Gods Away

by Adventure Wynn

China has had the US in check for decades and never asked for God's help. I can respect that and I'm sure that lightens his workload.

I once had a pet anthill as a child. I used to drop tidbits of popsicles, "cold drinksicles" for you southerners...onto the hill and watch their elation.

After half the summer was gone I took to occasionally feeding them small grasshoppers. Their elation was much elevated.

By the start of Fall the hill had gotten huge and ants were everywhere surrounding the hill in long lines marching to and from. Cutting small grooves in the topsoil as the marched endlessly.

I was visiting them one day alone. My Shep had long since stopped coming on visits. I was furiously observing them at the mouth of the mound when I felt a painful sting on my side meat. And immediately was aware the ants had started a single file up my Husky's!

Long story short is lesson learned. Dad burnt that hill to a cinder.

I wonder if this is an equivalent story to what God must be hearing murmered at him endlessly?

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