Search the Guardians of the Planet Earth Conclusion

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


The teen super heroes decide to take a well deserved rest and relaxation cruise ship. They end up rescuing two military fighter pilots, a single unwed mother and her unborn son and staring in a theatrical block buster box office movie"Romance aboard the cruise ship The Maiden Lady."

Thus far all of the activities of the Guardians of the Planet Earth, in this segment, have been strictly confined within a certain geographic area. Almost always in the realms of the extremely and independently wealthy preparatory high school juniors. Their rings have built within them, certain amnesia functions, which are only side effects temporary. Whenever, they wear off and thus loose their effectiveness, their super heroes identifies no longer remain secret!

A certain time period must elapse before the amnesia program erases everything from the memories of everyone, including the teen super heroes. All of the teen age super heroes remember is that under no circumstances! Are they to be teen super heroes when the amnesia wears off! It not only affect's them, but their absentee parents as well!

All of the teen super heroes, their chauffeurs and their paid companions decide to take a trip on a very expensive cruise ship, The Maiden Lady. Only unmarried, separated or divorced customers were allowed. Of course all of them fall under the single category. It was only because they were emancipated legal minors did they qualify to be able to take a trip on an adult oriented cruise.

However, they were not able to partake of adult beverages! The legal drinking age of twenty-one was not reduced on their behalves. At the age of sixteen their absentee parents had their well paid legal team to arrange their teen off-springs to become emancipated minors!

Thereby exonerating themselves from any further obligations responsible for the behaviors, and financial decisions their teens were to make In short just like Pontus Pilot, they washed their hands, and set themselves free? Free from having to make any more moral and or legal decisions involving their sons or their daughters.

It did not mean that they did not keep track of all of their activities. In essence they were well aware of the cruise ship vacation their teens were making. Their so-called parents were aware, because of their legal interventions, their off-springs could travel on an all adult cruise of romantic love! In essence because they were declared legalized adults maybe they decided to act just exactly as if they really were!

Causing them to wrongfully surmise their off-springs were willing to progress from brotherly Platonic relationships to more mature and more romantic ones! However, it was all because of their super hero activities, their teens did not dare to have any romantic involvement with their unit partners of the opposite sex! Including any of their team mates of the opposite sex! In that case their parents had nothing to worry about!

All they wanted was a break and to get away from it all for a change! Weren't they entitled to a little rest and relaxation? Wasn't that all their so-called parents engage in? Perhaps, in their cases, the apples did not fall too far from the trees!

All of them boarded the cruise ship and were all assigned two person rooms on the upper top most exclusive Promenade deck. Which was by far the most expensive one. But with their abundant wealth they could buy anything, anything that is except love!

The ten females decided to wear modest bikini swim suits. And their male ten team mates wore swimming shorts. All of them were sun bathing and dreaming their lives away. Of course all of them were the youngest people aboard the single cruise ship the Maiden Lady. What a way to take a badly needed break from prep school and flying around as masked costumed super heroes!

There were two military jets on maneuvers flying above the cruise ship that were headed on a collusion course with each other. Very discretely they slipped their flight/energy/power rings on their fingers. But this time there were no special effects involved in their transformations. All twenty of the teen super heroes hit the sky and prevent a collusion course with two navy jets. None the less they did realize that the military wanted to attract their undivided attentions. However, they did not take the bait.

Once they were finished they transform themselves back into their swim suits. They had to briefly place the passengers and the crew under temporary suspended animation only during their two transformations. But nothing operational was effected including time itself.

They could feel the rings burning sensations letting them know their amnesia functions had worn off. Would they like to become temporarily invisible in their phantom stealth modes? Yes! It was all of their one hundred percent acceptance of the idea!

There was a single mother, who was pregnant with her first child. She wanted not only to kill herself but also her unborn male child! Life was not worth living in this crazy mixed up world any longer than absolutely necessary.

She felt some semi- invisible female presences in her room. She watched in horror as the pill bottle was yanked from out of her right hand! She felt herself being bound and gagged by the same powerful semi invisible sources. It was all because two of their females let themselves be made semi-visible again by also appearing as phantoms.

"What ever you do with your own life is your right and your privilege. But do you have the right to make the decision for your unborn son? There is always the option of giving him up for adoption if you honestly feel like you can't cope with your baby!"

Both of the two female super hero members unbound her and gently remove her gag. She starts weeping uncontrollably. Their other super heroes are still invisible and they have sound proofed her room for her own and their own protections.

"People know who you are because the amnesia has worn off yet again! And let me guess that's why your team mates are still invisible. Please let me know if I am correct!' She blows her nose with her red handkerchief.

