The Adventures of Sage Tumbleweed and the Secret Alien Agenda – Episode 2

by Randy Gonzalez


In Adventure 1, we find our intrepid agent, Sage Tumbleweed, on the trail of the alien infiltrators plotting to exploit Earth's resources. Galactic immigration was getting out of control.

Regardless of campaign slogans and the usual rhetorical nonsense of devolving politicians, many earthlings were not happy with the current state of affairs. Simply, the alien confederation lied. An early moto, "To Serve Humankind", turned out to be a red flag for early exploitation.

In Adventure 1, we find our intrepid agent, Sage Tumbleweed, on the trail of the alien infiltrators plotting to exploit Earth's resources. Galactic immigration was getting out of control.

Regardless of campaign slogans and the usual rhetorical nonsense of devolving politicians, many earthlings were not happy with the current state of affairs. Simply, the alien confederation lied. An early moto, "To Serve Humankind", turned out to be a red flag for early exploitation.

Like locusts, they swarmed in and contrived a number of conspiracies. Consumption was huge. With a gluttonous global culture, humans naively became acquiesced. Naturally, politicians were easy, since most elected officials were con artists by trade and practice. Yet, the real horrors had only just begun. The early warnings signs were there. Some fought back by various ways and means. Regardless, "To Serve Humankind" was nothing more than a ruse.

In general, the plan was a cookbook of sorts. You could serve up people in various ways. From culinary delicacies, to slavery, as a cheap workforce, humankind represented a harvestable commodity. Not only that, but the planet contained other vital resources. For some factions of the galactic federation, earth possessed all manner of exploitable wealth. Among the various alien sects, some were cannibals, while a few were necrophiles.

Realizing that the vast majority of humans were extremely materialistic, foolishly superstitious, and overly zealous in supernatural beliefs, such things afforded opportunities for exploitation. As such, infiltrations were straining the Republic's capacity to curtail illicit trade activities. Various lifeforms vied for the planet's vital assets, including human beings. If nothing else, some humans formed secret non-binding intergalactic agreements using commerce as a cover.

Of the most sinister, the rogue galactic scientists saw possibilities for straining the researches of experimentation. Mainly, resistance forces viewed these aliens as pseudoscientists. Immediately, these lifeforms found acceptance among earth's community of psychologists and sociologists. Among the hard-core real scientists, like astronomers, biologists, chemists and physicists, those who rebelled simply disappeared. Fame and fortune favors collaborators. Earthlings, viewed as generally unsophisticated entities, with some exceptions, were consumable. After all, some space factions considered the human species as nearly extinct. In response, a serum concocted by the alien scientists became the alien stupidity virus.

Credit for the conspiracy of the hidden alien agenda goes to the Caduceus faction. Far away in the Milky Way galaxy, the planet Caduceus appeared more advanced than others did. With a few close encounters on planet earth, witless humans worshipped the first contacts as a vanguard of coming salvation. Stupidly, the gullibility of some members of the human race refused to think there could be dangers. As usual, the arrogance of ignorance on the part of the few overwhelmed the greater good in the skepticism of others. The aliens had the advantage.

As space immigrants, human groups hailed the alleged humanitarian efforts as a new kind of cosmic goodwill. At the same time, foolish politicians embraced a no borders special policy. Meanwhile, the aliens remained fascinated in how easy it was to trick the human species. They used several means to breach the cosmos at sub-light speeds. Among the diversity of lifeforms, they were, as Agent Sage would note, the snake charmers, the schemers and the tricksters. However, the hidden dimension meant the future enslavement of humanity.

Very astutely, as our adventurous Agent Sage Tumbleweed uncovered, Caduceans were also ruthless technocrat. With their gadgetry, the found easy prey among earthling youths. Based on her research, Agent Sage found an early reference to this species in an ancient manuscript. In a now forgotten stone-carved text, the ancient Atlanteans warned about the coming invasion thousands of years earlier. Aside from the inferences taken from the creation story, Agent Sage postulated the metaphorical implications of a snake in the legendary Garden of Eden.

These two mystical sources bore the early warning signs. Of this correlation, she deduced the duality of light and darkness to indicate a greater deception at work. To scheme, to plot and to steal, they were an elite force of galactic diplomats. Yet, that was kind. For behind the scenes, they were exceptionally treacherous and considered human a subspecies. Regardless, Agent Tumbleweed worked tirelessly to expose the secret alien agenda for earth. The Caduceans saw a wealth of resources, including humans, ripe for exploitation by any means.

"Geezus," Domina Dr. Schlagenwhip retorted somewhat exhausted. "Oh, that was good."

The mad scientist rubbed her faux cock strap on up and down. Hunching over in a climatic stupor, she panted. As if jacking off a real penis, she toyed with the big black cock, while hovering between Sage's wide spread legs. Her orgasms while fucking the bound Agent Sage sent her into a mindless haze. While trapped in the lair of the Domina Doctor, Agent Tumbleweed found herself securely tied in one of the underground labs of the exotic Botox Organic Gardens botanical emporium. Dr. Schlagenwhip managed the facility on behalf of various benefactors.

