Saturday Night

by Chris D. Merritt

"Drip drip drip" went the faucet in the kitchen sink as i was leaning in the sink. I peeked out the window staring at the rain coming down. the drops of rain dripped under the strip lights just like the ones in my sink. "Drip drip drip" drop after drop, the water fell into the sink. I gave out a sigh.

I went to the living room and made my way to the velvet red love seat, sat upon it next to the burning fire. I looked above the fireplace at the clock. It read 10:15pm. "I thought for sure she would call by now?" I thought. I turned to the phone hoping that it would ring this time. "Drip drip drip" goes the faucet again. I was beginning to wonder where she was. I called her multiple times earlier, but no answer. "Maybe she is avoiding me?" I thought. I wanted yesterday to come back, at least then there wouldn't have been any fighting. "Drip drip drip" went the faucet. I began to panic. "Could it really be over?" I got out the chair and began to pace back and forth. I started to have an anxiety attack! I couldn't focus on anything but the fight. I grabbed my hair making the gesture of pulling it out. I screamed into the night. "Drip drip drip" URGH! Not only was i focused on the fight, i was also stuck on that annoying dripping sound, how i hated it so! The dripping made my head hurt. I threw my fist to the pictures of me and her hanging on the wall above the fireplace. My hand collided with them sending the pictures down to the floor. I screamed SHUT UP! The dripping stopped for a moment, and the house was silent. I fell to the floor crying,and dragged myself to a corner, curled myself up and cried out in a whisper, "It's always the same..." As i sat there weeping, the tap began to "Drip drip drip...

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