Search the New Guardians of the Planet Earth Part Two

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Their rings have the limited power of causing massive amensia for everyone including the teen super heroes. But when the effect wears off, a certain time period must happen, before their rings should become reativated again!

The twenty super heroes spent Sunday working with their private and personal tutors individually. They also used Skype to hold study periods video conferencing with the rest of their off duty super hero friends. Because the world wide media was blasting loudly about the New Guardians of the Planet Earth, none of them really wanted to listen.

But another Monday morning rolls around the corner and their super hero activities is all any instructor or pupil wants to talk about! Suddenly there are the sounds of military grade assault helicopters being heard over head. Assault teams are rushing through all the entrances and exits of the preparatory high school. And they are taking hostages!

The super heroes feel their rings burning in their secret inside jacket pockets. Even though the rings are not on their fingers they vanish and their phantom stealth modes are becoming activated. Once they become invisible they are dressed in their super hero costumes! All of them aim their invisible rings first at the domestic terrorists.

Causing them to freeze and thus become immobilize, and to be surrounded in their dark blue sapphire energy force fields. They apply separate protective force fields on the hostages. The invisible super heroes fly out side and take down the military assault helicopters. Holding them captive and immobilize inside their energy force fields. Once the military arrives the super heroes become visible again and deactivate their energy force fields.

All of them watch the military approach them and they vanish without any of their well known special effects. The prisoners watch the youthful super heroes reappear and disappear in brief seconds of time. Their school also witness their super hero live actions.

Once they find a safe and secure place and they reappear in their prep school uniforms. Because of all of those uninvited activities, school is suspended until Tuesday morning!

Their prep school was also a boarding school for students, instructors and staff who needed their full facilities. However, the super heroes lived in their parents armed fortress secluded estates.

Their parents never even bothered to give their sons or their daughters the time of day. Because they were wrapped up in enjoying their lives to the fullest without any strings to tie them down.

Their offspring were invited to a party, however because of the numerous morally offensive activities involved, they politely turned down the invitations one more time. The super heroes have a brilliant idea! They would attend the party, but they would be there invisible and in their costumes!

However, they change their minds about attending the Life on the Wild and Wacky Side Free for all Party, while they were invisible. Instead they would appear in their costumes and wait and see what happened next! There was no parental guidance to advise them because none existed.

Hence they were primarily left up to their own devices and their life style choices. Certainly their servants care but only because they were well paid to do so? It was generally understood that all their parents cared about was enjoying their lives without their children being involved in their lives.

For a brief moment in time they wondered how their parents would react if they discovered their secretive clandestine super heroes activities? Right about now their parents should be at the race tracks watching horse racing? Quiet frankly their children could really care less about whatever their parents were doing now. Their feelings towards their parents was mutually understood among-st all of them.

The night of the party arrived and the super heroes were there in costumes. Collectively, they though that if they amused the party goers, the party would not be raided by the police.

Little, did they realize that having the police raid all of those parties, was the highlights of all of their wild and wacky parties! For a very brief period of time, they manage to keep the party goers amused. But than somebody thought it would be very cool if the police raided the party because of their favorite pet super heroes!

The police quickly responded to the anonymous tip and find the super heroes putting on a pretty decent show. The police officers involved order the super heroes to go with them to police headquarters. If they went with the police, the kids wouldn't like it. If they didn't go with the police, the police wouldn't like it. The Guardians of the Planet Earth answer with one of their spectacular exit routines.

When they reappear, without any special effects, it was at the local police precinct. They informed them that the police officers who went to the party, wanted them to go to their police station. Hence they were only following their requests.

The precinct Watch Commander contacts the Sargent Miriam Chester, who was in charge. Sargent Chester reaffirms she made the request and she is on her way. Her officers were advised to leave the party and continue patrol!

After she reaches her home precinct, she asks the teen super heroes, whatever were they thinking of when they preformed for one of those wild and wacky parties?

Quiet truthfully they replied they wanted to keep them occupied and out of any further problems with the police.

Sargent Miriam Chester accepts their explanations and asks them politely to take off their masks and reveal their real dual identities. She strongly implies either they remove their masks willingly or she would contact a judge and get a court order for them to take off their masks.

She does not receive the answer she expects all twenty of them to give her. The superheros smile and vanish into thin air. Thus transporting themselves back to the party where they receive a standing ovation.

At the conclusion of their performances, they leave the party. The party starts to break up earlier than it usually did and no laws were broken. Sargent Miriam Chester's Watch Commander Captain Beverly Waverly turns down her request to authorize a court order concerning the super heroes. As it turns out Judge Randolph Barker issues his own court order to the teen super heroes.

According to his court order the Guardians of the Planet Earth were ordered to turn themselves in. They were ordered to remove their masks and public-ally reveal their dual identities!

As for the teen super heroes they enter their bedchambers invisible inside their private bathroom suit. When the exit the room they are in their bed clothes. Their ever faithful and well paid servants serve them substantial bedtime meals in their beds.

Afterwards they don't wake up again until Sunday morning and they are served their morning breakfasts in their beds. They watch the Sunday morning news broadcasts on their large walled smart screens televisions. Judge Randolph Barker is appearing on television along with Sargent Miriam Chester.

