The Royal Diet

by Ruth Z Deming

There are FIVE TRILLION RECIPES Worldwide.

Always read the 'CARB COUNT' - rather than the calorie count. Also the sodium count. Buy your products on the basis of carbs, sodium count, and trans fat count.

Welcome to my easy-to-make recipes. I have loved to cook ever since I lived in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, and my mother taught me to make Royal Pudding. It came in a package and all you had to do was stir and not let it stick on the bottom of the pan.

Ruth Z Deming is my name. Over the years I've met people who "hated" to cook. But for one reason or another, the tables have turned and it is now necessary they help out their families and learn some fundamentals. Do use the Internet if you get stuck.

Make every single meal as healthy as possible. I, myself, have insulin-dependent diabetes, which can kill you if you're not careful. However, this informal cookbook is for regular people.

Let's call it "The Royal Cookbook."

We're going to list Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Dessert.

And also healthy beverages to drink.

Do your best. If you can't get all the correct ingredients, substitutes are fine.

For the Royal Cookbook, take out all your ingredients before hand.

BREAKFAST. Eat healthy when you break your fast. Eggs have often been called "nature's perfect food."

Know anyone who doesn't like eggs? I do.

Use organic eggs, such as Happy Hens. This means "Our hens enjoy at least 108 square feet of pasture, each with plenty of fresh air and sunshine year-round. This lifestyle gives the girls the freedom to forage through rotated pastures, feasting on a natural buffet of grasses daily."

In a non-stick saucepan, use plenty of butter, heat, and then crack in two eggs - the shells are very thin - and, if you wish, add the following:

Mushrooms, Compari tomatoes, peppers, asparagus and anything that strikes your fancy.

Be sure not to overcook your eggs or they will be tough. They should be barely hard when you remove them from the pan.

If you wish, set your table. As you eat, enjoy every single bite and marvel that, "I did it! I made eggs for the very first time!"

If the phone rings, don't answer it.

If you wish, drink a hot non-caffeinated beverage with your meal. Okay, if you need caffeine, you may drink that. But only one cup. My new favorite drink, which my sister Lynn introduced me to, is Twining Herbal Tea, Pure Peppermint.

A nice substitute for eggs is Hot Cereal. Again, heat saucepan with butter or oil. (Olive oil has a very strong taste.) Add organic frozen blueberries, about 8; Quaker oatmeal, about one-third cup; Cream of Wheat, about one-third cup; one scoop of Woodstock peanut butter for protein, and cook until done.

Eat immediately.

LUNCH. How about a nice healthy salad for lunch? They call this insalada at fancy restaurants.

"Spring Mix" offers an abundance of "healthy greens," with no preservatives added. Included are Baby spinach, radicchio, arugula, lettuce. Transfer into large bowl. With scissors, cut up the spring mix. Then add sauteed mushrooms, a dollop of mayonnaise, organic ketchup, and mustard. Many folks like Dijon or Mr. Mustard. The latter two are hot, which is good for your digestive tract. Feel free to experiment.

To your salad, add chick peas, and steamed or canned asparagus, Deviled eggs (find directions for deviled eggs on Internet - they are tricky to make. You will want to use pickle relish).

DINNER. For dinner, you can serve anything you ate from breakfast and lunch. Is there anything more popular than Meatballs and Spaghetti? Buy whole wheat spaghetti and boil in large saucepan. Regular spaghetti is okay. Prepare the meatballs ahead of time. Check the Internet for a recipe. "All Recipes" is one of my favorites. Serve the meatballs over the spaghetti. Is your mouth watering now like mine is? Plenty of healthy ingredients: garlic, onion, mushrooms.

For dinner you may also choose Pizza with red sauce and a variety of toppings that include pineapple, broccoli, olives - green and black.

DESSERT. Mott's applesauce. Musselman's. Culinary Hill's Pizzells of different flavors. You can also learn to make your own. Buy a pizzelle iron. My late friend Mary Pasorini taught our family to make pizzelles with the pizzelle iron.

HEALTHY DRINKS. Today, nearly everything is made into a drink, including high carb Pineapple Juice, Apple Cider, Arizona Tea, Welch's Grape Juice, and the all-favorite high carb Orange Juice. Whatever happened to Anita Bryant, former Miss America, who "hated gays" and was fired from her job. Born in 1940, she is still singing.

Lower carb juices include cans of V-8, glass jars of Knudsen tomato juice, carrot juice, grapefruit juice.

Tonight I will try something new. In my crock pot, I have tiny slices of potatoes, mushrooms, onions, and slices of Cabot Cheese, made from a consortium of "contented cows" in Vermont. How amazing all these foods - with the power of the sun - reached my Royal Table in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania.

Send me an email at RuthDeming at and let me know how you made out.

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