Search a Fresh Start Introduction

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


On three separate occassions the twenty young super heroes appear in public because they are Search.

After they put their rings on their fingers at the Jasmine Youth Dance Club, they burst forth into blinding dark blue sapphire energy forces. Their heads had the purest of golden head bands, with flashing dark blue oval large sapphire gemstones. Whereas, their entire upper portions of their faces were concealed with dark blue sapphire exquisite mysterious masks.

Those self same masks concealed their real identities. On both hands were long dark blue sapphire energy gloves. Their floor length wide dark sapphire blue energy capes had flashing golden stars on all of them. And their energy form body contouring one piece dark blue sapphire suits had golden girdles surrounding their waits areas with global insignia's.

Also on both shoulders were global insignia's with the word Search and their identification numbers and their coed unit numbers. Their purest dark blue sapphire form fitting boots calf length blue boots had the purest of golden bands on their upper portions along with flashing blue stars. It was their calf length dark sapphire energy boots with small heels that complete their ensembles.

The only necessary power/energy/flight sources all of them possessed, were their forehead bands, and their rings! All twenty of them flew around the room while everybody cheered them on!

However, all of them discovered once they removed their unusual rings from their fingers, once more they became themselves! They left Jasmine's via the exit where their male and their female companions/body guards awaited them. All of them were part of their families private security police forces.

After they got into the rear seats of their long black limousines, their chauffeurs converted their vehicles into their flight modes. Thus causing all of their wheels to fold inside of their automobiles Next they programmed their sophisticated computerized GPS guidance systems to take them to their destinations, back again to their home-fronts.

Finally they put their airborne cars into computer programmed automatic pilots thus causing them to drive themselves. Since they had long days, both drivers and passengers fell fast asleep. Which is why their cars were programmed to take the scenic routes back home again.

Once they returned back home and passed their armed guarded security systems, their car radios became activated causing them to wake up. Once inside their armed fortresses of their exclusive private estates, there was plenty of food and drink provided. Both for their sons and for their daughters, and their faithful and loyal employees.

Their employees ate and drank in their servant quarters. Afterwards, all of their sons or their daughters took quickie showers and took their elevators to their lush private suites. Their elevators came equipped with their elevator operators. When they had brushed both their teeth and their hair, they climbed inside their king sized beds. The male and female beds had curtains for their ultimate privacy.

When all of them awaken it was to greet the brand new Sunday morning. The sons and the daughters of their separate households were served breakfast in their bed chambers. After their breakfast trays were taken away, their personal servants entered into their private suits. It was their sworn duties to prepare them for their upcoming daily routines.

But first their luxurious private baths were already prepared for all of them. Since it was Sunday there was no high school uniformed prep schools to prepare for. Their private tutors always assisted them with all of their homework projects and assignments.

Their families could well afford not to have them attend their former Alma Mater. Truthfully, they felt their offspring could use both the academic simulations plus the necessary social contacts.

All of their twenty families were independently wealthy and thus did not need to become gainfully employed. Generations of wise financial investments, and costly collectibles were undertaken by wise stewardship. Although their families never attended private auctions, their trusted representatives did. And they were told the sky was the limit as far as their biding was concerned.

They were well equipped to handle both buying and for selling of priceless objects, paintings, jewelry, coins and antiques and others wide variety of their employers interests.

As well as raising money for operas, symphony concerts, ballets, private art museums and for plays for example. Part of the diversification of their assets was placed in the entertainment industries including entertainment theme parks.

Part of their recreations included visiting the posh casinos of Monte Carlos and their very favorite European watering holes. They were lucky both at cards as well as in love. In essence they won several large generational fortunes at casinos, race tracks and lottery games.

Whenever they attended exclusive private parties, their wives always wore expensive paste. Thus keeping their valuable: rare stamp collections, coins, gold and silver bars, jewelry, stocks and bonds, personal and financial papers in safe and secure places They own priceless jewels and gem stones purely for their investment portfolios not for personal pleasure.

They also wore expensive tailor made world famous designer dresses, suits, gowns and costumes for masquerade balls. Since they did not believe in wearing animal fur coats, all of their coats, jackets and stoles were made of the finest materials. Only experts were able to tell the real difference between them.

It also applied to their husbands, who also wore tailor made suits, tuxedos, sports wear and casual attire. They wore golden watches created just especially for them. Their cuff links were made of the purest gold. They wore suspenders instead of leather belts for a more tailor made posh look. Thus their attires were much more refined, dignified and eloquent. They had world class renowned and famous designers design their clothes as did their wives.

The men never wore their same ensembles twice and their cast offs were also sold at public auctions for widows and orphans. Just like their wives they never wore their same ensembles twice. However, both of them insisted on one a kind originally designed specialty outfits and accessories.

Their wives spent a small fortune at well healed beauty full service and spa parlors. The men spent small fortunes at upper class full service barber shops and spa parlors.

Their gowns, dresses and suits were tailor made of the finest fabric that was available. Because it was their policy, they never wore anything twice. And had their cast offs auctioned off to the highest bidders. The proceeds were to benefit widows and orphans.

What wasn't donated was placed on consignment. That were in exclusive new or second hand convenience shops, boutiques and posh men's second hand shops. The families derived no income for those transactions but assigned all of the profits to their male and female servants.

Those shops best customers were their faithful servants. The only time they wore those fancy designer outfits was at special occassions. Those items were passed on to their families, relatives and friends of their families.

