Search a New Story Part 2 the Giant Golden Statue Continued

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


The infamous senstational author Ms Antoine Babcock would make her predecessar Jacqueline Suszane ck look like a choir girl! She framed Search for her murder and branded them as dangerous aliens from a rouge planet1

When the law enforcement agencies discovered the cold body of the sensational female trashy writer Antoine La Babcok, she was found with her favorite golden jeweled dag-gar penetrating her malevolent heart! But at the foot of her lascivious bed fit for a wanton literary queen! Whose lewd life styles would have suited the ancient Romans.

Because she lived her entire life bent upon her lustful desires of her sinful heart! There was a was a newer unfinished handwritten manuscript of hers. Proving beyond a reasonable doubt, that because Search wanted to travel to outer-space! It was all because they all were aliens from another planet! And all of their five units have Machiavellian plans for earth. Just in order to prepare their rouge planet to invade the planet earth!

When they listened to her dictating her book, and glanced through her yellow journalism personal manuscript, they placed an APB (All points bulletin) on Search! What else would the fabricated charge be against them be but a Class A felony of Murder one in the first degree!

"Listen up Search! We know you are all out there somewhere and can in all probability both see as well as hear us. Please do all of us a really big favor by turning yourselves in! Failure to turn yourselves in will turn against you! At the very least you could find yourselves permanently exiled to outer-space!

Search! Is that really want you want for yourselves? Permanent exile? Look I don't believe for one dog gone minute think that you are aliens from another planet! That was all part of this corpse's malicious imagination!

Search! I rest my case! You have actually ten seconds to make up your collective minds!"

The homicide lieutenant finishes his argumentative plea bargaining to Search.

"We hear you lieutenant loud and clear! All of us are innocent she wanted to frame us for her murder which we did not commit! A clever and diabolical woman such as Antoine La Babcock! Who's heart was over brimming with malice! Most likely had a multitude of enemies more than several miles long at the very least! In fact we were listening to her dictating her book.

All of the time she was unjustly branding us as dangerous rouge aliens from another planet! And not once did she actually accuse us of murder! She just planted evidence providing us with a nonexistent mod-us operand-um!

Why don't you listen to us lieutenant Barker and give us a chance? You wanted us to listen to you! You are barking up the wrong tree! We have been called everything from masked costumed freaks of nature to aliens! If we killed every one who threw verbal stones at us! There would multitudes of corpses laying around and not just one!" Response Search.

All five Search units extend their black gloved hands to the police officers and they in turn place handcuffs on them.

"Look Search I am not going to read your your Miranda arrest legal warning rights! It is all because none of you have any equal protection under the laws governing our country.

Don't you worry about a thing, at least I won't order you to unmask! And thanks a million for turning yourselves in without causing me the least bite of trouble. I will endeavor to do all the very best for all of you! So help us God!"

Homicide Lieutenant Barker swears on his personal honor as a man of God and a man of his word. Search voluntarily of their own free will continue to consent to place themselves under his personalize police protection.

However, once they reach the police station, the local FBI is already awaiting them. In order to take Search into protective custody. The FBI already decided that Search was not guilty as charged.

The Feds did believe Ms Antoine La Babcock was maliciously murdered probably by some one she already knew! She was most likely working on her latest malevolent block busting novel of all time! All by unfairly branding Search as dangerous alien life force beings from a rouge planet. Who sought to launch a full fledged aerial as-salute on planet earth!

The corpse ,had been previously during her life time, reading too many comet books and sci-if novels! Also she was binge watching far too many super hero movies during her life time! According to the special investigative unit of the FBI!

The Special Federal Agents re-handcuffed Search. All because Search Unit Five was female, two of the special agents were also female. Carefully navigating themselves away from the relentless blood hounds of the media; they make no comments.

They place all ten members of Search inside a large unmarked blue van. But instead of taking them to their federal building, they uncuff them and drop them off in the desert, and drive away!

Once the fed's van is out of the human sight's range! Search lifts their flight/power rings to the sky and takes flight. Quickly they fly over head the fed's blue van only to discover they are in clear and present danger!

Masked automatic assault rifles are pointing directly at the federal agents who are on their knees. They are all tightly blind folded, gagged and handcuffed with their own handcuffs behind their arms! The gunmen have their weapons of death and destruction pointed at the temple areas of their heads.

The federal agents are silently saying their farewell prayers to God. And repenting of the shameful ways they treated Search! When suddenly, The gun men raise their weapons to the air and vainly attempted to shot Search out of the sky! Search uses their own signal/power guns to shot their own numerical blazing numbers at their adversaries!

Search lands and tends to the startled agents who freely admit that God sent them as an answer to their prayers. Looking up they beheld ten pilot-less drones rapidly heading in their direction! Search shots both of their numerical rings at the feds and the disarmed gunmen.

All of them find themselves inside of large floating black protective force fields! They are visible one way only! Their passengers could look out, but nobody else was enabled to look inside it was for their own protection.

Search re-atomizes their weapons inside separate bubbles. Search mounts their powerful drones and they quickly fly right above the federal building. Once they arrive there, the international blood hounds of the media are awaiting them.

Search releases their passengers, and their weapons and disappears out of sight in their invisible phantom stealth mode. All the people clap their hands and cheer! Even after Search vanishes from their sight!

However New York Time's best author for several years, Ms Antoine La Babcock was her pen name only. Her real name was Ms Janet Lea Acorn. The vast majority of her trashy adult novels featured Search not as heroes, but as diabolical villains! She melted some silver and gold together. And no it did not take the form of an ancient Egyptian God of a golden calf.

That the children of Israel had Aaron, the elder brother of Moses, mold one during the prolonged absence of Moses. Moses was receiving instructions from "I am that I am," Who was God Almighty! During their wilderness journey that lasted forty years!

At the ending of the forty years Joshua and Caleb were in charge of the new generation of Hebrews. Leading the new generation of Hebrews across the river Jordan and into their promise land! Joshua was Moses' successor appointed by God just like Moses, Aaron and Miriam were before him.

However, it did take form but only when Search activated it, with their specialized flight power rings! It actually took the form a golden talking human statue of a man.

His first words were,"Death! And no quarter or no mercy shall be given unto you! Say your final farewells to each other Search before you all perish from the face of the earth! And Search lets loose with their victorious Tarzan yells!

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954/ 209

Roxy 1954/ October Country

April 24, 2021

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