Electronic Rabbit Hole

by Elroy Jackson

I wake up to my alarm clock buzzing uncontrollably and sit up to turn the television on to watch my favorite morning news show and notice that the television is black... no picture at all... I get up and go over and try to cut it on manually but nothing... I checked the electrical plug in the wall and it was plugged in so I walked over and clicked on the radio but again no sound... What the hell is going on! I shouted as I began to put my clothes on, I walked into my bathroom to brush my teeth and shave but both my electric toothbrush and shaver did not work, That's when I started to get freaked out.

I go back to my bedroom and grab my cell phone and soon found out it was not working either, now I am really getting upset and a bit scared at the same time. My electricity works in my apartment but my devices don't, I go to the kitchen, and my coffee maker is nonfunctional, my Microwave is out, also my outside cameras are off.

Sunrise has not yet come, so it's still dark outside and as I look out my window I notice all the street lights are on, so I surmised that it was not a blackout in the city, so I said to myself "what the hell is going on!" Then my doorbell rang... I stopped in my tracks and then walked slowly to the front door peephole and looked to see who would be out there at this time of morning and there was no one, but the doorbell continued to ring. I shouted "Who is it! who is out there! but there was nothing.

I did not dare open my door so I went back to my bedroom and grabbed my cell phone again to see if it may have turned on since it was battery operated but it was totally black. I sit down on my bed clueless as to what to do about my situation and then it happened,,,

Everything came on at the same time and scared me to death! I jumped up off the bed and sort of ran in space for a second before I calmed down then reached for my cell phone which was ringing, I clicked to answer the call and there was nothing but white noise and the same was on the Television so I cut my cell off and tried to change the channels on the television but there was nothing to be seen.

I walked over and shut off the radio, my toothbrush, and my shaver which was all working all of a sudden, even the Microwave and coffee maker was on in the kitchen so I proceeded to cut them off with a strange feeling going through my head. What caused this? was it just me? or did this happen to everyone in the complex...

Daylight all of a sudden came and I walked out onto my terrace to look around and the daylight that I thought was the sun wasn't...

I looked up and the sky was covered with a black mass that seemed to cover the whole earth for as far as I could see.

I feel as I turned to get back into my apartment quickly and then shut my sliding door and ran over to my bed, jumped in, and covered my head in total fear... Then I must have passed out...

When I regained consciousness my Alarm clock was buzzing uncontrollably, I sat up and turned the television on, and Good Morning was on the tube, I slowly got out of bed moist with sweat and a very weird feeling that something happened but there was no evidence of it at all. So I proceeded to get dressed, brush, shave and go to work and tell no one of this device Malfunction that occurred in my life.

The End.

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