Search the New Guardians of the Planet Earth Part One

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Search becomes the New Guardians of the Planet Earth, but all of their previous super hero activities become erased! Leaving no one with any recollections of any of their previous activites. However, they relive some of their previous adventurs.

When they found those mysterious oval dark blue sapphire rings with golden bands in the palms of their hands, all of those previously forgotten memories, came rushing back to them. Fortunately, they did not return to anyone else. Because, their burdens of their pasts adventures would have been much too great for them to bare! All of their pasts recollections as super heroes was also erased from their memory banks.

However, this time it was much different. All because their secret identities would be remaining their secrets! This time their heads were covered in dark sapphire blue beret-ts but their heads would also be surrounded by the purest of golden head bands surrounded by dark blue oval sapphire energetic powerful gemstones. Therefore safe guarding and protecting their thoughts as well as serving as one of their power basis.

Their elaborate masks dark blue sapphires were of the purest of energy. Concealing their entire upper portions of their youthful faces. Thus preserving, protecting and defending their secretive dual identities from becoming public knowledge.

Their dark blue sapphire capes consist of the purest of solid energy forces. They did have brilliantly flashing purest golden stars! Their one piece body contouring uniforms would also be consisting of the dark blue sapphire energetic forces.

Once more the western part of the globe would be on their right shoulders, whereas the eastern part of the globe, would be displayed on their left shoulders. Both their numbers and their coed unit numbers would also be displayed. Their logos "to preserve, protect and defend the planet earth," would be displayed on both of their shoulders.

They would be wearing long dark blue sapphire gloves of pure energy. Along with their large oval dark blue flashing sapphire gemstones power/flight/ energy rings. Of course their rings would have the purest of golden bands. And would always be worn over their long form fitting energetic gloves!

Around their middle sections would be bands of the purest golden energies. Along with flashing dark blue sapphire gemstones would be contained in their waist bands. And thus serving as yet another power source.

Last, but not least they would be wearing, form fitting dark sapphire blue energetic boots with small heals. Their boots would cover the entire lower portion of their shapely legs. The upper top parts of their boots would be surrounded by golden bands and flashing dark blue oval sapphire gemstones.

However, running around or flying around as the New Guardians of the Planet Earth would have to wait. Since it was Monday morning, all twenty of the sixteen year old's would have to be attending their very higher priced and very exclusive uniformed preparatory school.

It was the self same Alma mat-era that all of their parents did previously attended many years ago. Just exactly like any school day their chauffeurs and their companions drove them to school in their long black and expensive limo-scenes. As usual, all twenty of them arrived in plenty of time, before the first bell rung.

At least once per week after school, all twenty of them met at China town's, Chung Ling's Chinese exclusive restaurant. Chung Ling's only accepted previous reservations and/or private catering affairs. But only if their exorbitant prices were just exactly right!

It was Friday night and they were at the Jasmine's Youth Dance Club ages thirteen-twenty-one year old's were only admitted. The older youth were fifteen-twenty one, whereas, the younger teens were thirteen-fifteen years old's. Who danced at earlier allowed time frames on different days of the week.

Jasmine's was only open to its very wealthy clientele! Our twenty young people were sixteen and only danced with each other! Since armed robbers entered into Jasmine's carrying military grade assault weapons and firing them high into the air! Causing everyone to get face down on the ground! Stealth-fully all twenty of them placed their rings on their fingers.

Suddenly there were blinding energy dark blue sapphires flashes of light! When the flashes vanish the New Guardians of the Planet Earth suddenly appear. They began with freezing the young people and protecting them under dark blue sapphire energy force fields!

Resulting in the armed gunmen and gun-women to focusing their fire power directly at the the super heroes. The super heroes pointed both of their ring fingers at them. Next they froze them and separated them under their very own dark blue sapphire energy force fields.

Because of the rapid gunfire, SWAT appeared on the scene. But their eyes were blinded by the flashes of the dark blue sapphire energy force. When it was gone they vanished from sight resulting in first the targeted victims to become unfrozen. And than the perpetrators were unfrozen and gladly submitted themselves into SWAT custody!

The blood hounds of the world wide media blasted it to their general public's listening and viewing audiences! It was later after they transformed themselves into the New Guardians of the Planet Earth. And decided to fly around on patrol it was then that they attracted the attention of the United States Air force!

It was as if divine providence had arranged things for them, because a passenger airliner was experiencing difficulties.

The air-force watched as the twenty young superheroes rescued the jet liner along with all of its passengers and crew! Afterwards they identified themselves as the New Guardians of the Planet Earth both to the air-force and the jet-plane. The super heroes figured that they had enough excitement for one day. But once more divine fate intervenes in their behalf.

Ominously! There was a large asteroid on a direct impact collision course with our moon! This time they were patched into NASA as well as the air-force. Faster than a New York minute, they rescued the moon from the killer asteroid, by using their disintegration dark blue oval sapphire gemstones ring's energy rays!

NASA, the air force and the entire planet loudly cheered. As for the young superheroes, very rapidly they transformed themselves. Right back into their real identities. Falling fast asleep just as fast as their heads hit their numerous comfortable pillows as they covered themselves up with their lush quilts and their soft blankets. Inside their private exclusively king sized bed chambers.

Because, it was Saturday when their personal servants entered into their private bed chambers, they found their young employers, sound asleep. They were instructed by their superiors not to disturb them but to let them continue to sleep as late as they wanted to.

All of their parents were in New York City attending the grand opening of the very latest Broadway hit play, "Only Just For The Two Of Us." Leaving their teen offspring's in the very capable hands of their multitude of servants. Because of their vast wealth they succeeded in giving the terminology of "absentee parenting." Their mottoes that all of them freely live by!

After they awoke up and refreshed themselves, they were served their mouth watering breakfasts in bed. As usual their personal servants prepared their luxurious baths for them. Than they helped them get dress to attend a garden party. This time the members of the press corp and the social media were cordially invited. Members of the general public were only admitted if they had suitable companions.

All of the press, the general public, the caterers and the servants were also given free access to all of the refreshments!

Suddenly, in the sky above all of them heard military grade assault helicopters, using their loud speakers to address the garden party. Their helicopters remain air borne but their male and female strike heavily armed forces did not. Once they landed on the ground, they rapidly surround the scene. Thereby taking every person present as their hostages!

All twenty of the teen super heroes, the Guardians of the Planet Earth, became transform . In the confusion, they stealth-fully place their rings on both of their fingers! Instantaneously! There were blinding flashes of dark blue sapphire energy blasts! And the New Guardians of the Planet Earth appeared!

Focusing their rings and their head bands upon the helicopters and the heavily armed strike forces! They miniaturized the military grade assault helicopters, deactivate their weapons guidance systems, and engulf them in their dark blue sapphire engery force fields. As for the assault ground teams, they share the exact same fate.

Everyone present at the garden party was also surrounded by dark blue sapphire enery force fields. When SWAT arrives, on the scene they are blinded by flashes of dark blue sapphire energy forces. The entire garden party was also blinded. However when the flashes vanished they were transformed back into themselves. A distance away from where they were the superheores.

The helicopters remain minaturized, and the assault ground crew also become minaturized during the flashes. SWAT is able to pick them up and carry them in their hands. The protective engery force fields vanish liberating the memoriable garden party. The Federal Bureau of Investagation was also present.

Their miniaturized helicopters became the property of the United States military. The Delta One Strike Assault Force became their prisoners and once again become their full adult size. The Guardians of the Planet Earth attract world wide attention.

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954/209

Roxy 1954/ October Country

May 25-27, 2021

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