Search a Fresh Start Prologue

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Ten boys and ten girls receive mysterious birthday gifts. While they are dinning at the Chung-Ling Restaurant in China Town. The name of Chung-Ling is fictous!

There were twenty friends, who all had their birthdays in the later part of the month of May. All of them celebrated their sweet sixteenth birthdays at the exact same time and place. At one of their parents main private and exclusive properties. Members of the general public as well as members of the press had something in common--they were both uninvited.

They felt they needed to be shielded from them both. The well-to-do families engaged their very own security forces for their very own mutual protections. Their teens were driven in long black limousines with their own chauffeurs. Their chauffeurs served double duty as part drivers and partial security force officers. Hence they were instructed to wait inside their expensive auto mobiles. Any thing they needed was already provided for them.

Their vehicles were arm-our piercing bullets proofs! Their black darkened one way windows could not be seen into. But they only could be looked out of from inside. And their windows were also arm-our piercing bullets proofs! All of their specially designed tires were much more than puncture proof! Therefore the drivers felt well shielded from any mishaps intentional or otherwise!

There was a Chinese restaurant where they made their reservations well in advance. The Chung- Ling only accepted reservations for private parties and catering events. Therefore all of the twenty teens were their only customers! But only if the price was right! The Chinese really don't use fortune cookies, but their restaurants did in the United States.

The ten male teens and the ten female teens each received small packages, under very mysterious circumstances. Somewhere in the vast universe: there were twenty blue sapphire rings and twenty sapphire numerical matching stones. They made contact and the stones entered into the rings. Their rings had the purest golden bands, and they derived all of their powers both from the rings and from the stones.

It was those exact same powerful rings that were their sixteenth birthday presents. After their deserts all of the twenty teens open up their presents at the exact same time. But instead of one present a piece there was now two. They were totally amazed at their Deep Blue oval priceless large sapphire gemstones with their matching purest golden bands.

Gazing deeply at the highly irreplaceable gemstones; the teens noticed their numerical matching numbers one-through twenty. Apparently the gemstones posses mesmerizing effects at least upon their specially chosen teens. Resulting in their taking off the rings off from their fingers. Thus placing them in their unique antique boxes. It was unanimous decision! Resulting in all twenty of them, not even mentioning. Their anonymous and mysterious gifts to anyone else. Including their inner family circle of their loved ones.

Both the boys and the girls gently placed their rings gift boxes inside. Their secured zippered inside jacket pockets. While in side the posh rest rooms for the rich and the famous, they paged their chauffeurs. The male teens waited for their male chauffeurs' male companions; whereas the female teens likewise waited for their female chauffeurs' female companions. All of their twenty chauffeurs and their front seat partners were considered armed and dangerous.

They were also black belt masters of the marital arts. Because it was a very deadly and dangerous world for the privilege society's upper crust! Their parents required all of their children to also become well versed in the martial arts. Thereby at only sixteen years old, all twenty of them also posses black belts. But they did not compete in tournaments, only with each other.

They were also skilled in: fencing, dancing, acrobatics, kick boxing, wrestling, tie/tag wrestling and gymnastics for examples. Working out on a very regular bases in their private gymnasiums. They had roller skating and ice skating rinks, Olympic size swimming pools. Where they enjoyed synchronized swimming and diving for instance.

They were expert snorkeling, scuba and skin divers. Their families enjoyed both skiing and snow boarding. Surfing and jet skiing/ hand gliding and parachute jumping. At the age of sixteen they received their driver's licenses, and pilot licenses. They were helicopter and plane pilots and co-pilots.

All of their families enjoyed their private golf courses and tennis courts. Of course they were welcomed members of exclusive and private country clubs. Where they played both tennis and golf. They enjoyed steeple jumping and polo sports. Which were also part of their country clubs.

They had their choices of country clubs and other activities such as the ballet, private art museums, symphonic music and opera for example. They prided themselves as being both patrons and sponsors of the finer arts. There were areas where croquette was played.

Their country clubs posses Olympic size and world class swimming pools. There were private conference rooms and the finest dinning areas available by reservations only! Where the world-class finest cuisine dining, provided with only the very best of beverages, were served.

In essence all of their off spring were born with both silver and golden spoons in their mouths. Why did those highly specialized universal rings choose the twenty of them? Their chauffeurs took them a wealthy youth orientated dance club where no one over the age of twenty-one nor under the age of fifteen were admitted.

In order to ensure no wild party animals gate c rashers, drug dealers, pornography recruiters gang bangers, motor cycle gangs and other trouble makers, expensive reservations and active club membership were required. With no exceptions made because they reserved the right to refuse service to anybody!

The younger crowd ages thirteen-fourteen had an age limit that ended at seventeen was opened up on earlier time-frames and different days of the week. Since the friendship club was sixteen they choose the older age bracket.

The Jasmine Club was named after the female disc jockey who was also part owner. The Jasmine Club posses all of the spectacular special effects lights and sound effects. The twenty birthday boys and girls choose their team mates and their partners. Each couple was confined to one large aerial floating disc which gave them plenty of room to make their signature dance moves.

Jasmine allowed no food or drink on her premises unless it was under supervised doctor's orders. It was also a smoke free environment from tobacco and marijuana, vi-ping cigarettes etc.

The twenty birthday boys and girls felt a strange burning sensation in their inner zipper pockets because of their birthday presents. Resulting in their placing their rings on their ring fingers of both their right and their left hands.

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954/209

Roxy 1954/ October Country

May 15-20, 2021

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