Gigglydo and His Sister Gigglydoto: Special Animals of the Forest

by Peachy Summers


Two brave hedghogs in a race against time to save their forest!

Gigglydo and his sister Gigglydoto, were very special animals that lived in a very beautiful forest. The Hedgehogs were the official cleaners of the whole wooded area. They made sure it was always kept tidy and clean. Their daily routine would be to check that the Forrest was made clear from all rubbish left behind by people who came to visit every day from the towns and cities.

Whenever rubbish became a problem, Gigglydo and Gigglydoto would curl themselves up into a ball and roll around picking up the waste with their prickly spikes! Once their spikes were full, they would unroll and walk the rubbish to the bin area so in the morning, the collector of rubbish could open the bin, take out its insides and throw it into a large moving metal beast that had crushing teeth! Giggylydo and Gigglydoto didn't like to watch this but they knew it was for the best. This was the only way the Forrest would stay clean and free from rubbish.

"Well, said Gigglydo, that was a productive cleaning day. Wouldn't you agree?"

"Absolutely Giggylydo, the whole Forrest is clean" Suddenly Gigglydoto looked towards the end of the Forrest and noticed something.

"What's that glowing orange colour on the horizon?" Gigglydo looked round. His eyes suddenly became very big.

"Gigglydoto, I don't want to panic, but I think it could be a forest fire! Let's go look"

They curled themselves up into a ball and started to roll. They got faster and faster as they rolled down hill. Suddenly they stopped. They could both feel the incredible heat. Their Forrest was on fire!

Suddenly, all the animals started running towards them. "Coming through, look out the Forrest is getting hot! Its hotter than the sun!" Gigglydo and Gigglydoto, knew this was an emergency. They had to raise the alarm! But how?

"Gigglydoto, we need to make sure we raise the alarm to let someone know there's a fire"

"How are we going to do that?" Said Gigglydoto.

"I don't know. But we will have to do something quick!" said Gigglydo.

By now, the end of the Forrest was a blaze with bright orange flames. Thankfully, all the animals had left this part of the forest. Gigglydo had an idea!

"Gigglydoto, we need to attract the attention of the Park Ranger at his cabin at the other end of the Forest. Come on, let's roll!"

With that, they both curled up into balls again and rolled down the other hill down towards the cabin. They got faster and faster when suddenly they hit a grassy mound and lifted off high into the air like two spaceship's heading towards the moon!! Thud, thud! They both hit the cabin door and fell to the floor below. The Park Ranger opened the door. He looked left and then right and then looked down where he noticed Giggylydo and Gigglydoto flat on their backs!

"Hello little Hedgehog's. What seems to be the problem?"

He gently turned them both around, so they were once again firmly on their feet. As he stood back up, he sniffed the air.

"Is that smoke I can smell?"

Straight away the Park Ranger sensed danger. He ran back into his cabin and grabbed the emergency phone.

"This is the Park Ranger; we have a code 1. I repeat, a code 1. A threat of fire at the far end of the Forrest. Send the fire emergencies now!"

Within a few moments, Giggylydo and Gigglydoto could hear the loud sirens of rushing fire engines and flashing red lights. They both let out a big sigh of relief, they had done it!

After a few hours of hard work from the fireman and lots of water, the fire had been put out. The forest had been saved!

A few days had passed and the animals slowly started coming back. Some could return to their homes that hadn't been damaged by the fire, but others would have to make new homes elsewhere within the forest. And for Giggylydo and Gigglydoto, well, they returned to clean and tidy once more. But, with the extra responsibility of checking that there were no orange glowing lights coming from anywhere within the forest!

The end.

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