There Is Something Special About Emily Part One

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Two fairies enter into the human world only to face very human problems!

When Emily's mother Elizabeth Barren was pregnant with her first child, her Pediatrician recommended that she have an abortion. However, Beth Barren and her husband Bryan Barren quiet frankly told Dr. Waldo Quake-stein that they should obey God instead of men and abruptly walked out his office slamming the door behind them!

But their second doctor of choice made the exact same recommendation!

"Your daughter will be born with serious birth defects! She will not have nor enjoy any quality of life at all. You have told me that you both are Christians and do not believe in abortions! Yet you would be showing her mercy if you agreed to terminate her life now!" Doctor Rebekah Leinsteim recommended to them.

Bryan embraced his wife Beth and they both started loudly sobbing! As they walked out her office without accepting her harsh recommendations! That night they both had a vision of a young beautiful little girl laughing and dancing in a field of wild flowers!

When they inquired of the Lord who that beautiful healthy child it was. He replied that is was their daughter Emily! Very early the next morning, they phoned Doctor Rebekah Leinsteim up and told her they were going keep their unborn baby daughter alive!

Barrens sent text messages to their pastors and their friends at their local church. They posted their prayer requests both on Facebook and also on Twitter! The vast majority of people, who responded to their heartfelt and desperate messages, were very supportive of the young married couple.

When both the man and his wife asked of their Lord Jesus Christ, if they should continue seeing Dr. Rebekah Leinsteim? Their Lord Jesus Christ answered them that if she saw a working miracle in their lives, than she would be also willing to accept a miracle in her life!

But when they saw their unborn daughter's next ultra sound, there was no immediate improvement! "There is no improvement in your daughter's condition! And the longer she waits to have her abortion, the worse it will be for your wife! Are you willing Mr Barren to loose both your wife and your unborn child!" Dr. Rebekah Leinsteim beseeches him.

"Our Lord whom we faithfully serve has promised us our daughter Emily will be born a normal and healthy girl!" Answered both the man and his wife.

Dr Rebekah Leinsteim could not believe their words! Never before during her practice as a Pediatrician had she ever heard such utter nonsense! Ordinarily whenever she recommended an abortion, it happened. But these two were born again and Bible believing Christians! And that is what made them different from all of her other patients! That night it was Rebekah's turn to dream! In her dream she saw a little young healthy beautiful girl laughing and running through a field of wild flowers!

The healthy child's name just happened to be none other than Emily Barren! Very early in the morning she called the Barren household and left them a message on their voice mail box. She would no longer recommend that Elizabeth Barren should abort her unborn daughter, Emily!

It was her next ultra sound that all of them noticed the remarkable miraculous improvement! Their daughter would indeed be born perfectly normal! As for Dr. Rebekah Leinsteim, she had previously performed her last abortion!

The very next Sunday morning, she decided to attend church with her patient and her husband! However, the Barrens had a secret, neither one of them was born human!

While they were still in their invisible fairy forms, they would observe a young pastor, and his family pray and read their Bibles! Both of them desperately wanted what a Christian family had which was a relationship with a Lord who could love them! His redemptive power was never intended for the fairy world!

The next day they walked into the young pastor's study and asked him for an appointment. Would he do the honor of marrying them as man and wife? The very first thing he asked both Elizabeth and Bryan if they were born again? Of course, they replied that they were! However, they would want to learn more about it! Both of them needed jobs and a safe place to stay!

Love in Christ Jesus!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954/ 209

Roxy 1954/October Country

August 1, 2, 9

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