.

What happened to the brave devout Christian young teens next? They were disqualified from their participation in any after school sporting activities! Now would they recant? Again they replied, "NO WAY!" Than they were put on a two week suspension from their school. But because they would not change their minds and recant, they were suspended from school, for the rest of the school year!

Their parents went before the PTA and petitioned to have their daughters reinstated in school. The PTA was split 40 percent yes but 60 percent no! Their parents were told why didn't they make their daughters recant? What was the big deal about it anyway?

Their parents replied, "Let our daughters speak for themselves."

Both girls were than admitted to the meeting. And they replied, "This is no longer about the two of us, it is about our constitutional rights of freedom of speech and freedom of religion! We will not recant our statements, "We ought to please God rather than people!

There was a loud uproar at the PTA meeting and the local police were called in to squash all of racket of what was declared to be: "the acts of unlawful assembly with the clear and present intent to further disturb the public's peace and safety!"

Therefore the police broke up the unlawful assembly of the PTA's meeting! Both parents and teachers were separated into two camps and were pubically escorted from the terminated meeting! The local press was having a field day! Even concerned Christian parents and their children began pressuring both the Jetson's and the Morton's to have their daughters recant! Things had gone way too far and they did not like being branded Christian fanatics just because of them!

Elizabeth and Janet's parents were admonished by both their co-workers and their employers an ultimatum: "Either have your daughters recant or run the risk of losing your employment and being black listed!" If their young thirteen year old daughters could stand firm in the midst of unjust religious per suction! Why couldn't they follow in their courageous footsteps?

"We will tell you just exactly what our daughters told their m middle school; when they were asked to recant! We ought to please God rather than people! And you can't fire us because we quit! Thus having made their final decisions, they stormed off their former places of employments!

They contacted a Christian radio station and told them their stories. While they were being interviewed they revealed how even their local pastor told them they should leave their flock. In order to preserve the rest of the congregation. When they told how their daughters were suspended permanently from attending any public school in their school district!

The radio host was outraged! They lost their jobs and were black listed by their former employers! They were being harassed and threatened with law suits....They informed their radio host they could not even sell their homes but were forced to abandon them! Leaving everything behind, they were forced to live in their cars, but they were now out of both gas and food!

Mrs Paula Meyers made arrangements for their families to appear on TBN'S 700 Club. However, she asked her audience to render any assistance they could to the Jetsons and the Mortons. People were much too afraid to help them in case the same thing should happen to them. Mrs. Paula Meyers notified TBN just how desperate the two families real life scenarios really were! As a result TBN paid for the two families round trip air fares to Virginia Beach. Upon arrival they cashed in their return trip tickets because they would not be needed!

Upon their arrival the families told TBN that they wanted to leave the Blue State of California for good! TBN arranged for their parents to find living family wage jobs and arranged for their children to be enrolled in public schools! Their two middle school daughters quickly became track and field stars with their goals once more focused upon admittance to the junior Olympic games! But the very best thing of all was TBN arranged for them way to attend a local church congregation in their own denomination! Because the Jetsons and the Mortons stood firm for their belief in God, He stood firmly behind them! They did not regret leaving California far far far behind them!

Love in Christ Jesus!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry 209

Roxy Lea/ October Country

February 17, 2022

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