Sept 11 2021

by Adventure Wynn

America, you're gaslighting yourself again

News is reminding those of us who weren't alive September 11th that the country was UNITED like never before. Does anyone else feel that dissonance?. How can I be the only one that sees it differently? I was never more disappointed in the US than after 9/11. The country followed Osama's lead flawlessly. At the time I remember wondering if W was working with Osama to dragoon the US nto a forever war. It was obvious! Nobody wanted to listen then either.

No reaction would have devastated America's enemies and actually won allies. We did the opposite.

Nothing led the US into the disasterous wars more than that hysterical "unity" everyone is commemorating. The country would have supported a nuclear strike. That hysteria is why most swallowed the lie that Saddam had something to do with 9/11. I bet some assholes still repeat that today. We were "United" like a herd of sheep that just witnessed our buddy disemboweled. Let's never be THAT United again.

That reaction of hysteria was what Osama was hoping for. Allowing our industrial Military to influence foriegn policy. We have been sitting on the edge of a cliff ever since Eisenhower warned us. Osama was listening even if you weren't. He just gave us a little push and a bunch of hysterical lemmings chased W over the cliff. That's the way I saw it.

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