To cowardly greedy politicians, the payoffs were extraordinary to look the other way as the conspiracy continued. With that, the investigative expertise of Agent Sage Tumbleweed, she quickly surmised that "to serve mankind" was in reality a cookbook for eventually exterminating humanity. Complicity with intentional gullibility was rampant. Viral stupidity spread widely and rapidly as the global population sank to desperate levels of idiocy. One wiry and spry agent was responsible for exposing the vast nature of the war on humankind by an invasive species.

"You're gonna get yours, Domina," Agent Sage warned. Bound with straps of rubber and leather, she strained her angular fit body. "You couldn't have just asked for a fuck. You didn't have to go to all this trouble to get a piece ass," she taunted relentlessly.

"Sarcastic little bitch," the lean tall muscular Dr. Schlagenwhip retorted to her audience in the room. "She is a good fuck, but it is so much better when taken by force." To those in the lab exam room, she continued with a haughty slant, "Feisty little thing, isn't she?" The domina sneered and commented nastily to the others. "Time for a new fuck. A little gangbang activity. Let's see, perhaps our Agent Sage is ready for that massive horse-like cock of yours."

"Of course, she is," the alien visitor answered with deep guttural tonality. His huge size towered in the shadows nearby. Robed but ready, he added, "You fuck her very nicely, Doctor."

"Thank you." Dr. Domina, sweated drench, rubbed her rubbery penis.

Dr. Domina Schlagenwhip, aka the Baroness, an ardent supporter of the alien alliance, admired her benefactor. Where she was rigid as an iron rail, tall, angular and thin, and possessed a ruggedly dangerous attractiveness, he was huge and ominous. Although dark like a rich velvety chocolate, there were streaks of green veiny lines that etched mysteriously over his skin.

He looked leathery yet fit as a linebacker. His emerald green eyes seemed chameleon-like and his body was massively proportion. As though a bodybuilder darkly tanned for competitive exhibition who overused steroids, Necromon possessed extraordinary musculature. His skin was smooth and leathery like that of a saddle for a horse. At that moment, the Domina's lab assistant seemed drool at the alien's presence. Her expression was that of swooning desire.

"Wow," Dr. Schlagenwhip said with nearly a gasp, as Necromon dropped his robe. She drew in a breath and hungrily added, "Damn, that's one big cock, like a horse's dick."

"Oh no, no way," Sage, still bound and strapped to Dr. Schlagenwhip's red examination bed, muttered groggily but possessed a hint of sarcasm. The drugs still had a grip on her, while she struggled to summon inner resistance. "Where do you plan to put that little thing?"

"Cute, very funny," Dr. Schlagenwhip soured but her eyes sparkled as she admired the alien's massive cock. "Geezus, it looks very similar to a horse dick. Damn, Agent Sage, you're really gonna get fucked now. Keep those legs spread wide and steady, I wanna see this."

Dr. Domina waved her hands in the air. She motioned to her assistant and pointed frantically at the recorder system. Quickly, the rallied around Agent Sage as if to celebrate a cultic initiation rite. Seemingly, a ritual of sorts, Schlagenwhip signaled the android, 4Q, to standby. The doctor's excitement mounted with each moment as the spectacle unfolded.

"Oh, yawn, seriously, I've had bigger," Agent Sage jokingly taunted back at them and mentally attempted to strain against the drug induced paralysis. She did her best to remain in control of herself. She smiled though at the size. "Damn is right. Whew, that huge."

"What did she say?" The huge alien asked the Doc and halted his mounting intentions. "She questioned size?" He hesitated as if insulted, but that was hard to tell. He glanced at the Doc blankly. He gripped the massive phallus. "Bigger than this?"

"Uh, Necromon," the doc started. "She's jesting to stall for time." The Domina turned to her assistant and whispered, "They don't have a sense of humor, do they?" She continued to stare at the big cock. "Yep, they're kinda like the younger generation here on earth. You know, when it comes to innuendo, they're a little stupid, but geezus that is some big dick."

"Like a stallion," the lab assistant muttered with a sly smirk and winked at Sage.

With an icy stare and a hint of excided voyeurism, the Domina stepped closer to the examination bed. Her demeanor, cold as the artic, Dr. Schlagenwhip's sweat drenched tanned complexion reflected her dripping inner darkness. Sage wanted to know what went on inside the Domina's criminal aspirations. Likewise, Agent Sage used part of her senses to guess at the mysterious thoughts that hid behind the blue eyes under close-cropped blond hair.

Outfitted in her black leather attachments, Dr. Schlagenwhip's nipples hardened at the sight of Necromon preparing to mount the agent. She rocked precariously on her spiked heeled boots. The Domina, the Baroness, the scientist all in one, projected a medieval characterization of legendary vampiric landscapes drenched in blood. In a split second, she motioned to her lab assistant. Her hand wavy indicated she wanted the lab tech on the other side of Agent Sage.

