Search a New Story Part Three Search Acquires Two All Female Units

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Search gains not only one but two female units!

The very first they had to do was find not only their only female existing unit five, but also Search's two brand new female candidates. It was by placing all of their four male units into their phantom stealth mode that they were able to faze into unit five's protective force field's black bubble.

And they beheld four young and beautiful women smiling at them. Two of them were already in costume.

"Search all male units of one through four. Thank you for being willing to join us." The four ladies greet them.

"Just how much do you all know?" ask all of the four ladies.

"Every thing! Because at Search all existing units keep no secrets hidden from each other!" All four male units knowingly smile at one another.

"And you ladies can actually believe us it is a good thing for all of us to know! It is for all of our protections and our mutual survival! And the current name of the game is these two sisters' want their pieces of Search's live action adventures!

All because both of these young heiress lives have just been placed in double jeopardy!" The four units rest their case with their closing arguments.

"Search! All ten of you don't have to worry about us! It's all because the two of us are already dedicated faithful and loyal fans of yours! We are willing to sacrifice our current lives, our names as well as our current identities! We are willing to surrender our entire memory banks! Because by doing so we are really protecting our loved ones, and well as our family enemies.

We fully realize all evidence of our existences! Prior to joining Search will become permanently eradicated from our memory banks. In short we are both willing to face Search's permanent anemia !" The two sisters and Search candidates rest their entire case in utmost peace.

All ten of them smile their trademark famous Search smiles and point their black power/energy rings at the two candidates. The two candidates and Search become surrounded by a extremely powerful black energy source! They all disappear into thin black smokey air, but when they all reappear, Search has two new female members!

Two more numerical stones from the universe enter into their black rings! All of Search feels a gigantic energetic surge penetrate not only their rings but their entire bodies as well.

While the entire world watches. However they are unable to hear what is really taking place. It was a protective measure for both Search and their general public! But their audio portion is reactivated when Search let's loose with its world famous victorious Trazan's yells!

The whole world watches, especially when twelve and not ten bold and courage's young people. In unison all of them, lift their signal guns very high into the air! Shouting "Search!"

Twelve energy numerical blasts burst forth into fiery blackened flames! Twelve black drones suddenly appear as their passengers fly up in the air to meet them right on schedule. Each drone fly's along side its unit number. From inside of their drone's passenger's cabins were black long flying boards. All twelve of them lay face down on them and fall fast asleep.

As the whole world watches them peacefully slumber completed protected. They reach a popular unanimous consensus. Search has its well earned its time out!

However there are two female runaways from a juvenile detention center. Both of them are walking on some rail road tracks! When suddenly a passenger Am-track train starts blowing its loud warning whistle! But one of their feet are caught in the rails and they are unable to free themselves!

But once more it's Search to their rescue! All twelve of them point their powerful black pure energy rings right directly at both the train and the two young ladies! Thus causing all fourteen people to go into their phantom/stealth mod-us of operendi (procedural non criminal method of operations)

As well as the Am-track train resulting in a strong calming effect upon both passengers and crew members. However, once the two young women are safely in the arms of Search all female unit six, their phantom mode is deactivated! All the people aboard the Am-track Train loudly cheer for Search!

The two young women are grateful but Search flies them back to their juvenile detention center. Admonishing the two of them to serve out their completed sentences. For the longest time the two young women have a captive audience about their adventure with Search!

A motor cycle gang has kidnapped two young girls and were holding them for ransom. Their plans were to no avail because Search was flying directly over head. They aim their rings at the two young girls causing them to fly directly into the arms of the female unit six of Search.

They smile and wave at the police helicopter which was chasing after the gang bangers and kidnappers!

The Search units fly over head the plush so-called secured estate. Search Unit Six is the only one that lands, because they drop off their two young girls! Right into the loving out stretched arms of their two darling daughters. Search Unit Six flies back up in the sky and rejoins its other five Search units!

Because they were so wrapped up the safe return of their two daughters, they all completely forgot to thank Search.

There were two young women, whose both parents had just died. Thereby cutting off their only means of financial support! As the two eldest daughters they had willingly sacrificed not only themselves, but also their futures. All because they baby sat their younger siblings, they had no feasible means of self-supporting themselves.

As for their younger siblings, they had found other baby sitters for their own off springs. When their sisters asked for financial help, they were told to go fly a kite! Never mind the fact that they both had to drop out of high school to babysit their ungrateful younger siblings!

The two female Search units decide to minister unto them in their hours of grief! While they comforted them both, they asked them if they had any plans for their futures? They also wanted to know if their younger family members would be willing to help them out? And, of course, they both answered no to both gently probing questions.

Thereby leaving their four male units serving as kitchen police. Preparing meals and cleaning up their parents house. Their younger brothers and sisters had already found buyers and their older sisters were hereby ordered to vacate the premises immediately! When they were asked what they thought about Search, because of their deep grief they were unable to answer them.

"Do you all honestly mean if we would like to wear uniforms such as yours? Why would all of you really want us? We lack the skills badly necessary to join up with you!" They were both flabbergasted.

They both embrace unit five and start sobbing their troubled hearts out. Unit five comforts them.

"Are all of you serious?" They cease momentarily sobbing

"Quiet honestly all twelve of us couldn't be more serious!" They warmly smile at the two of them.

"Besides what do you have to lose? Just think about your younger siblings paying for your parents final expenses out of the sale proceeds they make from the sale of their house?" Search concludes their preponderance of evidence against the siblings.

Suddenly their light bulbs went exploded inside of their heads! "Alright Search what do the two got to lose! There is really nothing for us to gain by being forcibly evicted from our parents humble house!"

A split second in time later and they both became the female Search Unit Seven! All fourteen of them vanish from sight just ahead of Unit seven's becoming forcibly evicted! When their younger sibling arrive it is already much too late to kick their older sisters out into the street! As for their two sisters, the memory of them had already become forgotten!

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954/209

Roxy 1954/ October Country

April 25, 2021

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