Search a New Story Part Three in Public Service

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Search travels from rescuing men from middle eastern terriortes to England. While in England they rescue two young children held for ransom, and two runnaway teen agers.

Some terrorists had kidnapped several men and dressed them in orange prison jump suits. Their long blades were being held over their victims heads. The United States Military was very astonished to behold all sixteen co-ed members of Search suddenly appear right before their very eyes!

"Search! What on God's green earth are all of you doing here! And I never knew you would actually let women into Search!" The young second lieutenant loudly exclaimed.

"Relax Sir we decided that we needed to make Search co-ed, but not for any romantic reasons! Par-den us! Maybe we were under the wrong impressions!..." They were interrupted.

"Search! Are we very glad that all of you are all present and accounted for! And lieutenant, just for your own information, the United States Military went co-ed long before either one of us was born! Now is that understood, lieutenant? Dismissed!"

The major exclaimed. More co-ed military personnel were now present. They showed Search a video of the terrorists well publicized death threats of the male infidels! Search had just demonstrated how they could enter a large room on a United States' military base by their highly unconventional methods!

Why couldn't they pull the same stunt over seas in the middle east? They were to rescue all of their hostages they planned to execute! And return the men safely back to their own countries? If any group of unusual people could rescue them in time, it would have to be left up entirely to Search!

When it came to their long blades, they had their permission to destroy them! But if at all possible to please not execute the terrorists! Why should they turn them into dead martyrs!

The terror-its were startled to see all sixteen co-ed members of Search broadly smiling at them! They were even more surprised when Search pointed their rings on both of their ring fingers directly at their swords! Thus making them vanish! Right before their very eyes, they made their prisoners vanish. Only to make all of them reappear safely back inside their own countries!

Search did not let those terror-its worship them as Gods! They kept on chanting Allah be praised! They vanished only to reappear at the military base! All of them received the thanks of the military and their entire country! Their rescue operations were viewed as live action world wide!

The terrorists exploded and told the United States to keep their favorite pet outer space aliens in their own country! There was a rich and influential family, whose only son and only daughter were kidnapped and held for ransom! However it was in the United Kingdom and not the United States!

The family servants were watching it on their television set in their servants' quarters. The family butler wrote the word Search in black letters, and put it inside an envelope. Than he placed it on a small silver tray and handed it directly to his master. He knew that neither the servants nor the family household's were to contact the police! And yet the police were already there!

However, contacting Search could not actually be classified as doing the the exact same thing! Besides every one knew Search wasn't even human? (Anyone besides Search itself because they knew they were human beings!) Wasn't it well known they were visitors from outer space?

His master took the note and handed it to the police. The police inspector opened up the envelope and saw the word Search! Didn't they just rescue some men out of the very jaws of death itself! Their home grown terrorists domestic were well known to execute their victims after they received their ransom money? What chances did two small children possibly have? The very moment she nodded her head Search appeared right in front of all present and accounted for!

The police in-spectator showed Search two recent photographs of the two missing children!

"How would you like us to rescue them and would you like to come along for the ride?" Search asks the police inspector. "But their family members and the rest of the household should probably remain behind?" Search asks them a secondary question which remains unanswered.

"Let's get this show on the road!"Shouts the police in-spectator. Search and the police inspector rescued the small children. Their captors had held guns to their right temple areas. Search Unit One picked up the little children and comforted them in their arms. Search doesn't try to steal the thunder from the local police. Search returns their children to their parents. Whereas, the police take the habitual perpetrators to their police station and incarcerate them.

The servants start to bring out the family's after noon tea time. Although by this time Search is both tired and hungry, they don't invite themselves.

Instead they disappear inside their hidden apartments in their drones. After they fix themselves something to eat, they quickly fall fast asleep. Inside of their black and now invisible drones. They only awaken just long enough to both eat and refresh themselves. And than they fall into a lasting deep sleep for the next seventy two hours! During that time period, no one is able to contact them! And they do not contact any body else!

The local police in England deeply appreciate Search! It was all because there was a teen age boy and his teen age girl friend who were runaways from home. All because they did not want to wait to grow up until they got married! The local police inspector wrote the words Search in black ink on a white piece of paper. If it worked just fine for a butler, why wouldn't it work for an English police inspector as well?

The very instance she said the word, "Search" out-loud they appear before her. "What can we do for you inspector Jenkins?" Search smiles broadly at her, "Your slightest wish is our command." They start laughing.

"Search! whatever planet are all of you from anyway?" She bluntly asks them.

"Why don't you listen up for just one second inspector? Because the only planet all of us are from is this one!" They look directly at him. Inspector Jenkins shows them the two photographs of the habitual teen run always! Therefore getting herself and Search out of a very hostile and awkward moment in time.

"They want to get married before they are old enough to do so!"She informs and enlightens them.

