The Guardians of Planet Earth Prologue

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Search gets a new name from God, Himself-The New Guardians of Planet Earth.

It was entirely when Search was rendered unconsciousness, by the deceased Dr. Neptune's knock-out black smoke. God, used Search to accomplish His objectives.

God did much more than to destroy all of the alters! He directed Search to destroy all of the craven images and the idols! That were erected by their faithful and deluded worshipers of Search.

Therefore, it was God who gave them their black gold and silver medallions. He ordered Search to completely destroy Search's vain objects of worship! Since only God is worthy of worship and of praise! Search faithfully followed God's divine directives. He gave them a new name and a newer responsibility. The Guardians of Planet Earth! Hence forth it was their responsibility to both defend protect and to also defend His planet earth!

However, God was not in any means abdicating either His throne, or His responsibilities. For, the longest time God was aware that His mankind, were worshiping Search. His humans were also were faithfully praying for their protection.

As well as their deliverance from the forces of darkness and of evil! It was only because of His divine intervention that He actually rescued Search. After the Guardians of Planet Earth, finished their proclamation ceremonies! They found themselves being lead by their flight rings.

Faster than a world renowned New York Minute, the youthful super heroes! All of them find themselves completely surrounded by a brilliant and powerful energetic light forces! Exceeding the powerful energy of earth's very own sun.

Instantaneously, the heavenly brighten lights energetic forces, begin to take solid forms! Each and every member of the Guardians of Planet Earth feel strong masculine arms firmly and warmly embracing either him or also her.

And they were gently whispering words of comfort into their inner ears. After they were calmed down, the young humans fall sound asleep in the protective arms of heavenly angelic beings. They hear the rustling of angel wings soothing all of them into the realms of deepened sleep.

Since their fully six senses were activated; all of them were able to see into the angelic realm. But they were not permitted to actually see their facial features. All of God's sixteen protective angels were not surprised. When they discovered themselves dispatched to help the youthful super heroes.

Especially since they were already dispatched to earth patrol. Most of the earth bound angels were in fact wingless. However, there were some of the exceptions to the heavenly rules.

All of the people of Earth were only able to see the Guardians of Planet Earth totally surrounded by bright energy light forces. Quickly, the youthful super heroes disappear from view. There are bright blasting flashes of light and than they vanish from human sight. Thereby, causing all of the inhabitants of planet Earth, to firmly believe! Their very own super heroes were abducted by alien life forces from other hostile planets!

Once the youth awakens, their angles assigned to them, feed them mania. In essence they share their angelic food with their assigned human beings. Their angles take their right index fingers and touch the foreheads of the New Guardians of Planet Earth.

Of course, one of their purposes was, to protect them from the spiritual evil forces of darkness in high places. Another reason was to alert all of their heavenly angelic beings, their young humans, were marked by them. Quiet frankly, they were merely following God's divine instructions.

Just because they were touched by angels, did not necessarily make them ones. However, the final reason was to put Earth's villi-ans to know their adversaries! Had really been touched by angelic beings. Should it become absolutely necessary for them to know!

The Guardians of Planet Earth were both admonished and informed. That their marks were to remain invisible unless absolutely necessary. Furthermore, they were to let the people know, they were abducted by powerful energy forces, and released by them!

The youthful super heroes were protected from seeing the demonic forces of darkness! Because it would much more than human beings could take! And to still maintain their sanitizes! All of Satan's minions, would have to see was to observe the super heroes, angelic marks on their foreheads.

There was a young woman who was demon posses and her parents pray for her divine deliverance. Her caring family members were too sacred to let other people know! Although they were non believers, their plight was desperate! God knew there were low power level demonic powers involved.

Therefore, God did not send His angels, instead God dispatched the New Guardians of Planet Earth! Her demons beheld the humans marked by heavenly angels. Their opponents used their God-given made-lions to release their blacken energy forces!

Their super heroes res-curers aim their rays at the lowest level demonic forces of darkness! Thus causing them to come out of the young woman loudly yelling and screaming! They keep aiming their made-lions directly at the demons until they vanish in a puff of black smoke!

Afterwards when the demons had timely departed, their victim warmly embraces one of the female members of the New Guardians of Planet Earth. She starts crying uncontrollably and shaking violently!

Her chosen super hero warmly embraces her and comforts her. Whereas, her partners warmly embrace her parents, her family members and their friends who were present at the same time.

Once every one was calmed down, the super heroes vanish from their sights, in bright lights.

God's rescuers have a divine appointment with Him! Just because they were sealed by angels, did not mean, they were born again! God dispatches their sixteen angelic beings to warmly embrace them. And flies all of their humans right into His throne room.

God knew their bodies were protected but not their immortal spirits! His very own Son seated at His right head, leads them into their redemptive confessions! Once they have received His Holy Spirit inside of their hearts and minds! All sixteen of them have become personally redeemed by Jesus Christ! Afterwards the young super heroes weep for joy with uncontrollable laughter!

It was the Son of God who uses his right index finger to place his mark on their foreheads right over their angelic ones! Only than were all of them informed, they would never taste earthly death! During the rapture of His Church, they would receive their immortal translated bodies. Right along side of the rest of His bride and His body of born again believers!

The Son of God motions for their heavenly escorting angels, to take them back to His planet earth! Previously, they were only allowed to behold the bodies of their specially chosen angels! But now they were able to behold their illuminating faces. Not only that, they were able to see the rest of God's angelic hosts!

Love in Christ Jesus!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954/ 209

Roxy 1954/ October Country

May 08, 2021

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