"Release that ankle, I'll release this one," Domina said as she gripped Agent Sage's right leg. "Let's get her spread wide. I want that big cunt of hers fully exposed."

"Wow, she has a really nice cunt, it's big and puffy," the assistant added.

"Hmm," Necromon hinted as he waited hovering massively over Agent Sage. "Good idea, this is what you earthlings call the missionary position. I like it. Helps with the breeding."

"Oh my god," Sage muttered with anticipation. "Oh, what a fine-looking cock," she mumbled under her breath. "Stop please, don't, help, it's huge..." she feigned in fake protest. "Help, oh the horrors of a big dick. Yeah, yeah, size matters, but this, wow, I'm impressed."

"Sarcasm duly noted," the Domina said sourly. "Are you gonna fuck her or what?"

"I'm concentrating," the alien protested and huffed.

While the Doctor and the assistant held Sage's legs as wide as possible, Necromon eased downward until the bulbous mushroom shaped cock head touched Sage's vaginal lips. Sage flinched slightly and gazed at the colossal phallus. The head was similar to a male earthling penis without foreskin. Yet, the rest of the shaft seemed like that of a horse cock. Girthy, muscular and veiny, the enormous prick pressed into her thick meaty folds. Dripping wet, heated by anticipation of a large-scale fucking, Sage watched patiently. Her big oval shaped pubis stretched while Necromon pushed his well-lubed cock deeper inside her.

"Oh my god," Sage muttered with a long hiss of hot breath. "Easy big guy...what the fuck, that is an amazing dick," she whispered hoarsely. "Geezus, its splitting me, goddamnit..."

She threw her head back and puffed quick breaths, as Necromon took his time mounting her. His big hands gently held her shoulders while he drove his thoroughbred cock inch by inch into Sage's willing vaginal recesses. She arched her hips and thrust her ass upward. At the same instant, she strained with a grimace to gauge a look at his immense balls. At the base of the massive dick, the alien's testicles were round and firm like oversized greenish-yellow grapefruit.

"Very nice, human females feel tight and strong on the inside," Necromon muttered.

With that, he began to push in and then withdraw slowly, then press back into her. In seconds, he was gradually thrusting back and forth, fucking her with slow easy motions. For each thrust, Sage met him by pushing back along the titanic girth of his cock.

"Damn, oh fuck," She whispered breathily. "You bottomed out big guy."

"Well done, you've taken a lot of my cock," Necromon said calmly, while he paced himself.

"Oh yeah, this is an amazing fuck," Sage hissed out a strained exhale.

"There you go, take his cock, well done, you're getting a premium galactic fucking," the Doctor observed. "Don't think I'd mind feeling that big dick between my legs."

"What the hell," Sage muttered wildly. "I'm gonna cum, damn, I'm having an orgasm!"

Sage slanted her head downward, squinted with strained huffs and watched as the huge cock appendage touched her outer lips. As the bulbous head taunted her flesh with jolts of salacious energy, the penis entered her. Thick, puffy and big, her vagina stretched around the head of the giant dick. Jittery with sexual elation, the domina, filled with a rush of exhilaration, eagerly wanted to help. Dr. Schlagenwhip fetched a tube of clear silicone lube from her assistant, who nearly fainted from her carnal fantasies. The doctor lathered a black gloved hand, rubbed both palms together and spread the lubricant up and down the long shaft.

Necromon sucked in a gasp of pleasure as the Domina jacked his cock up and down. At that same moment, Sage felt the pleasure wash over her as she relaxed her hips and muscles to accept the impaling gratification. A mixture of anxiety toyed amusingly with bursts of ecstasy. Sage sensed the wave of electric tremors heating her body from within. Her consciousness flooded with floating contentment. For Sage, this was what it was all about. This was the adventure she desired, the excitement, the pains and pleasures of living to the fullest, regardless of the circumstances. She joined up with the force in order to explore every aspect of danger.

To fight the good fight, she often reasoned, included the bliss of a good fuck. Her quest was a transformation even though captured and held captive was part of the experience. A journey with one life to live was simply not worth it, without the trials and tribulations of knowing the darkness. While Necromon strained over her, she provoked them with a faint smile and licked her lips. Within the power of her mind, her potency grew exponentially. No pain, no gain, she knew the risks and embraced them. In the depths of her psyche, Sage plotted, schemed and planned her countermoves. She knew her courage would prevail against any evil.

"She's ample," Necromon muttered like horse stallion huffing over a mare. "This one is amazing; she can take it." He pressed deeper and filled up Sage with his cock. "Nice."

"Geezus, she's enjoying it! What the fuck?" Dr. Schlagenwhip marveled and pumped the alien's big cock. She held his huge ball with one hand and pushed the cock deeper. She craned her head toward her assistant. "Release her completely, pull back all restraints."

"Alright, now we're talking," Sage hissed and panted. "Oh yeah, gimme that big dick!" She put her arms around his thickly muscled neck and wrapped her long skinny legs around his waist. At the base of his spine, she crossed her ankles and locked her legs in place. "Oh fuck!"