"We take it their parents agree with you?" Search answers them.

Suddenly their irritate parents storm into the police station demanding to speak with In-spectator Jenkins! But when they notice that she is talking to Search! Didn't they rescue two small children? Their parents start yelling at Search!

"Why aren't you out there Searching for our children? Why are you wasting all of your valuable time talking to a mere policewoman, who is nothing more than an over paid public servant?"

They continue shouting at Search. Just a minute! Are all of you English?" Their parents bluntly ask them.

"No we aren't English, we are Americans! And yes we really should be searching for your children!" Search smiles broadly at all of them and than vanishes. When they reappear they are riding their very own black drones in plain sight!

They fly to a fine older estate where they spot the runaway teens. All of them see both outdoors as well as indoor servants. Both runaway teens just happen to be gainfully employed as indoor servants.

"You must be Search! You're all everyone is talking about nowadays! The older gracious lady greets them.

"You must be searching for Peter and Pauline? Yes the main reason they ran away from home in the first place is because all their parents do is yell and scream at them and each other! I just happen to be both of their God mothers!

I have offered them much more than sanctuary, I have offered them valuable training as well as gainful employment.

Would you like to join me in my afternoon tea time?"

Lady Beaumont offers Search some badly needed refreshments. Search nods their collective heads yes. During tea time she wisely notices just how very hungry and thirsty all sixteen of them are. Mere afternoon English tea was not going to be nearly enough to feed sixteen very hungry and very mysterious Yankee young people! She orders her abundant kitchen staff to fix up a meal for her invited Search guests.

She leaves the room and lets Search eat their large afternoon meal in peace and quiet! Not one single crumb of left over food or drop of liquid refreshment remained! Strange alien beings from another planet indeed! What happy nonsense!

Afterwards, they talk it over with their gracious hostess! What if her God children's families received some sort of financial compensation from her? It might prevent them from making any waves? She nodes her head in total agreement! And she gives them permission to bring their ungracious parents to her place!

Search appears back at the police station! The in-spectator left the room and failed to return! Search smiles at the bickering parents and transports all of them to their hostess lovely estate. Upon their arrival she sends for their wayward runaway son and their missing and disobedient daughter.

Her personal lawyer is present and he shows them some legal documents. He explains that as long as their children remain in private service at her Lady Beaumont's estate, they would be financially reimbursed.

The police inspector Jenkins signed the legal documents prepared for her to sign as well. After their parents sign their forms and receive their first checks, Search transports them to their bank. Next they transport them to their favorite Pub and than back home again! As well as transport the police inspector back to her local police station. Not once did either parents show any signs of appreciation to Search!

Search shows up at her lovely estate, and their hostess notices how very pale Search is! She orders them a substantial meal and her servants show them to their bed chambers. Their chambers are of course separated for the young men and the young women. Search sleeps peacefully on for a time period of several days and several nights! She orders her staff not to disturb them!

However she checks in on Search for herself! Dear Father in heaven! Those poor young people badly need some prolonged uninterrupted and restful sleep! How very young and very vulnerable all of those strange young Americans did seem!

Once they awaken Search refreshes themselves and then is served a sumptuously delicious English breakfast. Search thanks their gracious hostess, and wants to know if there is anything that they can ever do in return for her hospitality?

She shows an elaborate bed chamber where a beautiful young woman about their own ages lays peacefully. By her bedside kneels a young man lost in deeply meditative prayer to God that she would wake up and be alright again!

Her beloved only daughter! And yet her own private physician and his nurse want her to put her child to sleep permanently! Thereby causing the young man to cry out in heart broken pleas, and Lady Beaumont comforts the be-rived young man!

"Search! Lady Beaumont! Why are you providing sanctuary for these youthful outer space aliens!" Her doctor and his nurse loudly protest.

"First off, Search isn't from outer space at all! Second! They are from the colonies! In essence they are young Americans!" She shouts right back in both of their faces.

"Search is there any hope at all for my precious daughter, Melinda?" She weeps! She throws her arms around Search Unit Two's female member.

"Yes! There is something we can do for her!" She replies.

All sixteen members of Search point their power/flight black energy rings at her! Henceforth, causing Melinda to wake back up again!

Her very faithful and long suffering young man, throws his tender loving care arms around her! The female partner in Search Unit Two throws her arms around the sobbing and grateful Lady Beaumont! Her doctor and his nurse warmly embraces Search and apologies to them. As for Search, they accept their sincere apologies!

"God bless you, Lady Beaumont for being such a gracious hostess for us! We were very happy we were able to be of good service to you!" Search bows to her from their waits down. Everyone all present and accounted for! They were all reliable and valuable eyewitness to Search's sudden and mysterious disappearance from their sight!

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954/209

Roxy 1954/209

Roxy 1954/ October Country

April, 27-29,2021

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