Search a New Story Introduction, Continued the Attack of the Killer Drones!

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Search gets itself a permanet female Search Unit Five and they are attacked by pilot-less killer drones. The police are involed in a 211 armed robbery of a huge liquor store. The next part has to do with a huge Golden Talking Statue.

All of the Search unites currently existing was their units one through five. Each unit consisted of two members of Search. Due to their recent acquisitions of two temporary sisters; Search currently has ten members.

Search had just left their personal drones bedrooms. When they discovered an aerial assault killer drones force factor one headed directly into their airspace! Search lets loose with its victorious banshee yell! "Attack Search!"

Each member uses his signal/power gun and his two power energy blasts flight rings! They engulf themselves with protective black energy fields! And also surround themselves into black safe guarded force fields!

The whole wide world watches the epic battle! They are completely memorized! Suddenly there is a world wide roar of approval!

Once they successfully defeat their pilot-less drone warriors, they decide to keep all of them for themselves! Why not put them into good usage? However, they could not imagine who would hate them enough to viciously plot their ultimate destruction's! Who else but the crazed fans who wanted them to annihilate each other in the first place! Sunday was not a day of rest for Search!

The following Monday, the female reporter had an appointment with the the district attorney's assistant. Ms Gail Freda Gilda. Her younger sister was also present because she was an eye witness to the potential scene of the crime.

They were not in their temporary borrowed Search costumes. Each one of them gave her their statements. Suddenly there was several eye opening, ear splitting, aerial explosions!

Apparently there were timed explosives secretly concealed inside of the warrior killer drones~ It was very obvious to Search that their hidden diabolical enemies meant business! How fortunate it was that Search still had all of their protective fields totally surrounding them!

As for the news media's reporter and her ex-community college's younger sister! Both of them knew that the rest of the media would be telling this monumental eventful story without any direct help from them. The younger sister was also a former Journalism Major at her school.

But they still had the leading edge over their competitions because for a short while! They were part of Search. Both young women were surprised when they saw Search! Riding their drones right outside the window! They smiled and waved at all eight of them!

In response they reactivate their unit five! Because they were both still in clear and present danger! But when temp-search Unit five wanted to visit their friends and families. Just in order to let them know they were both alive and well. They were told by visiting their loved ones as Search unit five? They would definitely make them priority El numero uno targets! (The number one)

Their next stop was at the police department's precinct. The bold and daring sisters had an appointment with Sargent Metzger. He had some very important information to give them.

This time the sisters were in their Search costumes when they saw the Sargent responsible for them being placed in Search protective custody! Unit three was with them but the other units remained outside on their drones. They were monitoring and recording the entire conversations.

"Ladies! Please sit down. Would you like something to drink? Coffee or tea?" Sargent Metzger tried to break the ice.

"I must say you both look stunning in your Search basic black caped costumes! Ms Jensen, Angie I really hate to tell you this! That creepy ex-boyfriend of yours made bail! His current girl friend paid his bail!

There's more bad news! I took a lot of heat when I placed you both in the protective custody of Search! You've been ordered to turn in your Search costumes back into Search!" Sargent Metzger cleared his throat.

"Did the higher exalted powers that be give them any reasonable alternatives, Sargent?" Questions Search Unit Three.

"Either they are willing to permanently become Search Unit five, or they turn in their costumes for keeps!" Sargent Metzger makes his final closing arguments.

Both ladies smile and reply," Search Unit three it was a lot of fun while it lasted! What happens to us now Sargent?"

"The only option available is to place the two of you charming young ladies is in police protective custody! Which is what I was suppose to do in the first place!" The Sargent clearly exonerates himself.

"What about us, Sargent? How we are suppose to handle it? Asks Search Unit Three.

"Stay out of trouble and by that I mean police business! Do you read me?" He replies.

The Sargent tries his best to exonerate himself of any wrongful actions on his part. Suddenly the Sargent picks up his phone. Angie's ex-boy friend, his new girl friend and her brother had a shoot out with the police. They had committed a 211 armed robbery of a huge liquor store! All of them were dead at the scene of their crime! One police officer was killed and three others were in critical condition.

"Ladies! your problems are all over with! But mine have only just begun! And Search are the two of them still able to ride with you? Even when they still aren't in any danger? Look they have no place really to go and already they are in your shoes!" The Sargent pleads with Search Unit Three.

"We thought they already turned us down? But that was only because they were given no other choice. But things have suddenly changed. Because now they do have a choice. They both were highly active during our brief skirmish with pilot- less killer drones! I am afraid Sargent the matter has been taken out of our hands completely! The decision is now theirs to make and not ours! We rest our case."

Search Three smiles broadly at their small audience.

"What about the other Search units, Unit number three? What would they have to say about it? "They ask the two of them.

"Look both are already in personified Search costumes. The rest of us made our decisions from the very beginning! And the answer is unanimously yes!"

Search Unit three embraces Search Unit Five and Sargent Metzger! The next part of Search is The Giant Golden Statue Talking Statue!

Love as Always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954/209

Roxy 1954/ October Country

April 22, 2021

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