"She's like a wild cat," Necromon snorted and held her up.

"That's it, you green alien bastard, fuck me with that big dick," Sage yelled crazily.

"Hammer that bitch," the domina clamored. "Fuck her! Wow, that's awesome." She turned to her protégé and added with panting huffs, "You recording this right?"

"Oh yeah, oh yeah," the apprentice babbled and rubbed herself between her thighs. She seemed ready to faint from the visual ecstasy she viewed. "Yes, ma'am, the fucking...."

With her arms and legs free, Sage thrusted back at the huge thoroughbred. Humping with all her effort, she met him hard and furious, plunge after plunge. Over her, Necromon puffed like a racehorse heading for the finish line. Pumping deeper and deeper, he bottomed out in the throbbing depths of Sage's vagina. His huge cock was barely inside her ample fleshy tightness. With a clamping vice-like grip, her pubic muscle held on and squeezed snugly. While she tossed her head back, reeling from her thunderous orgasmic shock waves, she sensed his impending climax.

"That's it, steady, hold that rhythm, right there, you got it, fuck me nicely," Sage whispered. "Gimme that big dick, uh huh, oh yeah, you go for it," she taunted and grinned at him.

"You're enjoying this?" He mumbled, barely able to speak. "You're amazing."

"You betcha, you ain't had ass like this anywhere in the galaxy," Sage teased.

Meanwhile, inside her thoughts, Sage worked her mindset on different levels. Fucking was fucking, regardless of the circumstances. To her, this was another unique experience. An alien fucking? Go figure, she reasoned. She experienced a range of sexuality in her background of worldly interactions with others. Men, women, groups, and now this. Sage was a warrior.

"Hang in there you bitch, I wanna do you again," the domina said excitedly.

"Wait your turn, Dr. Bitch," Sage hissed at her. "He's close, any second, he'll blow." She felt the familiar bloating of the massive cock; the alien's quickened pants, and the groaning of his aching muscular strains. "Typical male species," she said with a smirk.

"Here it comes," Necromon muttered hoarsely. "The seeding is bursting." He arched his huge back, flexed the muscles along his torso and held onto the sides of the bed. "Ugh..."

"Go for it, blast that load, I gotta see this!" Sage demanded. She cast her eyes down at her engorged public mound, as the massive cock pumped into her. "Oh, fuck it's hot cum!"

"Geezus look at that," Dr. Schlagenwhip marveled and took a closer look. "Wow," she muttered with a similar gasp from her assistant. "It's gushing huge loads over her cunt lips!

"Damn," the assistant hissed and rubbed herself to an orgasm. "I came too..."

"Quick, I want samples of that cum, get me a collection tube," domina yelled.

"I haven't had cum like that in long time," Sage commented with sly grin.

"What the fuck?" Dr. Schlagenwhip proclaimed. "How she does that, take all that cock?" She glared at her assistant while the replicant stood mute. "You're having an orgasm!" She bellowed at her lab aide. "Now, really, you're getting off? Grab that wench!"

"Oh, one more thing," Sage taunted the Alien. "Thanks for the fuck."

With that, sage twisted her hips, rotated skillfully and pulled her pelvis out of her cock impalement. Sage's pelvis sank low, while her puffy engorged vagina released its grip on the massive phallus. As her clit rubbed hard against the outer skin of the cock, her butt cheeks tightened to force disengagement. A wet sucking sound echoed from her crotch as the big dick dislodged and hit the surface of the examination table.

With a drippy slurp and wet thud, the big dick slapped the bedding and continued to unload in multiple jerks of hot alien cum. At the same time, Sage's movements executed an angular escape and provided her with a slight edge of departure. As she maneuvered, the big dick arched upward as Necromon gripped his cock. Like a firehose out of control, the flood of cum splattered in the air. Delirious, he grunted with his eyes clamped shut and spewed an enormous gush of light greenish cum toward the Doctor. His observers watched in awe.

With a quick sleight of hand, Sage grabbed the penis and pointed it directly at Dr. Schlagenwhip. Blast after blast, thick gooey clumps of cummy greenish fluid blasted the doctor in the face. In seconds, cum shots bathed the Doc's face. Following that, the assistant clung to the doctor and enjoyed multiple orgasms. In those same moments, Sage prepared her retaliation. Quickly, she assessed the situation, evaluated her options and prepared to strike back.

"Get her!" Schlagenwhip blurted out and groped the air with her hands.

"Ugh..." Necromon groaned as he flattened face down on the table. "Sleep now..."

"Warning, intruder alert," the alarm system notified the doctor. "Securing intrusion."

"Goddamnit!" The Doc roared. "What next? 4Q69 what the hell are you doing?"

"Awaiting your directive," the robotic humanoid answered. "On standby."

"Standby my ass!" The Doc thundered in response. Crazily, she waved her hands in the air. "Fuck! I cannot see, this cum is all over my face! 4Q69 seize the bitch and fuck her!"

