Search a New Story Part Three in Public Service Continued.

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


In the next segment Serach gets knighted by Queen Elizabeth 11 before a world wide audience. In the conclusion of the in the public service sequences.

Miss Melinda Beaumont laid her head upon her sick mother's Lady Eleanor Beaumont's chest and was weeping loudly! Her dedicated young man could not in all truthfulness propose marriage to her! God forbid! Especially during his loved one's hour of need. It was Lord Jonathan Merryweather who wrote the word Search in plain black letters on a white piece of paper. It had worked at least three times before, maybe it would work now?

Standing right before him were the sixteen very mysterious young Americans calling themselves Search! "OH No!" Search cried out in desperate pain! Lady Beaumont had taken them in under her protective shelter of her loving wings! She had provided them with sanctuary admits criticism and treated them like human beings!

It was the male half of Search Unit Five that lovingly cradled this beloved woman in his arms and started weeping uncontrollably! All of the other fifteen remaining members of Search cried their collective hearts out!

Both Jonathan and Melinda knew that Search was only human after all! Search looks at one another and dries their eyes! All sixteen of them point their black energy/ flight rings directly at Lady Beaumont!

Lady Beaumont opens her eyes wide, "Search! I knew you would all come and rescue me!"

"We love you Lady Beaumont! You treated us just like human beings!" Search cried out! "It was Jonathan that contacted us!"

Jonathan and Melinda embrace her mother warmly. "Search, you will always be welcome here."

All three of them warmly welcome and embrace Search. Her servants dismiss every one and take excellent personal care of their beloved Mistress! The kitchen staff was notified Search was all here and most likely very hungry and thirsty as well. After their scrumptious meal, Search is very sleepy and badly in need of rest as well. The servants take them to their guest bed chambers. Just like before Search soundly sleeps for several days and several nights.

Lady Beaumont sits in her rocking chair and silently knits in their female bed chambers. She silently prays to her Lord and her God, Jesus Christ to look after and to protect Search!

Whereas, Lord Jonathan reads his well worn family's Holy Bible in the bed chambers of the male members of Search. His faithful prayers of a righteous man were united together with those of his fiancee and his future mother-in-law.

"How was Search able to sleep for such prolonged periods of time?"

Her entire household including her staff and her servants plainly wanted to know. But they were afraid to ask Search and draw undue attention to themselves. Lady Eleanor and Miss Melinda and Lord Jonathan all wonder. Once Search starts to wake up both of them leave the bed chambers.

Search refreshes itself and eats a mouth watering English breakfast. Just like previously before there was not a crumb of food or a drop of liquid left behind. The police inspector Marian Jenkins looks at Search's breakfast table after they had all finished breakfast.

Lady Beaumont was right after all Search was human!

"Good morning Search! Somehow I knew that if all of you were still here in England, you would be the welcomed guests of Lady Beaumont! In short I knew exactly where and how to find your whereabouts!" The police inspector finishes her good morning greeting to Search.

"I have always wanted to fly on one of those incredible black drones of yours! I firmly believe it would be much more appropriate if I rode with the female partner of Search Unit One! London was calling me and asking me if I could convenience all of you to arrive there as expediently as possible.

I know why all of you are looking at me just precisely like that. Honestly, you can all believe me when I tell you. London didn't give me a single solitary clue as to what their rational was." She expatiates her evidence.

She smiles warmly at Search and Search returns her friendly smile. The female half of Search Unit One leads her by the hand and helps her mount her drone. Just like all of the rest of Search, they always wore their black helmets with appropriate black face shields. Whenever they were flying on their drones.

Next she straps in the in-spectator before she straps in herself. Because of the presence of the police in-spectator, Marion Jenkins, they did not fly at anywhere near top speed. However they program their drones to fly them to London by the shortest aerial route.

Upon arrival in London, all of Search dismounts their drones and miniaturizes them. Placing them in one of their basic black costume's legging's pockets. The police in-spectator Marian Jenkins notices a small and growing restless mob of both the hounds of the media!

Along side of the curiosity seekers of the general public; mixed up between them were the hecklers and the rabble- rousers. Vainly attempting to hold back the crowd outside of London's Scotland Yard were London police officers loudly asking Search for help! Without even uttering a single syllable Search erects protective force fields between the police and the spectators. Effective even after Search leaves the building.

Thereby enabling all of them and Police In-spectator Marian Jenkins to enter the main lobby of Scotland Yard. Once inside they were taken into their briefing room; where a slide show was already prepared for their benefit. They were shown slides of His Lordship and Her Ladyship Richard and Melissa Faunteroy with their small children.

Lord Faunteroy was known for his being a swing voter in the House of Lords. However, in order to strongly exercise undue influence upon him to change his votes, his family was kidnapped!

"Sargent, we take it you want us to rescue his family? How much time do we have?" Search asked him.

"Listen up Search, might I suggest that you leave immediately, and find them before it is much too late for it to do any reasonable amount of good!" He orders their immanent departure.

In a twinkling of an eye Search vanishes right before his very eyes! When they reappear, in the lair of the kidnappers, they are in their phantom stealth-mode.

They had placed a female kidnapper directly in charge of watching over both her ladyship and her two small children. Search causes the family to disappear and freezes the kidnappers. But they all reappear again in Scotland Yard along with Lord Faunteroy!

Search unfreezes the kidnappers and turns their prisoners over to Scotland Yard. Therefore causing all of the kidnappers to cuss Search in their peculiar Cockney accents. It is only when all the carrier criminals are safely incarcerated, is Search instructed to take down their invisible force fields.

Police Inspector Marian Jenkins and Search mount their drones in front of the growing crowd, smile and wave farewell. Search drops off the police inspector at her local police precinct before flying back again to Lady Beaumont's old fashioned estate.

Her estate had remained in her family for at least the past two hundred and fifty years! But it had been reovated and modernized without losing any of its quality. However, this time Lady Beaumont, Miss Melinda and Lord Richard Merryweather joined Search at meal time.

In unison the household and Serach thanks their good Dear Heavenly Father for the safe return of Lady Faunteroy, her small son and her small daughter! As well as the over abundant blessings that He had freely bestowed upon them!

The Lord Faunteroy's household were praising God for inspector Marian Jenkins and Search! Whereas, Inspector Marian Jenkins was praying and thanking Jesus Christ for answered prayer and Search inside her office; all before eating her sack lunch

Love in Christ Jesus!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954/209

Roxy 1954/ October Country

April 27, 29-30, 2021

May 01-02, 2021

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