The Procrastinator

by Ruth Z Deming

    I admit it.

    I am the worst!

    I have something very important to do and yet all I do is procrastinate.

    From Wiki: "Procrastination is the action of delaying or postponing something. The word has its origin from the Latin procrastinatus, which itself evolved from the prefix pro-, meaning "forward," and crastinus, meaning "of tomorrow."

    This I could easily memorize.

    Anything to avoid posting my work on Zoetrope, where where real writers post their work.

    Look at me now, nibbling on Lay's Bacon-flavored Potato Chips. And Peanut M&Ms.And Dove chocolate caramel cremes.

    My aged mother, 84, tells me to be kind to myself.

    The woman just learned to play the harpsichord. She goes down to the Baptist Church and accompanies the choir, though we are Jewish.

    We all have dreams.

    Mine is to be a writer.

    I did six drafts of Bambi. My teacher, Sheila, kept sending the work back, filled with red markings.

    It's a new version of Bambi. Remember that little deer in the forest by Felix Salten?

    If I don't finish the story, I can't submit it to - yes, that's right - Zoetrope.

    I stayed up till three in the morning. This time I added two hots dogs with sauerkraut to my snacks.

    Caring not what Zoetrope would say, I finally pushed the 'Send' button.

    A click came on. Then a few more clicks.

    Please, let them like my work.

    Otherwise, I will never be the writer I want to be.

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