Frantically, the domina stumbled and toppled over into her assistant. At that same instant, the naked gyrating aide, recovering from explosive orgasms, fell into the domina. Pandemonium took center stage as chaos broke out wildly in the lab. As the alien slumbered, 4Q69 focused on his recent directive. He ambled to the examination bed and sought to capture Agent Sage.

"Seriously, you wanna fuck right now, damn, you horny robot, what the hell," Agent Sage muttered sarcastically. "Alright, get on the bed, I'll mount you."

"Affirmative, ma'am," 4-Q responded. Dutifully and naked, he went prone, face up, on the bed. His massive artificial cock pointed straight up to the ceiling. "Like this?"

"Oh, that'll do fine," Sage commented and casually eyed the huge dick. "Well now, that is fine. Not as big as the alien, but impressive. Someone in the design department did a nice job."

Without losing her stride and momentum, Agent Sage punched the lab assistant and knocked her nearly across the room. Smashing over lab equipment, the aide slumped unconscious. To one side, Dr. Schlagenwhip madly tried to wipe the thick cummy green fluid from eyes. In a flash, as the Doc tried to claw at Sage, the Doc caught swift blow to the face, a chop to the side of the neck and slumped to the floor. Meanwhile, the alien slumbered with a loud snore.

"Is this good, Agent Sage?" 4-Q asked holding his big dick with one hand.

"Hmm, you know if there was more time..." She pondered. "Yes, yes, very nice, keep pumping that cock, yeah, go for it, I'll be right there in a moment and we can fuck."

Abruptly, Agent Sage heard a noise outside the lab. She glanced at the slumbering alien. On the other side of the sturdy steel door, she heard a hissing sound. In a hurry, she secured the robot with the bondage restraints formerly used on her. Since metal handcuffs were available, she used those as well. Satisfied, she prepared to deal with the alien should he awaken.

Tied firmly in place, she gave the robot quick once over glance. Then, boom, boom, and boom, low yield detonation, and the heavy door burst open. With a smile, Agent Sage saw a familiar face and luscious body bound through the smoky opening. Reinforcement arrived.

"Ah, my favorite agent," Mistress Cerulean noted. Clad in black ninja style attire, but more with a paramilitary flare, Cerulean winked. "Just in the nick of time. Need help?"

"Keep an eye on that." She pointed at the alien. "Got a tranq gun?"

"Yes, this is my protégé, Lancer," the tall warrior Cerulean answered. "Lancer meet Sage."

"I am honored, ma'am, at your service," Lancer bowed. Similarly attired, he fetched his tranquilizer pistol from inside his tunic. "Ma'am," he said to Sage. "Strength level?"

"Caduceans require a triple dosage," Sage told him. "Secure him as soon as possible."

"Affirmative ma'am," Lancer acknowledged and went to work tranquilizing the others."

"Nice," Sage commented about Lancer to Cerulean. "A fresh male apprentice."

"He's adequate," Cerulean smirked when she answered. "Very adequate."

"Agent Sage, ma'am, all due respect," Lancer bowed graciously. "As to the alien, did you say triple dosage?" He swung his eyes in the direction of Cerulean. She nodded approvingly, noting his submissive tone toward Sage. "Given his size, maybe stronger sedative?"

"Hmm, he has quite a large cock," Cerulean observed, as the alien continued to snore face up. "You are very brave, my friend," she met Sage's gaze. "Taking all that cock in you."

"Aw, it was no big thing," Sage chuckled. "I use to work in horse riding stable when I was much younger. His dick is about the same size of a breeding stallion." She smirked and winked. "Oh yeah, people really like their horses. Not only that, I have a big snatch, which helps."

"Roger that, ma'am," Lancer quickly answered and swallowed nervously. With furtive glances, he admired Sage's naked fitness and particularly her pubis. "Uh, I'll tranq them now."

"Very well, trooper, carry on," Sage commented with a grin.

"Excellent," Cerulean added as they both stared at the young apprentice. "Of pen and blade," she speculated eloquently, "there is nothing to dissuade the quest to get laid."

"A wonderful Cerulean quote," Sage responded with a sardonic glint. "Whether captured and bound, sometimes the intrusion will astound, to light a match in the snatch."

"Not bad, keep working on that." Cerulean threw her a wink and a nod.

"Okay, the Doc, the assistant and the alien are under arrest," Sage announced, still completely naked and unconcerned about her nudity. "I need my wrist link to contact HQ and start recording the necessary data." She glanced across the room and Lancer saw it too. "Toss that please."

"Yes, ma'am, as you wish, my ladyship," he murmured obediently.

"Hmm, I'd like him," Sage muttered at Cerulean. She caught the wrist commlink.

"What about robo boy here?" Cerulean stood guard over the 4Q who remained mute.

"Nice, secured with electro cuffs," Sage muttered while pondering the situation.

"The Q model is very obedient, I think he can be turned," Cerulean added, while the robot stood at attention with a huge erection. "Seems like he really wanted to fuck you."

