Search a New Story Part 2 the Giant Golden Talking Statue Concluded

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


It was at the well attended funeral/memoral service of the late and great Ms Antoine La Babcock (Ms. Janet Lea Acron). Where her two daughters decided to contact Serach's all female unit five. It was their lives were just placed in double jeopardy!

Search let loose with its victorious Tarzan yell at the golden talking statue that was bent up their total destruction from off the face of the earth! But the statue grew to be one hundred feet tall and wide! Hence it began viciously attacking Search!

All because it sought world domination and world wide enslavement! But first she programmed it to think that only Search was standing in its way!

At first there were only ten numerical stones, in the universe! Which were able to enter into Search's flight/power black rings! Thus vastly increasing their rings energy forces! This time they let loose with their ear piercing whistles! Aiming their rings directly into its jeweled power source box as one penetrating powerful destructive laser ray! Blowing the golden statue into tiny pieces and the disintegration of its remains!

Naturally, their faithful entire world wide audiences were able to listen and/or view Search's epic victory over their nemesis! Search put on a spell-biding memorable world wide victory performance for the world's benefit!

Ms Antoine La Babcock's funeral/memorial service was well represented by the literary fields, and other notable famous people and celebrities. As well as being open to her world wide fan clubs, and the general public! It was well published world wide.

Of course, her highly paid professional mourners, did their appointed tasks extremely well! She would have been well pleased if she could have access into the world's collective minds! "Ding dong the wicked witch is dead...she's gone where the goblins go below..."The Wizard of Oz.

Only one thing would have taken her by her complete surprise! Search attended her funeral, at first on the ground, instead of the air. Search joined the vast multitudes of her funeral attendances.

Search was completely taken off guard. Their all female sister unit five was approached by another pair of two sisters. They were contacted by none other than the two natural birth daughters of Ms. Janet Lea Acorn!

Both of them had some disturbing news to tell Search Unit Five. Causing them to place the four of them inside of an invisible bubble of a protective force field.

When, they used their truthful golden lassos ,and wrapped them around the middle section Ms Acorn's so-called grieving daughters. The two of them both told Search a rather disturbing tale!

Apparently, they were the numero uno beneficiaries of their late great mother's will! Hence those next in line were plotting their untimely prematurely early demises.

The bottom line was they wanted to join Search and they were perfectly ready to give up their lives of leisurely pleasure! And trade them in order to become the next all female unit in Search!

In fact the memory of the both of them would become forgotten! All of it would be accomplished for one singular purpose. In order to protect their loved ones from any retaliation from their enemies! However, how could they worry about their loved ones if they both became permanent amnesia victims of Search?

The point of the matter was quiet simple. Would they be willing to sacrifice not only their entire lives? But also their entire current existence all because of Search? True Search led an exciting hare raising existence, but was it really worth it all?

It was precisely when the two sisters counter proposed Unit Five. Didn't the both of them feel it was worth giving up their entire world to become an essential part of Search as their only existing female unit five?

However Unit Five informed them that if they thought there would any romance existing inside of Search? Both of them would only become extremely disappointed and very mistaken!

Since they were only treated as equals! In essence they were treated! Just exactly like one of the four others male Serach units! Their relationships were purely Platonic!

It was when they were asked if it was worth it and would they do it all again if they had to? The ladies of Search answered yes it was really worth it all! And they would do it all over again many times if they had to!

At that precise same exact time frame, the four male units of Search thought why not? If having one female Search unit was working out rather well? Why not have two female units?

What would happen if they turned them down? They would probably have their innocent blood on their consciences and on their hands!

All because those next in the inheritance line would gladly murder them both in cold blood! Search realized they could not take in the entire world. And when all of them reasoned within themselves, all four male units reached the very same conclusion! And they decided!

But what was wrong with having four male units right along with four female units? In that way Search would actually become completed!

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954/ 209

Roxy 1954/ October Country

April 24- 25, 2021

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