As for their employers' offspring's they felt their rings creating a burning sensation in their pockets. But only after their personal servant's staff had departed. All of them were transformed the very instance they placed their rings on their fingers.

For the very first time in their entire lives, they vanished only to reappear over the skies, of their very own Metropolitan City. There were wounded police officers and federal agents on the ground. It was all because they were pinned down under intensive cross fires that badly needed back up help was unable to arrive!

Suddenly, the criminals saw them flying above them in the sky and focused their firepower upon them instead. They were dumb founded to find Search was protected by their dark sapphire blue energy force fields. Next the twenty super heroes aimed their rings at them causing them to become immobilize!

Thereby resulting in emergency help to able to have access to the wounded law enforcement and federal officers. Of course it made a big splash in the Sunday headlines. Only when the authorities were able to take the villains into custody, did the super heroes mobilized them. In blinding dark sapphire blue energetic flashes, they once more vanish from sight.

They reappear in their own clothes at their own homes. Since they have full itineraries, they left their home basis accompanied by professionally trained and armed personnel. Their chauffeurs and their companions selected the automobiles they would be riding in.

In this case all of them were invited to attend a garden party. Unlike their own families, the members of the media were cordially invited. If members of the general public had the proper companions, they were admitted.

Suddenly, there were helicopters flying overhead with armed men and armed women inside of them! While every one's attentions was being focused on the helicopters, Search changes into its costumes. And hits the sky!

Thus preventing the professionally armed bandits from even landing because they engulfed all of their military assault helicopters with their very own high density dark blue sapphire energy force fields. All of the bandits were not able to get an up-close and personal view of Search, because they could not see anything outside of their protective fields. Search transports the bandits to the closet military bases and turns them over to military personnel.

The military also wants to detain Search but they vanish in blinding dark sapphire blue energy flashes. Everybody was immobilized at the party because of Search. When they reappeared as themselves, every one was unfrozen. The gala garden party continues exactly where they left off.

The military makes a television announcement asking the mysterious young people wearing dark blue sapphire uniforms to immediately turn themselves into the nearest military base for questioning or to face the consequences!

Underneath its smiles, Search feels its very own blood feel just as if it has turned into ice.

Not one of them knew exactly what to do! But the very last thing in the world all of them wanted was to be used as human guinea pigs by the military. The very next moment they feel their heads and the room spinning around in circles. Every thing went black as they collapsed to the ground!

Because they were unconscious, they did not hear the feminine screams nor the masculine shouts.

Their hosts and hostess loudly yells, "Is there a doctor still here?" When both doctors and their nurses appear on the scene, they reassure everyone. That the young people had only fainted and would be alright in a few minutes.

They ordered the gathering crowds to maintain their distances, and thereby give the teens plenty of room to breath. When they finally reopen their eyes everything seems very hazy. And when they mumble, moan and try to get up, they are very gently laid back down again.

Softly they moan and groan and pass out once more. A young man dials 911 and emergency paramedics rapidly are dispensed and arrive on the scene along with local law enforcement agencies.

While the twenty young people are being transported to the hospital along with the nurses, the local police officers ask everyone present what had just taken place. They were informed by the medical doctors that the youths had merely fainted in their professional medical opinions.

A young female servant volunteers that all of them were watching the military strongly advising for the masked and costumed young people to turn themselves in.

They were informed about an armed para military helicopter attack force bandits, were turned into the military by a very strange and mysterious group of twenty young people known as Search!

All of them had grown strangely greenish pale faces when they watched the miltary's televised paid advertisements. Meanwhile, the military had waylaid the fleet of emergency first res-ponders ambulances by using their own emergency helicopters. The paramedics and the nurses were advised to return to their hospital and not mention anything about what happened.

The twenty youths were transported onto the helicopters and transferred to the closet secure military hospital. Upon arriving there all the twenty teens were transferred to their very own emergency rooms under heavily armed guards.

When they woke up it was in hospital rooms where they could be observed by the military. All twenty of them wanted to know where they were and they were reassured they were in a safe and secure place.

However, it did not take very long before all of them realized, they were in a military hospital! All of them saw military officers smiling down upon them. Of course they all naturally wanted to know why they were here.

The senior officers present say just a few words, "Good Monday morning, Search!"

They saw the startled reactions of all of them. "What makes you think we are Search?"

"It was quiet very elementary because it was your reactions at the garden party that gave all of you away," They keep on smiling at them." "Not to mention your reactions when we called all of you Search."

"What happens to us if we don't admit we are Search? Will you please let us go back home to our friends and families?"

All twenty of them plea bargain with them.

"Since we really have no definite truth you are Search! We have not other course of action available to us other than to release all of you."They broadly smile at them.

"But what happens to us if we admit that we are really Search?" All of the youths look at the military officers directly in their eyes.

"You become the personal property of Uncle Sam's United States Military. And you remain completely confined to this facility. For your own protections you are to have absolutely no contact with the outside world. We will handle notifying your friends and families not to even think about contacting you."

They looked at their downcast faces and saw the lights go out in their young eyes as they abandoned all hope and their wills to live.

"Look at us! Sooner or later they would find out the truth about you! Just think how they would treat you and react to you!" The military truthfully informs them.

"Alright! Alright! We are ready to admit to you Sirs that all of us are Search!"They confess.

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954/ 209

Roxy 1954/ October Country

May 20-21, 2021


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