Search a New Story in Public Service Concluded

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Search is publically knighted by Queen Elizabeth 11, who pronounces them humans. Search is almost eliminated by a mad British scientist! They rescue sixteen British children. And they all arrive safely at Lady Beaumont's old fashioned estate.

Queen Elizabeth 11 decided to knight all sixteen co-ed mysterious young Americans. In repayment for their faithful services rendered to her fellow countrymen and countrywomen. It was used for her to make a public declaration as to the humanity of Search, itself! Hence the ceremony was both broadcasted and celebrated world wide!

There was a very made an eccentric experimental scientist! His name was Sir Reginald Chadwick. In his deranged and demented mind, he was fully convenience that, instead of being human Yankees, they were in essence! Alien life forces originating from another planet!

Further more he believed their black energy force could be harnessed to further his own diabolical schemes! And if all sixteen of them perished from off the face of the earth, so be it! It was their divine destiny! Just as long as their blacken energy force remained active!

Search was flying over head actively searching for Chadwick's hidden lair! Thus causing Sir Reginald to let loose with loud malevolent and insane laughter. All because Search was naturally curious, they decided to try and observe, a much closer look.

Thus they are aiming their black/energy rings at his lair. Instead of eliminating their potential adversary, they are sucked alive into the inside of his lair. He uses his fully automatic robotic minions to pick up the unconscious bodies of Search. They place their bodies on machines and those machines attach Search to them. Hence activating his machines of his own creation!

He fully believed in his own divinity! The machines begin rapidly removing their blacken energy power source from their unconscious bodies into his machines. But in his deranged mind, he figures the extraction process would much more enjoyable if all of them were awake! He wanted them to cry out in their pain and anguish for his non existent mercy!

His evil wish was granted! Search woke up and started emitting ear shattering banshee yells! All to no avail because he was wearing higher volume blacken intensity ear plugs.

But then as their painful index vastly increased, their victorious Tarzan yells, penetrate his earplugs! Their blacken energy force was only made one hundred percent stronger!

All sixteen of them focus their black energy/power rings upon Sir Reginald Chadwick and their disintegration of him and his robotic minions!

While they are destroying his machines, and releasing themselves! They cause the machines to give them back their very own blacken energy power sources! Thereby totally destroying his machines!

Suddenly they hear some sobbing in another room! There were orphan and street children that Sir Reginald wanted to experiment on! He wanted all of them to be able to replace Search! All in order for him to gain complete world dominion!

"Search! We knew he wanted to destroy you! And have all of us to take your place! But he never had the chance, because you destroyed him instead!"

They tightly throw their arms around Search. "Can you please fly all of us to Lady Beaumont's old fashioned estate! She has promised to take care of all of us until we are old enough to take care of ourselves!"

All sixteen young boys and girls plead with Search.

"But don't worry, she is able to take good care of you too Search! And from the looks of things! All of you badly need one of your extended sleep periods. Not to mention her kitchen staffs'delicious cooking and baking!" They explain.

Search broadly smiles. Each co-ed Search member is willing transporting their very own child or either male or female gender.

All sixteen British children are eye witness! They are privilege to watch Search use both their rings and their futurists guns. In the one hundred percent of the annihilation of the deadly lare's death trap!

It's fiery explosion was seen around the globe! Therefore leaving a deadly warning to the criminal elements of the world. Don't tread on Search! Because of their rings, and Sir Reginald's observational computerize screens, to observe the entire affair! The whole wide world enthusiastic cheers because Search was victorious over the evil and diabolical forces of darkness!

Their sixteen rescued children plead with Search to fly them over to Lady Beaumont's old fashioned estate. Search flies them over the scenic route to their destination. After the-landing Serch's drones on her estate's vast lands escape lawns, the young children run to and warmly embrace Lady Beaumont, Miss Melinda and Lord Merryweather.

Search is shown to their dinning room where Lady' Beaumont's staff serve them delicious meals, tasteful beverages, and mouth watering deserts. Prior to being shown to their bed chambers, they are all given relaxing messages. Immediately afterwards they are taken to their private bed chambers. Because of their latest death defying adventures, their sleeping periods are vastly prolonged.

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954/209

Roxy1954/ October Country

May 03, 2021

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