Search a Fresh Start Part One

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


At the end, Search unmaskes themselves and reveals their secret indenties to the world. The global community changes their names into The New Guardians of Planet Earth.

"Search! Focus all of your eyes upon us!" Shout the military officers. "We want you to permanently transform yourselves into your costumes! In order for you to be able to respond to each and every emergency situation!" They yell their orders at all of them.

Without eye batting an eye lash or uttering even one syllable! All of them very cautiously, place their specialized rings on their fingers. Suddenly there are blinding dark blue sapphire flashes of the purest of energetic forces! The military men also have to shield their eyes!

Search appears in their costumes directly in front of them. All because Search wants them to notice their global insignia's on their both of their shoulders. As well as their center purest golden waits bands, but now their waist bands also have brightly flashing dark blue oval sapphires on their middle sections of their costumes. On both of their shoulders are also their numbers and their unit numbers located.

Each unit is coed with one male and one female in it. The words engraved in the purest golden lettering, " To preserve, protect and defend the planet earth." Even the military minds begin to comprehend that Search belongs to the whole earth and not just to the United States Military.

Search just smiles deceptively at the military officers, "Don't worry because you were all right about one thing, we need to remain in our Search costumes! And to be ready for action at all times! But having us confined on your military base would only place all of you in double jeopardy! You don't have to worry about revealing our secret identities! All of us just happen to agree with you!"

But then a blinding flash of pure darkest blue sapphire energy, they vanish from the sight of the militarily officers. Search disappears from their sights! And the military officers are furious that a group of preppy brats out smarted their well trained military minds!

Meanwhile back on their home fronts their families are frantically conducting their own searches for their missing teenagers! Accomplishing this by offering huge rewards for their safe returns! Honestly, they believe their sons and their daughters were kidnapped! And thus being held for ransom!

All of the nurses and paramedics admit to the youth being transferred onto military helicopters and being flown away! The military disclaims about Search revealing their secret identities. The military admits to treating and to releasing them. But they have no knowledge about their current locations.

Search makes a decision and lets the world know that they are the missing sons and daughters? But they keep their masks on their faces and tells them of their decisions to remain in their uniforms and be always ready for action?

Instead, that very night because they are very tired, they return back home to their own king sized beds! Where they all sleep soundly for several days and several nights. Their personal servants show their parents, their sleeping teen age sons and their sleeping teen age daughters.

Because they do not know their teens are Search, all of their family members, guests and servants do not have to take a vow of silence! But they could not let the world know that their teens had returned back home again for their badly needed rest periods.

When they woke up they had to immediately refresh and groom themselves. Before climbing back into their private exclusive bed chambers for their breakfasts in bed. Neither their own servants nor their family members nor their permanent house guests never even knew that they were Search. Because they only knew them by their own names!

After breakfast all of them went back to sleep. When they returned back to their high school prep school, they showed their Dean their doctors' notices, for their prolonged absences from school.

Their doctors make a good living providing their personalized medical help and services house calls for their well-to-do clientele.

However, the United States military, blames itself for not having Search reveal their secretive identities. When they were being treated at their military hospital, their pictures were being taken. All twenty of the young teens were attending a garden party for youth.

Which meant they probably were not enrolled in a local high school. Chances are they were enrolled in a higher price prep school. All they had to do was to run their pictures through their computers and come up with a match. It did not take very long in order to accomplish their express purposes.

All they had to do next was to initiate a plan of action. Picking them up at their prep school was ruled out. After school was out all twenty of them went to the Chung-Ling Restaurant in China Town. Plain clothes military personnel pick up all of them with out any incident at their favorite restaurant.

"Search! You could have made it a whole lot easier on yourselves! If you would have just remained on base where all of you belong! Instead of leaving the base and dressing up in your prep school uniforms again! We thought we made a good bargain. All twenty of you were to permanently remain in your Search uniforms! Now did I make myself perfectly clear!" Colonial John Mark Henderson yells loudly at Search.

"Wrong Colonial you made us an offer and we refused it! We are only sixteen years old and therefore a couple of years too young for active military duty. We are civilians not one of your little solider boys or little solider girls!" Search fires back at him.

"Search! You are twenty young and ungrateful spoiled bratty rich kids born with both golden and silver spoons in your mouths! We know who you are and who your non Search family and friends are. In short we know how and when we can contact you right where all of you live. Why don't you cooperate with us? And make it a whole lot easier on all of us!!" Colonial John Mark Henderson yells even louder.

"Or would you rather I released your photographs with all of your names on them? And have the whole wide world know that you are Search!

"Since you put it that way, Colonial you've made yourselves a deal. What other options do we have available to us? Non that we can think of! What are you going to tell both our families and our prep school?" Search looks at the older man.

"We don't want to be used as war machines and actually kill people! And we don't want to breed with our teammates and produce offspring! We made our choices but we don't have the right to make theirs! Have we made ourselves perfectly understood, Colonial John Mark Henderson!"Search loudly yells back at him.

"You have made yourselves perfectly understood, Search!" Colonial John Mark holds out his right hand. "As we speak your families and your prep school are both being notified. "You have nothing to worry about! Since you wisely decided to cooperate with us, we tactfully revealed your alter egos."

The Colonial relaxes himself and Search does likewise. Once they reach the military base that is meant to be their new home, they are ushered into General Jacob Aaron Mathew's office. He dismisses Colonial Henderson and orders Search to permanently remain in their costumes.

"Search! I fully realize you don't want to kill people and that is very admirable! Let's face the facts of the case, I do not like killing people either! And I can't blame you for not wanting to be used as war machines! Your shoulders' insignia's prominently displays both the western and eastern hemispheres of planet earth. Right along with your logo to protect preserve and defend our planet.

I definitely believe all of you belong to the whole world and not just our military. You obviously don't want our base to be a target because of your presence. The same is also true about your homes and your preparatory school. Have you given any thought to putting your loved ones in double jeopardy? Look I rest my case,"

General Jacob Aaron Matthews smiles at all of them while extending his right arm to them. Meanwhile back on the home fronts their families and prep schools are notified by the military that their sons or daughters will not be returning again.

With the permission of Search their global insignia's and their mottoes are displayed upon the notifications. All because all of them honestly believe that sooner or later their secretive identities would be revealed. Also enclosed is a form letter with all of their signatures on it addressed to both their families and their former prep schools.

Search publicly removes their masks and identifies themselves. Therefore their full names are also prominently displayed on their shoulders. And then they place their masks back on their faces for special effects only this time.

The world's reactions are explosive! Because the global community was beginning to strongly protest that the real identities and nationality of Search become the general public's common knowledge! And they demand that Search be allowed to become global citizens.

Thus giving them international access even into closed nations. But not for espionage purposes for the United States nor their allies! And Search was not to be used in acts of warfare or for any preemptive strikes against any nation or any kingdom.

However, the international community fully recognizes the right of Search to defend itself! The global community also wanted their name changed from Search to "The New Guardians Of Planet Earth." Because in that way they would not only belong to their country of origin, The United States of America, but the rest of the earth as well!

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954/ 209

Roxy 1954/ October Country

May 19-24, 2021

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