The Holy Spirit's Pure White Dove Prologue

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


The Edwards family has a white dove sometimes as their unusal house guest.

During Biblical days, the Holy Spirit manifested himself in the form of a pure white dove. But that doesn't mean that existing white doves are the Holy Spirit. They are just ordinary birds! However in this special instance, the Holy Spirit freely chooses to bless a current white dove!

"There was an improvised little girl who was also friendless!" Spoke the mother to her young children.

"Children, how do you like my story so far?" She asks her offspring. "You know honey they haven't heard enough of your latest children's book and neither have I to make any sound judgments!"Responses her loving spouse and severest critic, Seth Edwards.

She dismisses her children and sends them outside to play within the boundaries of their fence in yard. Complete with a home monitored 24/7 security system! The ice cream truck drives by their neighborhood.

Her children were rewarded by ice cream! Around their necks they wear protective devices and all they have to do is push their buttons if ever they were either in trouble or in danger!

She and her husband love to prepare their meals together. And when dinner time is ready, she simply rings a dinner bell. Her children wash up for their evening meal, and their father prays the family's blessing over their meal.

After their meal time clean up is over, they all watch their favorite episodes of Super book on their high definition living room wall smart television!

However, when the Edwards family is fast asleep, a single male white dove enters their pet's door and flies upstairs into each and every bedroom of their children. Before flying into their parent's master bedroom downstairs.

He watches over Mrs. Glenda Edwards and her husband's Seth while they are asleep and leaves before the family wakes up! The next morning Seth draws rough drafts of pure white doves! He was the illustrator of his wife's children books.

Suddenly the same pure white dove flies in through an open window. He snaps a picture of it with his smart phone. Next he saves it with his blue tooth. Additionally, he saves it to hes computer's hard drive.

After the white dove flies away, Seth is able to create its remarkable likeness! Glenda types on her Dell computer that the poor little girl was crying because she was so very sad! While Glenda types the pure white dove lands upon her slender shoulder. He starts and cooing very softly and tenderly in her ear.

Little did Glenda Edwards realize that Holy Spirit once more was freely manifesting himself in the form of a while dove!

Satan was manifesting himself in the form of a large male strong ferule aggressive black cat.

He jumps into the open window and tries to pounce upon the white dove. God the Father shoots rays of powerful sunbeams right at the eyes of the black cat. Thus the black cat was blind! But he was able to jump through the open window on his way out of the Edward's house. Satan changes back into his devilish self! The Holy Spirit flies back to heaven where He came from.

Love in Christ Jesus!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954/209

Roxy 1954/ October Country

May 11, 2021 & June 23, 2021

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