Search a Fresh Start the New Guardians of the Planet Earth

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Including the teen super heroes, and every one else, is given amensia by their rings! Because the next time their secreative indenties would remain their private knowledge! Instead of public domain!

For their very first time Search aka The New Guardians of the Planet Earth let the world wide global general public to see their unmasked faces. And also revealing their formerly secretive identities. Which is why their full names were now displayed as part of their insignia's.

Their families, relatives and friends saw their loved ones dressed in their super hero uniforms for the very first time. As for the twenty young people put on world wide global display, they honestly wanted to disappear for keeps! Their families make the decisions not to abandon their teens in their critical hours of urgent care!

As for their prep school The New Guardians of the Planet Earth were still entitled to completing their educations. However, having them attend on cam-pass sessions was definitely out of the question! Let's face it! It would only result in turning their cam-pass into media curiosity freak shows! As far as they were concerned those teen super heroes could take care of themselves!

Never mind that all twenty of them never felt more alone in the world in their entire lives! Their eyes were filled with unshod tears! And their hearts were broken into tiny pieces of hardship and sorrow! The United States military saw the badly frighten looks on their pale faces!

Once again the ground seems to be spinning around in circles, and every thing becomes hazy, before they faint, everything turns black. Their rings were off of their fingers and they became invisible. All twenty of them were dressed in casual expensive street clothing. The whole world gets a good hard look just how very young and very vulnerable all of the teen super heroes actually are.

Suddenly all twenty of them wake up to find themselves safe inside their king sized bed chambers! The mouth watering food and delicious breakfast drinks are served to them in bed! The servants have the huge walled smart televisions turned onto the morning news broadcasts! (And their real names are not even mentioned!) After wards they faithfully prepare their luxurious baths!

All them realize it was just a bad dream! However, their rings are in their phantom stealth modes! Apparently they had the power to cause the whole world to forget all about them! Including the twenty young people referring to themselves previously as Search!

But that night when they were all alone in their private bed chambers/sanctuaries, all of them find the dark blue oval sapphire rings with their sold purest golden bands. It actually really happened!

But their special rings and their hidden numerical stones gave the entire world amnesia! And very briefly they were all given amnesia as well! Their rings perceived they needed an extended break period before they were contacted again! Resulting in their blessed amnesia to return as far as their being teen super heroes was involved!

The next time their rings would be much more careful than to reveal their secretive identities! As far as their nearest and dearest as well as the world wide global communities!

Instead of calling themselves Search, they would refer to themselves as the New Guardians of the Planet Earth!

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954/ 209

Roxy 1954/ October Country

May 24, 2021

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