Search a New Story Search Acquires Another Female Unit

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


When the exact number of female two persons units equaled their number of male units; Search became co-ed male and female units. Romantic involvements continued to be non-existence to protect themselves from harm!

The newest all female unit seven did not even glance back at their former parent's humble home! Because the very instance they became transformed as the newest Search Unit, their former life style was far, far, far, behind them! Along with its numerous worries and many cares!

There were two young women, who had parachute accidents during a special show open, to the general public for a nominal fee. That's exactly how Jamie Sommers, a school teacher became the bionic woman. It was Lindsey Wagner who played the lead female roll in that syndicated television series. Angie's and Jenny's, the two sister's, parachutes failed to open up!

Search sprang into action and carried them safely in their arms. After they gently put them back down on the ground they vanished! They had been rightly accused of being show stealers before! All of the people involved wanted to know why Search vanished! Therefore causing all of the Search units to instantaneously reappear at the exact same moment in time!

And all of the people attending the event gave Search a thunderous applause! Leaving, Search with no other feasible alternatives, other than to put on yet another spectacular aerial performance! As well as using their black drones, as part of their global live broadcast-ed actions! Their exit was just as fabulous as their second entrance was!

As usual there were, neither no lasting breaks, nor any rest periods for the brave young super heroes! Two intrepid and death defying beautiful sisters wanted nothing more than to gain world wide fame and glory!

What better way to accomplish their goal; than to draw the attention of Search straight directly at them? They decided to tight rope walk between two magnificent tall sky scrapers! With nothing beneath both of them. Naturally, of course, each one was going to use the usual long polls. In order to help them maintain both their sense of balance as well as their own momentum's!

They were clad in very expensive high wire tight rope walking costumes. However, they both slipped and started rapidly falling to the ground. Therefore, they were, screaming their foolish heads off! Just as they rescued the two parachute jumpers, they rescued the tight rope walkers just in the nick of time! Search did not think the timing was ripe for any lectures.

After all just look at all of the stunts that they have accomplished themselves? The two sisters were extremely surprised when they did not let them off at ground level?

"What was Search up to anyway? Why were they smiling one of their globally famous Search smiles for their benefits? The sisters clearly wanted to know all of the reasons why.

"Search! Please speak to us! Please tell us what on earth what mischievous deeds are all of you up to concerning us?"

The two sisters bluntly asks them It was the all female newest Search Unit Seven? Which it was selected for the tasks of putting the black lassos of truth around their core section of their bodies?

"You will tell us the whole truth. Did you plan that elaborate tight rope walking stunt? Just in order to get our undivided attentions? Did you do it in order to join Search? Did you have any alternative motives in attracting our attentions!" They ask their procedural loaded questions.

Search Unit Seven receives loaded answers. "We did it to gain world wide fame and glory! Which is something Search, you can all relate to! And yes we wanted to attract your entire attentions! Of course, both of us have wanted to sign our names on the bottom lines in order to, become one of you!

But there really was another rational hidden reason! Some of our sponsors wanted our personal serves! All in exchange for their financial backing and and publicity purposes! We were given an offer that we both in no condition to refuse!

We were ordered to agree to becoming their personal property or no high wire tight rope walking sky scraper stunt! See all of those military grade black helicopters over there! Search! They're watching us!

Now we know why they let us pull this foolish stunt! Search! They were really after you and not just after us!" They both yelled out loud. The two sisters start screaming only after unit seven removes its black lassos.

"Search! We are gonna to make you outer-space alien costumed freaks of nature! An offer you ain't gonna refuse! Hand over our gals or face the consequences! We ain't gonna give you much time to make up yer minds!" Their sponsors shout their threats at them! And begin to commence vicious and violent assaults upon Search therefore attempting their total annihilation!

In direct response Search shoots their powerful ring's energetic rays straight at the two badly frighten young females. They are both spontaneously transformed into the magnificent Search Unit Eight! Two more of the universe' stones enter into their black rings! Search had rings on both of their ring fingers. Only one of those outer space stones was needed for two rings!

In unison all of the sixteen members of Search aim their power/signal guns at all of the military grade attack helicopters and blast them out the sky in blazing fiery infernos! They were dangerous wanted criminals with a lot of shed innocent blood on their hands! And all of them perished from off the face of God's earth!

On the earth below all of the people were shouting Search! Search! Search at the top of their lungs!

The United States military was keeping close tabs upon Search. They had a collective decision! Confining Search to a secretive underground military base would not be a feasible solution!

None the less if they badly needed Search, would Search turn them down just like a red hot Idaho or Washington potato?

Now that there were as many female units of Search as males. The rules and the names of the games were changed. The co-ed Search Units were to take effect immediately. Each two person unit would now permanently consist of one male and one female. Relationships and partnerships would hereby continue be purely platonic. There were to be no male and female romantic episodes! This edict was in effect entirely for their mutual benefits! And it was deemed quiet necessary for their mutual protections and survivals as Search!

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954/209

Roxy 1954/ October Country

April 26, 2021

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