"Well, you know, I didn't get a chance to test his cockmanship," Sage noted amusingly with a hint of regret. She sucked in a breath. "He certainly is well designed and anatomically girthy, as you can see." The naked robot stared blankly at her, absent any apparent emotion. "You know, I might want to take him with me, he could be useful," she added with a smirk.

"I am voice command programmable," 4Q let her know immediately. "And, I have stored in my data base all relevant text on human sexuality, including the complete Kama Sutra."

"Uh, okay, he will be very user friendly," Sage remarked with a grin."4Q standby."

"At your command, Agent Tumbleweed," 4Q quickly acknowledged with a few beeps without actually saying anything in response to her. "I am reprogramming as we speak."

"Good boy, now realign yourself. Come here," Agent Sage demanded in her more dominant voice. Face to face, she clutched his penis. "Feel that?"

"Affirmative, my Sage master," he quickly responded. "Your wish is my command."

"You betray us, and I will first rip your cock out of your circuitry." Her eyes bore into his dark brown animatronic orbitals. "Second, I will dismantle every inch of you piece by piece."

"Understood," 4Q69 acknowledged. "I serve you without question."

"Hmm," Sage hummed and glanced at Cerulean. "Nice package."

"Uh huh, crafted nicely, big, ample girth, bulbous head. Geezus thickly veined. Very realistic. One cannot tell the difference. Lancer could've been the mold for this bot." Cerulean nodded. "Probably good for domestic use too." Cerulean clutched his testicles and squeezed. "Maybe later, we both do him, what do ya think? See how much stamina his programming has."

"Mistress, Agent Tumbleweed, I beg your forgiveness for interrupting," 4Q responded modestly with a low subservient tone. "I have completely altered my primary programming and join forces with you and her royal vigilance, the hunter known as Cerulean."

"Yes, your model has that capacity. So be it, and redo your sub-routines," Sage ordered.

"Affirmative, ma'am," 4Q answered immediately. For a moment, he waited stoically while Cerulean likewise examined his huge cock. "Thank you, my mistresses."

"Big balls, likely programmable for large fluid levels." Cerulean shook her head affirmatively. "Fine-tuned muscular design. Bet you can get quite pelvic pounding out of this one." She shot a quick look back at Sage. "Too bad, he may become police property now."

"Yeah, he's could be agency property for now, and what a waste of good sexual submissiveness that would be," Sage soured for a moment, as she watched the robot stare at them without talking. "Yep, too bad should that be invoked. However, in the revised AI statutes, there's an option."

"Discovery and application for the greater good exception," Cerulean remarked.

"Exactly," Sage winked. "Where special circumstances apply to the case officer."

"Sorry, my mistresses," Lancer interrupted. "Intruder warning, reinforcements."

"Oh fuck, mercs working for the corporate alliance," Sage snarled, glanced around the lab and looked for her uniform. "Okay, guess I'll stay naked during this nonsense."

"Ancient warriors always fought naked," Cerulean's angular Asian heritage spoke resolutely of the heroic past. "Only cowards fear their nakedness. The body is a temple of beauty."

"I couldn't agree more, the shame filled world we live in lends to its devolution," Sage agreed as she scanned the room for defensive countermeasures. "We need an escape route." She looked at the naked robot. "4Q, assess the opposition, what kind of numbers?"

"Affirmative, mistress," 4Q69 responded and immediately accessed a nearby console. Whirring computer sounds emanated around the room. "Three teams of mercs. Twelve in each team. A total of thirty-security personnel. Two teams are enroute to our location."

"How's your security countermeasures protocol coming?" Sage confronted the robot.

"Combat systems off line at this time," 4Q told her and stood silent with a huge erection.

"His sexual components are definitely operational," the tall olive complexioned Cerulean added. She side-glanced Lancer. "Too bad we don't have time to test him."

"Oh, we'll get there soon," Sage said with a jaunty smirk. "But, that alien, damn. I must tell ya, that is one amazing cock. Makes you wanna get abducted by aliens."

"Speaking of which, the alien is still sedated, and the Domina is unconscious, along with the assistant." Cerulean eyed the doors to the lab. "Any way, let's take inventory. The robot is out of action for a fight. So, three of us against thirty-six of them. I like the odds."

"The game favors us," Sage remarked and looked for weapons. "Ah, my shoulder harness." Sage caught a view of her blaster and holster inside a glass cabinet. She quickly fetched her weaponry and slipped on the gear. "Nice, naked with shoulder holster and my boots."

"I like it, you look stunning, my dear," Cerulean complimented. Long lithe and slender muscled she smiled at Sage. "Good to be back in the firth with you, my darling."

"Roger that, Mistress Cerulean," Sage acknowledged.

"My mistress," Lancer interrupted. "The assistant is waking up. Wait, I got this," the stocky muscular youthful apprentice gave a started look. "I'll get her!"

Bulldozed, as though hit by a linebacker, the assistant tackled the youngling, rolled across the lab and dove for a concealed panel. Hitting a button on the wall, a door slid open with a whiz of mechanical sounds. In a flash, the Domina's aid vanished into a darkened hallway.