"Our rings warned us and that is the reason most of us are invisible now. Yes! You are correct and that is why they are invisible and they have sound proofed your room. It is for our mutual protection and reservations! We are going to give you an all natural sleep aid which should give you plenty of restful relaxation," They both smile at her.

After she falls asleep, the two female super heroes join with their team mates, in becoming completely invisible. All twenty of them take their own all natural sleep aides and fall fast asleep while still remaining invisible. All of them slept the most soundly while in their invisible phantom mode. There however was no express guarantee that their invisible phantom mode could not also malfunction.

Thus causing them to remain invisible even after the ring's amnesia function became effective once more! When the super heroes woke up from their badly need rest period, they discovered that they were still invisible!

The pregnant single mother ordered some refreshments for her cabin. After the stewards have removed her tray did she address the invisible super heroes. "Why are all of you still invisible? Your rings' amnesia function is working again! Could it be you can't become visible again? Because of yet another malfunctions!" She address the invisible super heroes.

While in their phantom stealth modes, any body part in contact with a visible object, merely passes right through it. For example, if they wanted a drink of water? Their hand would pass through the cup of water without their being able to touch it! They could neither make themselves even heard to the young woman.

"I know what all of you can do! Go back to your cabins and take your rings off from both of your hands, and point them directly at yourselves!" She strongly advised all of them.

Why shouldn't they follow her advise after all what did they have to lose? While still in their phantom stealth modes they are able to quickly return to their own cabins. At the same time they remove both of their rings off of their fingers and directly point them at themselves. As a result they find themselves visible again!

They change out of their bed clothing and throw it inside the dirty clothes hampers. And they put on their daytime casual expensive designer attires. Fortunately, the time frame for ordering breakfast had not yet transpired. Because all of them are very hungry they order abundant breakfasts. Afterwards they all go for a leisurely walk along the deck and use their binoculars to get a panoramic view of the ocean.

They watch in horror as a young couple falls over board! But than they quickly realize that they are making a made for television block buster movie aboard the Maiden Lady! Little did they realize that their genuine reactions were recorded and become an essential part of the movie! The movie staff has all twenty of them sign release of information forms. For a nominal fee they would agree to let their scene to become part of the movie, "Until death do us part."

"Too bad we couldn't capture the Guardians of the Planet Earth in live action for our movie! Just think what the televised appeal would be then!" He made his farewell parting comments.

But all of the super heroes just think that they are being baited in yet another botched case of the art of entrapment. Because they were completely unaware how many times he had made the self-same comment.

All of them discover later on he had placed a public notice on the bulletin boards. "Why not volunteer their services to the movie staff? Because it sounded like fun!" All of them collectively thought. The next instance they knew they were in costumes again! They found the movie staff and signed on the bottom line.

"I don't suppose that all of you just might consider signing these forms by using your real names?" He asked them cautiously. "We are very sorry but our secret identities must remain our secrets!" They sadly shake their heads no at him.

"Are you still interested in being our contact man?They ask him. "Of course I am very interested," he replied. "After all I sponsored this movie with all twenty of you in mind!" They read the script and they had plenty of death defying live actions parts involved, but not one singe solitary speaking part! He explained he was sorry, but the speaking parts were all ready assigned.

"Look at this way! Try to anyway to see things from my points of views! For a lot of these kids its our big breaks! But the twenty of you are superheroes and they can't take away your parts. And you aren't able to take away any of theirs. Am I completely understood by all of you?" He kindly remarks.

He smiles at all of them and extends his hand in friendship. Until Because it was a team effort the movie "The Dream Vacation Cruise aboard the Maiden Lady!" was a box office hit. They changed the title from Until Death do us part into the newer name.

And instead of being a made for television movie it became a movie theatrical one. "What and fail to pass up a once in a lifetime opportunity! I'm not letting you off the hook that easily" He shook all twenty of their dark blue sapphire long energy gloves. "I take it we have got ourselves the real live deal here!" He explained that all of it was part of the former arrangement he was going to make for them for Until death do us part.

"The older plot was the cruise ship the Maiden Lady was in eminent danger of being destroyed and you teenage super heroes fly in and save the day. I want all of you to make your spectator entrances and eye catching exits. What nobody was actually aware of was that the Maiden Lady really was in clear and present danger." He explained. All of that was a part of the plot of "Until death do us part." This newer movie is to be a strictly romantic movie and not just another cruise ship murder mystery!

It is titled "Romance aboard the cruise ship The Maiden Lady." He boldly declares to a happier movie crew and happier teen super heroes!

  Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954/209

Roxy 1954/ October Country

May 29, 31, 2021/ June 2, 11, 2021

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