Judge Randolph Barker reads his court order if the Guardians of the Planet Earth don't reply to his court order immediately, they will be declared to be fugitives from justice and placed under arrest.

One of their state senators Senator Georgia Walton disagrees with the both of them. On her grounds that revealing their secret identities would cause them to be less effective. Maybe it would even cause them to disband?

Maybe they would satisfied if the Guardians of the Planet Earth earned the rights to be declared fugitives from justice after all? In short all they wanted to accomplish was to satisfy their own morbid and vain curiosities!

As far as she was concerned the youthful super heroes were entitled to their basic and fundamental rights of privacy as well as their dual identities. Their servants turn off their voice activated large screen smart television sets.

As usual their servants prepare their luxurious baths. All of them meet with each other and their tutors on Skype. In order for yet another session of their private conferences, study, homework and research assignments. There is live emergency broadcast on radio, television and social media.

There is a large fire threatening several homes in the path of the man-made wild fire~ Thereby causing their tutors to terminate their sessions a half hour earlier than usual. All twenty super heroes vanish and reappear flying low over the raging wild fires! Rescuing trapped fire fighters and residences and flying them to the safety zones.

Their forehead bands, rings, middle sections, and their boots all become activated. Resulting in the containment of the wild fires and saving the rest of the homes in its direct path. All of those homes are protected directly by their dark blue sapphire energy force-fields. They are advised those force fields are fire and smoke proof and are there for their own protections.

Working with the fire fighters, medics and concerned volunteers, they rapidly extinguish the fire! Only when the smoke and the air clear are their protective dark blue sapphire energy force fields removed from the houses.

Sargent Miriam Chester and Judge Randolph Barker are interviewed by the press corps. "Do you still want to have the super heroes unmask? Do you still want them to be declared to be fugitives from justice for noncompliance of your court order, your honor?"

The press corp tries to bait them into making a comment. They both reply that they have no comment. After all what more could they say? Their friends and loved ones homes and their lives were just saved because of the timely intervention of those self same super heroes!"

Nothing last forever even their ring induced and enforced amnesia. However their previous activities were not remembered only their secret identities. On Monday morning their servants wonder what to do? The offspring's of their employers were indeed the Guardians of Planet Earth! They decide not to mention it while serving them their breakfasts in bed.

And their servants do not have their large walled screen smart televisions on to the local news channels. Just like always they prepare their lustrous baths. But when they see their employers dressed up in their prep school uniforms, they decide to speak up!

"Since you and your friends are the Guardians of the Planet Earth, we really do not recommend you attend school today!" They strongly admonish them.

"Just because we are teen super heroes does not mean we should play hooky!" They laugh. "Alright! But all we can say is that we told you so!" Their servants shake their heads.

Their absentee parents receive a rude awakening. All of them were at one of their many country clubs where they were members. Although they did not play golf, they were content to mainly be spectators. The members of the sports casting members of the press, make casual comments to their parents.

"How does it feel to be the parents of the teen sensations super heroes, the Guardians of the Planet Earth?" The blood hounds of the press corp boldly taunt them.

"We don't know whatever you are jabbering about!"Their unconcerned parents brashly reply.

Their chauffeurs and their traveling companions shake their heads at their employers. "We would really rather have you remain home, but if you really wish to go to your school? We will get you there in plenty of time. But we won't wait for you because we have ourselves to think of."

They explain to their employers. "It's alright by us! Don't worry we understand." They smile warmly at them.

Even though they are early, members of the press corps brashly surround their chauffeur driven limousines demanding that they make statements. The school officials briefly chase the press corps away from their limousines and have their withdrawal forms from the prep school ready for their signatures. Their belongings are placed in the trunks by the companions of their chauffeurs.

As for their prep school uniforms they would not even think of letting other students wear them and they are informed by their former school officials. Furthermore, they are banned from their former prep school property permanently! Military helicopters are flying over head and the Guardians of the Planet Earth are instructed to leave their limousines and to let themselves be safely transported by Uncle Sam!"

And suddenly all of the teen super heroes wake up on Monday morning! What bad warning dreams all of them had. "I don't think I will be going to school today after all," Each one of them tell their very grateful personal servants who still serve them their breakfasts in bed.

Their servants turn on their smart television sets but only to discover their employers' parents being accosted by the members of the press corps! All of them hold their precious rings in their hands only to discover a certain time frame had to elapse before their amnesia functions could be made operative again.

"Please do all of us a really big favor, do not let anyone know that we are home. Can all of you make us become invisible just exactly like you? Including the outdoor servants as well?" Their personal servants plead with all of them.

They smile at them, become transformed into their uniforms, and operate their massive stealth phantom stealth modes. But not only of people, but of places and of things! Thereby causing their armed fortress estates to become nothing more but all natural landscaped vacant properties. Likewise their parents do not join them but they also become invisible! Headlines blare that the super heroes and their parents had gone into hiding all because they could not be located.

All of the law enforcement and military dragnets were to no avail. Suddenly enough time periods had elapsed and once again their amnesia functions of their rings became operative again! There is only one lingering memory left behind for all of them. Under no express circumstances could they reveal their dual identities to anyone!

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954/ 209

Roxy 1954/ October Country

May 28-29, 2021

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