"Hmm, not good, my young apprentice," Mistress Cerulean admonished.

"My mistress, I beg forgiveness for this failure on my part," Lancer said as he immediately bowed to her looming yet graceful presence. "I yield to your discipline."

"So be it," Cerulean told him. "Rise up; we will deal with that later. Let's prepare." She stared intently into the eyes of her submissive. "Your punishment will be my pleasure."

"Your wish is my command," he surrendered obediently.

"No doubt a teaching moment," Sage noted the incident and moved on. She gave a jaunty smirk to her former paramour and fellow fighter. "No matter the odds, we keep up the good fight, and save what is barely left of the republic. We stand for that and those who suffer."

With that and more in mind, including the special eccentricity of sexual potency, Sage pondered the poignancy of their predicament. Erotic sensitivity to heightened awareness of individuality for the satiation of ascendant creativity, escaped the vast majority of the population in general. Not so for the valiant agents of G.I.S. Instead, they highly valued the mature and wiser prospects of healthy bio-sexuality in the self-evolving process of transhuman personalities. Even if captured, escape and evasion remained in the mindful control of the agent.

"By pain or suffering, the pleasure of our mission," Cerulean speculated. "We prevail; you make it work for you, even if the opposition thinks they have the edge."

Yet, in the secret alien conspiracy, galactic forces assumed resistance was futile and they had the edge. Well for the most, they did, as most humans easily acquiesced to their enslavement. Alien infiltration pursued the collective quest of global subservience without question. For the aliens, they had the advantage, or at least they thought that. With a devolving species exploiting earth's vital resources, not to mention the dumbing down of the populace, a zombified humanity fell under global domination. Due to gluttonous consumption, the conspiracy was easy.

A special elixir, known as the Stupidity Virus, introduced a contagion that increased the zombification of those infected. Politicians, for example, were especially susceptible. However, in spite of warnings from brave agents in the field, bureaucrats and politicians ignored them. Agent Tumbleweed, in her valiant efforts to uncover the conspiracy, constantly faced opposition. Regardless, she was first to identify the primary characteristics of the so called "stupidity effect". In one of her earlier e-reports to headquarters at G.I.S, the worldwide Global Investigative Service, she noted the debilitating regressive tendencies observed in the ongoing wussification of the populace. The sissification infected major social institutions across society.

"We could use backup," Sage announced, as she got ready for the attack. Behind her, from a rear entry position, there was commotion. "What the fuck?"

"I'm the fuck," a deep guttural voice, husky and strong, announced.

"Geezus, Nubia Fortaleza," Sage roared with a surge of excitement. "Oh my god!"

"You betcha, my sister," Nubia said proudly. Dark as the night, piercing brown gaze, powerfully toned, broad at the shoulders, short black spikey hair, a formidable warrior, she smiled at Sage. "You need backup. I cannot let my sisters fight without threesome."

"Hmm, later we can work on that threesome and teach the youngling," she murmured.

"He will learn much from us," Cerulean, stoic as usual, hinted. "And, we will drain him. His manhood is ours to milk every drop of his man-juices. I am one with you two."

"Oh yeah, now you got me turned, baby," Nubia blustered. "Man-cum, he's a fine one." She tossed a glance at the robot. "What about this android. He full equipped." She grinned.

"Yes, he is fully functional and quite endowed." Sage smirked at her soldier friend.

Nubia was a mercenary. She quit G.I.S. in disgust of the politics of appeasement. Yet, she typically sided with the forces favoring law and order. Her African warrior heritage held legendary status. Build like a huge competitive body builder, Nubia was a force to reckon with. For now, she wore a russet toned and zippered combat suit bloused at the ankles above burgundy leather combat boots. Around her waist, a tactical utility belt held her weaponry.

"Wow, the fortress is here," Sage, responded gleefully. "My Nubian sister and my Asian sister, we are powerful," She exclaimed in her unabashed nakedness. "We got this."

"Are we fighting this battle naked?" Nubia licked her full plush lips and visually inspected Sage's nudity. "You look delicious my dear, fucking lovely."

"Thank you, my dear," Sage answered with sly wink. "Clothes optional. I fight naked in the honor my ancient ancestry," she noted while the lights overhead illuminated her creamy sweat drenched complexion. "I fight as I fuck, hard, nasty and deep," she smirked at Nubia.

"And, so do I, my darling," Nubia quipped and quickly stripped. Underneath, naked breasts, firm and round jiggled as she wiggled out of her uniform. "That feels better." She breathed a sigh or exposed relief. A tiny loincloth barely covered her thick hairy pubis. "Much better."

"I too love to be fully naked in combat, especially when ground fighting with my apprentice," Cerulean commented. "However, for now, I will keep my tactical garb."

"Very well, ladies," Sage started, "Let's kick some ass."

"Warning," 4Q69 sounded an alarm. "Security perimeter breach in ten seconds."

