There Is Something Special About Emily Part One Version One Concluded

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


The faires have their own world and the humans have their own world.

Emily Beth Barren was born a normal healthy human child. Even though both of her parents belonged to the invisible fairy world. Because the young pastor and his family were devout born again and Bible believing Christians. Bryan and Elizabeth Barren became human. They asked Pastor Loven to marry them after Beth Barren became pregnant with her first child! Pastor Loven let them stay rent and expense free in one of their Parish houses usually reserved for guests and missionaries.

However, he gave Bryan a janitorial job, but he gave Elizabeth an office job mailing out church fliers. The Barrens became human man and wife in the youth pastor's very own Parrish house. Under the circumstances, all of the involved parties, felt a small and private wedding ceremony would be preferable.

Emily was born a reddish blond baby with blue eyes! And Elizabeth choose to breast feed her newborn child. Suddenly Elizabeth watched! When emerald green gemstones and emerald green diamond fairy dusted fairy wings! Appeared both on her child and on herself! Once her husband Bryan returned back home, fairy wings also appeared on him!

All three of them instantly became invisible once more to the human world! Pastor Robert Loven's wife Ronnie Loven called him up on his office phone! She was sobbing because the Barren family was gone! She and her husband were also Emily's Beth Barren's God parents!

The young fairy family knew that Jesus Christ only redeemed humans and not fairies! Although the three of them would not face death, they would be ruptured! Right along side with those people! Who were part of the body and the bride of Jesus Christ!

Whereas, their fairy world could never be Ruptured, right along side with them neither!Their fairy world properly would be demolished during the early stages of the tribulation? Their fairy friends would not be allowed into the l,000 Reign of Christ.

But they never would have to face the Great White Throne Judgment neither! And spend their eternity inside the Lake of Fire and Brimstone! It is the second death and the second resurrection of the dead! Because they would cease to exist, they could never be part of God's new heaven and new earth! The City of the New Jerusalem Christ's bride adorned for her husband coming down to earth from heaven above!

If they were to tell their fairy friends? They would all believe they were drinking some fairy's concoction of kick a poi joy juice! Thus and be falsely accused of being under the influence of intoxicating beverages!

Their philosophies were quite simple, "Eat, drink and be merry!" The humans had their place in the sun and the fairies had theirs. "And there's something that's be-twitch and something that is be-tween! the humans could go their own ways! And the fairies could go theirs! And may never their two paths! Be destined to cross paths and to meet!" Where did these fairies derive all of their magical powers from?

The dancing beautiful Aurora elss of the the Northern lights! Guarded and separated their fairy tale creatures and the world of humans!

And that was something special about Emily and all of those fairy tale creations! Fairies were never allowed to have babies and get married either.

For Alas! and Al-ac! it true-ly was those awesome Northern lights which created all fairy tale creatures! Yes they did create small children but never babies! The Barrens family consisted of Bryan, his wife Elizabeth and their baby daughter Emily! Baby Emily was created the human and not the fairy way! Swift and certan judgement was dispatched! Just like the Great White Throne Judgements. more later on 10/29/21

Love as always, Roxanne Lea Dubarry Roxy Lea 1954/ 209 Roxy 1954/ October Country August 04 and October 29, 2021

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