Search a New Story Dr. Neptune Conclusion

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Search defies Dr. Neptune's frigid watery chambers of death, and God changes their names to "The Guardians of Planet Earth." People have erected alters, and idols worshiping Search. God instructs them to destroy those alters and idols or else. Afterwards they are to make a public annoucement of their new names!

Dr. Neptune was a world renowned hypnotist and experimental scientist. Who honestly believes he could succeed with the destruction of Search where the English scientist Sir Reginald Chadwick had failed miserably! His deceased colleague had just one fetal flaw. He just happened to be English, and Search claimed to be American!

Unlike his former late and great, associate Sir Reginald Chadwick, he did not desire to make the same fatal mistake of miserably attempting to harness their protective black energy force fields. He would invite them instead to one of his successful world renowned performances. If Search refused to attention, he would challenge them, by calling them chickens!

Dr. Neptune makes a small fortune just in highly priced ticket sales! All because Search remains a hotter item exceeding even himself! And that really wouldn't satisfy his already over inflated ego! On his stage are sixteen comfortable chairs! One for each coed member of Search.

Search makes its usual spectacular entrances and lands back on the ground. All sixteen of them sit down on those deceptive comfortable chairs. Each chair has its unit number placed upon it and is widely separated from the other ones. Dr. Neptune vainly tries to hypnotist Search, and Search plays along with his destructive suggestions.

Their chairs take Search as its hostages by strapping them firmly in. They are bound with heavy metal chains and heavy metal balls, blind folded and gagged! The words they hear circling around in their ears is, "this is your time to die Search!" A puff of black smoke renders them unconscious!

There is a heavy metal noose around their necks; in a large tank of frigid water with its lid firmly shut! There are heavy metal balls with heavy metal chains wrapped around their bodies and their feet! Search still remains completely unconscious!

However, their black flight/energy rings remain activated. Thereby they are all regulated to their protective phantom stealth modes. "This is your time to die Search" was automatically replaced with "this is your time to live Search!"

Their right hand rings frees the upper portion of their bodies, whereas, their left rings liberates the bottom portion of their bodies! While their bodies remain unconscious, they fly out of their tanks of death and smash through the tanks' lids! Thus drowning the nefarious Dr. Neptune and his minions assistants!

Instead of drowning, Search is safely floating to the surface of the icy waters. They are floating through the entrance and their drenched unconscious bodies are washed up on stage! Thereby, causing the waters to recede back, to their former frigid chambers of death. Once the waters are flushed down the drain, the authorities are able to recover the corpses of Dr. Neptune and all of his minions!

The coroners reports drowning was their cause of all of their deaths! The police notice the chambers of horrors that was to result in the untimely demise of Search! They see their heavy metal neck nooses, heavy metal body chains and heavy metal balls! It was a good thing the diabolical Dr. Neptune and his assistants were all dead!

Poor Search! It was a good thing they remained unconscious during their entire time of their death defying ordeals! Search was being rushed to the nearest emergency wards of the closet hospital and oxygen masks were placed upon their faces.

The entire faith based communities of Christians believing in the power of divine healing were faithfully praying. Effective through intercessory prayers was being put into an emergency red alert modes.

The Jewish and the Muslims communities were also actively praying for the survival of Search! People of other faith based religions were praying for Search's recovery.

However, unfortunately for Search, there was an ever increasing number of people who regarded Search as gods and as goddess! They were extremely involved in enacting worship services for Search! Complete with sacrifices of mankind and beats.

While Search was unconscious the divine voice of God was whispering inside their ears. "Search! Believe me when I tell you this! You are not gods nor goddess, you were created both male and both female! And this I know, Search, that you are beginning to consider yourselves as gods and goddess worthy to be praised and worshiped!

Therefore, all sixteen of you are men and women, and you are not divine! And under no circumstances will you ever be declared to be divine in nature! Once you fully recover from your latest ordeals, you are to destroy the alters built in your honor and for your worship!

Hence forth you are to publicly declare that you are men and women and not divine! Failure to do so will result in your untimely demise!" Dear Heavenly Father strongly admonishes them.

Once God departs from their subconscious minds, Search wakes up in the hospital's emergency ward! And they discover that they are in their very own basic black costumes: They have black berets upon their heads and futuristic black masks concealing completely the upper portions of their faces. Around their necks something brand new was added.

There were large blacken light weight gold/silver medallions hanging around their necks! Their rope chains were blacken gold and silver. Also with a stone from the universe inside of it with their unit numbers inside.

On their right sides were their numerical/signal/energy futuristic guns! There were added black silver and gold precious jeweled spectators. They were to use their new spectators to destroy their idols their alters that were built in their own imagines and after their own likenesses!

Both males and females wore black turtle neck tops, and black leather vests. They wore long black leather gloves. On the ring fingers of both heads were their flight/energy power rings.

They wore their wide black energy full body length black capes with black stars. They wore solid energy black lassos of truth, freezing and immobility was added to their power source. Their black lasso-es were on their left side.

They wore their global world insignia on their tops right and left shoulders' areas along with their unit numbers. Since God told them they were to protect to and to defend the planet earth. Hence forth they were not to be known as Search!

They were to be renamed as 'The Guardians of Planet Earth." They were wearing form body contouring leggings and calf high light weight black leather boots. But it was all converted to black energy sources.

With their rings they could create anything needed while they were engaged in battle and or patrol. They could create things for themselves and others also during their leisure periods just as long as it was in basic black! After the idols and the alters in their own images were competently destroyed; they were to make a global announcement about their new names.

In the mean time they were going to ride on their black passengers' drones on their very first aerial earth's patrol! The whole world watches as their protectors and their defenders of planet earth make their spectacular aerial display, and than land on their public podium.

Instead of their former name of Search, the words The Guardians of Planet Earth, were in blazing black letters along with their unit numbers.

Love in Christ Jesus!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954/209

Roxy 1954/ October Country

May 03- 05, 08 2021

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