"Sedate the alien and the domina once again, and let's find that secret escape panel," Sage noted briefly. "We'll exfiltrate the prisoners out the back way and see what comes."

"Agreed," Nubia sounded off. "I'll cover us from the rear." She swung a glance at Sage. "No word for HQ? Is the cavalry coming? You know, as in has anyone called this in?"

"Nope. Jamming system, no way to get a signal out. Technically," Sage explained, "We're off the grid inside this complex. Corporate confidentiality protocols. Their protected."

"Well, that's nonsense," Cerulean added with a smile at her protégé.

"Copy that," Sage added, proudly naked and unashamed of her physical prowess. To the replicant and the youngling, she said, "We need to secure samples of the virus. See to that."

"Roger that, ma'am," the robot affirmed and the youngling nodded.

"I found the panel, the escape hatch," Mistress Cerulean told them. "Fall back over here."

"Nicely done," Sage offered. "A tactical withdrawal would be nice about now."

Meanwhile, outside the lab, the sounds of approaching forces rattled in the hallway. With the rise of corporate dominance, the oligarchs, the owners, possessed a lot of political power. Stomping feet abruptly stopped, as the mercenary troopers halted their advance. Momentary silence ensued. In the next instant, the lights went out. Computers whizzed to an eerie silence. Yet, backup systems continued a strange hum in the distant background.

"Computer screens flashing off and on," Nubia noted. "What's going?"

"Redundant subsystems are terminating data files," 4Q69 muttered solemnly.

"What the fuck," Sage said to him. "Well stop it, we need evidence."

"I cannot do that," 4Q blinked with a blank expression. "Programming forbids that." He remained shortly motionless. "All video cameras likewise are scrubbed clean."

"Nothing, no research data, video interrogations, etc.," Sage cursed. "No direct evidence."

"We're fucked," Nubia gave a hint of her annoyance. She gave Sage a sad expression.

"And I got really fucked, literally," Sage fumed with regret. "We go with what we got."

At the entrance door, a mechanized voice indicated a blasting charge would blow the door open. First, they would detonate the entrance, second, they would toss in stun devices, and third, they would seize everyone. Torture interrogation would follow immediately thereafter. Muffled tones uttered the plotting rescue. Things got quiet and very still inside the lab.

"Power is down," Cerulean whispered. "They are sealing off this wing of the building."

"Good, they can't escape, we have them cornered," Nubia mused with a grin.

"Nice, bitch, you're gonna kick some ass," Sage complimented.

"You betcha bitch, get your fine skinny ass out of here," Nubia playfully told her.

"Wait, what are you doing?" Sage quickly countered. "No don't stay behind."

"I'll keep these assholes busy, you and Cerulean, and that slave boy get out of here," Nubia said and motioned them toward the escape panel. "Go on, we can fuck later."

At that moment, Sage made the decision to retreat, but had second thoughts. Her eyes held Nubia's gaze for a brief instant. They exchanged nods. Sage grinned. Behind them, the panel and the tunnel were open. A gaping invitation spread wide, they dragged the alien and the domina into the portal. After that, in a sudden burst of energy, Sage grabbed Nubia between the legs, and pulled her into the shaft. Slamming the metal door behind them, they hastened their abrupt departure. None too soon, as an explosive force erupted. A thunderous echo of stunning booms followed by a flood of cloudy fumes chased them on the heels of their escape.

"Nice middle finger, awesome bitch," Nubia said with a kiss on Sage's lips.

"You're welcome, you hot looking hussy," Sage answered with a smirk. "Let's go."

In the aftermath of the lab attack, the tunneling system shook as though an earthquake attacked the botanical compound. A loud eerie piercing reverberation ricocheted through the conduit. Sage felt faint and slumped into an altered state of consciousness, as did the rest of the team. For Sage, her mind wandered in a realm surreal and distant. Fragments of memories disturbed her consciousness. She fell against the wall of the circular piping. Meanwhile, the others struggled to crawl toward access to the surface. Nubia grabbed and dragged Sage by her ankles.

"What is this?" Cerulean asked in a labored whisper.

"A tea cup with black coffee vibrating about to spill," Sage muttered.

"I don't know what she's talking about," Nubia answered Cerulean.

"Security countermeasures," the replicant answered them. "Sonic applications."

"Keep moving," Cerulean responded. "Sage is in some kind of trance from this place."

Splintered personalities leaked through psychic conduits, filling the neural networks with a complexity of illusions. A teacup, on a saucer, of blue China, filled with the rich blackness of coffee, sat precariously on a thin white wood railing. Symbolic no doubt of Sage's inner being working out the permutations of her mission while standing on the porch of an old house. Across the surface of the coffee, ripples reflected the invisible vibrations of thought. While the cup chattered on the saucer, making clicking noises, a loud clock noisily ticked away time. Teetering on the brink of spillage, the caffeine laced liquid splashed to the edge of the cup's rim.

"What the hell?" Sage muttered gruffly. "Let's get the fuck out of here?"

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